Erick Silva Paid Win Money Following UFC 142

January 15, 2012
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It was supposed to be a night of celebration for Erick Silva after picking up his second win inside the Octagon, but a call from the referee overturned things, handing the young Brazilian a disqualification loss instead.

Silva tagged opponent Carlo Prater early in the first round and after a series of hammer fists, the fight was stopped and the Brazilian looked like was now 2-0 with two fights not even making the one minute mark.

Referee Mario Yamasaki swooped in after the stoppage however and said that Silva’s strikes were to the back of the head, making them illegal, and decided to disqualify him and switch the win to his opponent Carlo Prater.

Replays showed that multiple shots were landed by Silva, but mostly to the side of Prater’s head after the initial knockdown.

UFC commentator Joe Rogan even took Yamasaki to task in the Octagon, interviewing him after his decision, and showing the replay with the shots that were thrown by Silva. Still the referee’s decision stands, and Silva is handed a loss.

The silver lining to the story is that Silva will still be paid his win money from the fight, despite being handed the loss by the referee. UFC officials confirmed on Sunday that Silva will be paid his full salary for UFC 142 even with a loss on his record.

“Everyone here knows that wasn’t intentional,” Silva said after the fight. “I don’t know what else to say.”

The paycheck doesn’t erase the loss, but at least it prevents any financial suffering after what seemed to be a bad call by the referee.

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  • streetfightertoo

    Mario Yamasaki is the Ed Hochuli of MMA!!!!

  • Jmoney

    In the nfl they review every td… They should allow some sort of buffer for the refs… They are human and can make mistakes… Refs should be allowed to replay if needed.. He even admitted it was a bad call when joe rogan interviewed him after..

  • jtmma

    That’s a GREAT message to send to fighters… “You can use illegal strikes all you want as long as you finish someone in an exciting way, we’ll still pay you even if the ref does his job and DQ’s you”

    • themightyvandal

      I don’t think that’s the message they’re sending at all. These illegal blows were subjective, and there were really only one or two that were clearly to the back of the head. There should have been a point deduction, and if there wasn’t, the fight should have been considered a no contest.

  • RubeKegal

    Thats a load of bull. Silva’s first 4 punches after the knee were to the back of Prater’s head. It’s about time these fighters get called out on that garbage. If anything it is MORE dangerous to get hit in the back of the head after being stunned. Whether intentional or not, Prater still got hit in the back of the head.

    Rogan should be fired, and jtmma is right. Jmoney and streetfightertoo, you couldnt be more wrong. As he went through the replay and said each time “That looks legal, each punch was behind the ear. Purely assinine and again I hope Rogan gets fired.

  • KBEsq

    Yeah, this is a joke! I think Joe Rogan realized he was totally wrong half way through making Yamasaki (in inappropriate fashion) look like an idiot in front of many fans, but didn’t want to take it back.

    I was disappointed with Yamasaki’s reaction. He seemed to be saying, “you’re right, Joe, but there’s nothing I can do about it now.”

    If I were Yamasaki, I would have said: “Yeah, Joe, are you watching the same video I am, because I just saw six or seven strikes to the back of the head.”

    In all seriousness, when this fight was called a loss for Silva, I was practically jumping out of my seat with anger, because it looked TOTALLY legal the whole way through. Then when I watched the reply, I was clear as day that the strikes were directly on the back of the head in huge numbers. No doubt, no question.

    Sucks to have this result because I think Silva would win this fight 9/10 times, but those were most definitely illegal strikes.

  • Looked like a few illegal strikes to me. Is there a difference to an illegal knee strike to a downed opponent? Just a small knee is OK?

    Joe must a smoked some good stuff in Brazil. Stick to interviewing fighters Joe.

  • skiman

    If Rogan was as pussy as you guys want, the ref’s would think they could get away with this garbage all the time. People on here sticking up for Mario are obviously new to the game, anyway if you’ve watched mma just for a little while, you would be pretty pissed off about the bad stoppages/decisions refs make and seem to get away with, Herb Dean and Steve Mazzagatti have made some blunders and they have gotten there act together a bit after getting blasted for them, not so much Maz, lately he has ****** up some fights too. Noobs commenting here tho

  • jtmma

    I’ve probably been competing longer in MMA than you’ve been watching it. Fighters safety and rule enforcement matters a lot more than your stupid opinion about referee’s. They’re professionals, and you aren’t. Multiple illegal strikes, or sometimes even one illegal strike resulting in a fighter unable to continue is a disqualification, as it should be, period.

    • themightyvandal

      The fighters should have been split up before the 20th legal hammerfist landed. I think a few of those hammerfist did land on the back of the head, but the majority of the beating Prater took, was to the side of the head, just behind the ear.

      Mario had time to stop, take a point away, or stand the two back up and give a warning.

  • RubeKegal

    I hope someone has the balls to call out Rogan to his face. And MMAWeekly, if you need that person, I will gladly do it. Joe Rogan has said a lot of blasphemous things over the years and this is just another one.

  • RubeKegal

    Furthermore, guys like skiman, do you have a brain? Can you think for yourself or do you simply regurgitate everything Rogan says? It seems like with some mma fans like skiman, a fighter can bring a knife into the octagon, stab his opponent to death, and if Rogan says it looked legal, retards like skiman will find a way to agree.

    MMAWeekly, I ask you to conduct a poll asking, “Do you think Joe Rogan was wrong about the Silva/Prater fight after it clearly showed strikes behind the ear?”

  • Mario

    Man, this sucks!

    Erick Silva shouldn’t have been disqualified. My god, go watch a Vitor Belfort fight and look at how many times he hits people in back of the head when he’s swarming.

    The best example would be his KO of Akiyama. Go watch the ending and notice how Vitor strikes the BACK of his head. In reality, those are the shots that put him to sleep LOL. The funniest thing about that fight, is that Mario was the ref! 🙂

    Shady deal for Mr. Silva, that’s for sure!

  • bajafox

    Joe Rogan had no right to call him out like he did, completely unprofessional and if the UFC wants to go mainstream with FOX they need to reconsider keeping him.

  • Erick Silva hit the back of dudes head about 4 times good call Mario Yamasaki. I don’t think he should have got the extra win money after Cheating. Jose Aldo Strech his arm to the max to grab the fence to avoid a big slam witch is also cheating. Anthony Johnson was trying to cheat also… but Belford was well season. The Under cards was the best fight of UFC 142.

    • themightyvandal

      It really depends on what you consider “back of the head”. Behind the ear is where most of the shots landed. Is that behind the head? This needs to be defined more clearly for refs and fans alike.

  • michaelcuevas

    What fight was everyone watching!? It clearly shows in the replay that only was strike was to the back of the head. The only rerason for that one was Prater was moving.

    • michaelcuevas

      only one strike is what I meant to say.

  • RubeKegal

    michaelcuevas, is Erick Silva your cousin? Only a relative or a crazed fan would make such a stupid remark.