Erick Silva vs. Jon Fitch Headed to UFC 153

July 30, 2012
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One of the top rising stars at 170lbs will face a top ten divisional veteran at UFC 153 in Rio this October.

Erick Silva, who has been nothing short of devastating, will take on former top welterweight title contender Jon Fitch at the upcoming show in Rio de Janeiro.

Since debuting in the UFC, Erick Silva has impressed just about everybody with his thunderous power and slick speed as he’s quickly moved to 2-1 in the Octagon with the lone loss coming by way of disqualification after a controversial stoppage at UFC 142.

Silva most recently finished Charlie Brenneman at UFC on FX 3 in June, and now looks to add a top ten opponent to his resume come October.

Jon Fitch has been a mainstay at the top of the welterweight division for years.

The long time American Kickboxing Academy fighter has loomed around title shots numerous times, but suffered a tough loss in his last outing as he was floored by Johny Hendricks last December.

Now Fitch looks to erase the memory of the loss and pick up a win over a young up and comer who will try to make his name by beating an established veteran.

It’s likely the bout between Silva and Fitch will be a featured fight on the upcoming UFC 153 card headed to the HSBC Arena in Brazil on October 13.

Silva’s manager Wallid Ismael confirmed the fight via Twitter on Monday night after an initial report from

  • therealmo

    eu penso que silva ganhara

  • pooby

    Interesting match up. Probably not too good for Fitch given that Silva is still an up-and-comer that hasn’t beaten anyone especially good. But Silva has shown he can handle wrestlers.

    I hope Fitch loses and falls back to the undercard.

  • omcclave

    Raw aggression on Jon Fitches face!!!! Can’t wait. Any time Fitch goes rigamortis it puts a smile on my face for a month.

  • daytradet

    Fitch, train hard for this one man! Show everyone that you’re still around! I admire the heart that you put into every fight. Not enough people can appreciate the type of work that goes into your style of fight.

    • bradwesley

      the style of gay sex?

      • mark-31

        LMFAO BRAD!! Hahahahaha! I hope Silva knocks his ass out! The guy was literally on top of the division for years dry humping everyone in his path. This is ultimate fighting…not laying & praying.

  • Wow this is a great chance for Silva. Jon Fitch is still 1 of the best WW in the world. Not bad for only his 4th fight in the UFC.

  • b-soc

    Fitch is always one fight away from the undercard. As long as Fitch is fighting, GSP looks like the most exciting fighter in the world. For me, his fights are always a beer run. Fitch and Gray Maynard – watching paint dry is more exciting than those guys.

    I think Silva is going to run though him

  • I dont want to take anything away from Hendricks, but I suspect that that fight was a fluke. We will find out with this one. I think Fitch gets yet another win.

  • Hoping Fitch starts to show some urgency in his fights instead of the lay and pray we are used to. He isn’t at the top of the division anymore so he will need impressive finishes to stay relevant. I am excited to see if Silva can hang with a bigger name as well. He look great against Brenneman in June.

  • bradwesley

    Fitch can reel off 20 more wins until he starts finishing some one or atleast attempts too he will not be close to a title shot.

    Even though he is my favorite fighter Fitxh needs to fight more like he did against Penn in the 3rd rd.

    He took Penn down and went for broke because he thought he was losing, that was exciting.

    Unfortunately when he gets top position his strategy is to swap body sweat with you instead of go for ground and pound.

  • billsmith

    This is Silva’s big chance to move up in the ranks with a win over Fitch. Good luck Erick!!!

  • kaldani15

    Fitch takes him down and beats his face into the canvas. LETS GO AKA!