Enter to Win Prize Pack Giveaway Courtesy of ‘Warrior’

September 14, 2011
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The filmmakers behind ‘Warrior’ will be doing a special giveaway for MMAWeekly.com readers and followers.

Thanks to the folks at Lionsgate, MMAWeekly.com will be giving away one special ‘Warrior’ prize pack with several gifts from the movie.

One winner will receive a prize pack with a signed MMA air pad from one of the stars of ‘Warrior’ and current TNA wrestler Kurt Angle.

Also, the winner will receive a copy of ‘The Men of Warrior’ coffee table book, a Warrior t-shirt and a ‘Warrior’ poster.

All fans have to do to enter is leave a comment in the section provided below or respond with the hashtag #Warrior on Twitter when responding to MMAWeekly.com.

Winner will be selected at random later this week.

  • masterless

    Great film!

  • brelki

    Awesome prize, and awesome movie. My hubby and I saw it opening weekend. Surprised it hasn’t done better in the theatres. It was a great movie. One of the best I’ve seen this year.

  • Awesome movie.

  • I still need to go see this movie!

  • wscv13

    Bout time they got it right with a fight movie.

  • Saw the digital sneak peek last Sunday, and was blown away! Can’t wait to own this movie and watch it for like a month straight!!!

  • jkary90

    I saw the film and thought it was fantastic. Tom Hardy and Nick Nolte were brilliant.

  • Can’t wait to see the film. Hopefully this weekend.

  • jiminic

    Looking forward to seeing this one! Joel Edgerton should be great. I need ot know when it will be released in Australia!

  • klop325


  • I want to go see this movie this weekend.

  • terrancearroyo

    Hook up the gear!

  • flexufc80

    Cant wait to watch!

  • I hear it a pretty good movie.

  • i can’t wait to see this movie. now this is what an MMA movie should be about, not like never back down.

  • Doobzz

    I want to win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CAn’t wait to see the movie…

  • Franzinator77

    Amazing movie. Trying to talk other people into going with me so i can watch it again.

  • Absolutely incredible film and one of my favourites of the year, a must see for any mma fan.

  • camthemusicman

    I thought the movie was great and the storyline was just touching.Good stuff!

  • tylerdurdon

    I saw the movie “Warrior” 2 days ago and it was one of the best movies I have seen in a while. The fight scenes were well done and believable. I also enjoyed the fact that there were some mixed martial arts fighters in the movie such as Anthony Johnson, Nate Marquardt, and referee Josh Rosenthaul I believe. Plus Nick Nolte was good as well.

  • Babur_

    Great movie. It’s really cool you guys are doing this giveaway, props to the people at MMAweekly.

  • rg7399

    I watched this movie last night and absolutely loved it. It’s great that everyone is supporting it and I hope it does really well at the box office. On a side note, way better than the fighter and I enjoyed the fighter a lot as Micky Ward was my favourite boxer growing up.

  • RickyDavis54

    By far the best movie mma movie made today. #warrior

  • tjm538

    can’t wait to see the film!

  • jeremysalas

    Mma movie done right? Didn’t believe it until I saw it

  • Awesome, awesome stuff. I am off to see the movie tomorrow night after training!

  • matthutch

    Can’t wait to see it! I’m sure it will be as good as it is advertised.

  • amwenguer

    Very entertaining… perfect balance of action and drama. TZom Hardy is as raw as they come. Great performance by Bolted as well. Fight scenes were realistic. 2 thumbs up!

  • surbobb

    The previews looked great. Going to see it tonight.

  • mws316

    i cant wait to watch this movie!

  • nicolo682

    Watching this Thursday. Can’t wait

  • ErnstyLin

    Loved it! Best film of 2011.

  • Movie looks amazing, going to see it tomorrow night. The prize looks awesome, but really I’m just excited to see growth of the sport. Warrior is helping to do that!

  • Can’t wait to see it this weekend

  • This move is a great emotinal ride.. it will have you crying 1minute and screaming “kick his head off” the next.

  • josiahrobertson

    dude I can’t wait to see this! and I really hope I win this!

  • andres28

    best movie i have seen ever!

  • tony1

    i saw “warrior” great movie i think even better with an extended alternate ending!!

  • Movie was Great. Awesome plot and story line

  • This is my new favorite movie. It was so much more than just MMA. If this isn’t at least nominated for best picture I will be completely surprised and outraged.

  • Wooooooo!

  • Getshane3

    Still can’t wait to go see this movie!
    Thanks for holding the contest!

  • whenever you go to watch a fighting movie its usually completely exaggerated or fictional. even Rocky (one of my favorite films) had a lot of clearly fake moments. THIS MOVIE……WARRIOR…..IS NOW ONE OF MY FAVORITE MOVIES OF ALL TIME. The plot, the action, the training, the fights….everything was amazing. i love the actors, i like their stories, i love the fights. it was amazing how they ended up fighting because i wanted both of them to win. you guys have made a legendary film and i hope to see a second one!!!!!

  • I thought Warrior was amazing! Gets you hyped up as well as pulls on your heart strings.

  • sc_855a6745ce5aa62d4e52634012f000c2

    This film was phenomenal from start to finish. I was able to catch this film 3 times, and each time there was something new to take away from it. This is definitely the best film I’ve seen this year and it has everything you’d want. It’s entertaining, engaging, heartbreaking and heartwarming. If you haven’t seen it, its definitely a must see, much more than a “fighting” movie, not even close…

  • MiannaNichole

    One of the best movies I’ve ever seen. Saw it twice last weekend because I couldn’t get over how great it was, start to finish. Can’t wait to get it when it comes out on DVD. Definitely my favorite movie of all time. Great acting and the fights seem so realistic to anyone, even if you don’t know anything about MMA or the UFC you will still love this movie.

  • Crazy4music345

    This was amazing. And, all the preformances of each actor in this movie was incredible, especially Tom Hardy. 😛

  • gregnls

    great movie

  • alluneedis1

    Such a great movie! Loved it!!

  • stanleyjasinski

    I cant wait to see this one. Finally an MMA movie that people are talking about…and in a good way!!!

  • I loved the Warrior so much I will buy this movie when it comes on DVD. I would pay to see this movie again. I cried at the regection of the father by his sons. At was at the edge of my seat, crying for Tommy to win. I think all three of them won, the father and his two sons. Plus the whole family was reunited. Great movie. The best.

  • cire

    half the people commentin are prolly lying about loving/watching this movie! lol Will not lie and say i have, i do want to, just dont make it to movies often. definitely wouldn’t mind getting the prize though!!

  • rvd03

    saw the preview screening a couple weeks ago, movie kicks ass!

  • First mangasm I’ve I had in a while since losing my virginity. Oh wait that was a…well you get the idea movie kicks ass

  • Ive seen this movie twice. Once at my special screening then again with the gf.

  • This movie is amazing! I can’t stop thinking about it and I’m seeing it again tomorrow 🙂 if you haven’t seen it go see it already dammit!!

  • I loved this movie! Oscar worth!!

  • hackdog99

    I actually just got back from seeing it about an hour ago. Great film. Really liked seeing BJJ represented and the guy playing Tommy was tremendous in his role.

  • andredk

    I promised, as my status, that if Warrior didn’t get at least one Oscar nomination I’m moving to Canada.

  • lookitskr

    Great film, great job by all of the actors and MMA fighters. I absolutely must see this again.