Erik Koch Tabbed as Jose Aldo’s Next Opponent; Could be UFC 147 or UFC 149

April 25, 2012
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Jose Aldo vs Erik KochIt appears Jose Aldo’s next opponent will be one that will gladly stand and trade with him.

Erik Koch looks like the “to be named opponent” for Aldo’s next title defense, whenever the UFC decides on a date for the featherweight champion to get back in action.

Sources close to the two fighters confirmed that Koch is the likely candidate to get the shot at Aldo, although bout agreements have not been issued for the 145-pound title fight showdown.

The main reason for that however is that Aldo’s title defense date has not been set in stone yet.

Originally, Aldo was going to fight at UFC 149 in Calgary on July 21, but with the recent loss of Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen 2 to the UFC 147 fight card in Brazil, UFC officials then shifted their focus to bringing Aldo back home for a main event bout instead.

While details are still being worked out, it appears Erik Koch will be the name called when Aldo’s fight is finally announced.

Assuming everything goes to plan, Koch will step into the fight with Aldo on a four-fight win streak, with three of those victories coming by way of knockout or submission.

Training under legendary coach Duke Rufous in Milwaukee, Koch has shown to be a dynamic striker with knockout power in both his hands and feet, and could present the most interesting match-up in the striking realm that Aldo has faced yet in the UFC.

Koch has been out of action since last September after defeating Ultimate Fighter winner Jonathan Brookins and was supposed to return in February against Dustin Poirier but an injury sidelined him.

While no injury is good, it appears the time off will benefit Koch as his return to action will likely include a title shot attached to it.

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  • Barn burner!

    • brianhussey


    • GiovanniB

      Eric Koch, who the hell is this guy? Is he an MMA fighter or some easy prey for Aldo. This guys is not worth it yet. I agree with the rest, give Dennis Siver a chance, but to say this guys (what’s his name again…oh yeah eric) deserves a title shot, the UFC must be desperate to get an easy KO for Aldo to please the fans…LOL Eric what was his last name again…I don’t even know who the hell he is…oh well.

  • D-rail

    Easily fight for Aldo, too slow.

  • rogerdoger

    Yup easy one for jose. This dude honestly hasn’t earned a shot yet. Idk why they didn’t give it to alcantara or hatsu hioki, Koch is is still a rook.

    • hioki wanted another fight before challenging aldo….

  • pooby

    I guess they thought the Brazillians would be forget all about losing Sonnen vs. Silva 2 if they give them Aldo vs. Somedudewhowillbeknockedoutinthefirstround

  • mmachoman

    Call me crazy, but instead of Eric Koch, I’ll just throw a name out there … Dennis Siver?

  • D-rail

    Siver has Better chance than this dude. He makes a good KO for the fans though. I guess that’s the best they can do.

  • The people saying Koch isn’t a worthy opponent and stands no chance are clueless. Koch’s a stud and will give Aldo a run for his money. Wouldn’t be surprised if he wins this.

    • matty

      I wonder if you even watch these fights or if you just try to say the most ridiculous things that come to mind. Either way you are way off most of the time. Aldo will destroy Kosh.

    • Kevin

      lol thats a good one.

    • brianhussey

      Agreed!! Koch is a stud!! I don’t pick him but I am looking forward to this one!

  • rogerdoger

    U should do stand up bro, that was classic.

  • leugim41004

    this is stupid Erik Koch did nothing to deserve a title shot, should be Korean Zombie.

    • I like Jung, but he’s lost 3 of his last 6. Koch is 13-1 and on a 4 fight win streak.

  • rogerdoger

    Yeah regardless, yuri alcantara is 27-3, on a 13 fight win streak and won 19 of his last 20, and hatsu hioki Is 26-4, on a 6 fight streak and unbeaten in 15 of his last 16. Both those guys would smash Koch, no reason for him to be in there with Aldo.

  • orange138

    Koch has no chance and that’s a fact

  • alphaarnold

    why do i keep seeing people, stunt on ERIC KOCH in here… honestly, in that division…

    1. aldo
    2. hioki
    3. mendes
    4. poirier
    5. koch
    6. florian
    7. jung

    truthfully, koch killed mendes with standup in their fight.
    I’m pretty sure he’d destroy jung..
    and florian’s stand up is not even on par with koch’s..

    i honestly see POIRIER destroying hioki…
    i dont know who to pick between poirer and koch..
    toss up..

    but by no means should he be counted out..
    besides faber , standup wise… KOCh or poirer are the next best thing to go for the title.

    just look at some of the highlights of those 2 fighters and see for yourself.

    • I could think of the one guy who should be taking this fight but he’s too stubborn to cut down and scared to take this fight…Frankie Edgar. He knows he should be fighting at 145 or even 135 but his napolean complex won’t allow him to. That and he saw what Aldo did to Mendes who’s a better wrestler than him. I wish Frankie “the Avoider” Edgar would man up and stop avoiding Jose Aldo.

  • Drock420

    Eric Koch is for real, hes beat some legit opponents and his only loss is by decision, he has yet to be finished. That being said it will be a great fight and a legit test for Aldo.