Emanuel Newton Defeats “King Mo” Lawal Again to Win the Interim Bellator Light Heavyweight Title

November 2, 2013
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Emanuel Newton Nov2_0882-478x270Emanuel Newton shocked many by knocking out “King Mo” Lawal in the semifinals of the Bellator Season 8 Light Heavyweight Tournament in February. Lawal defeated Seth Petruzelli and Jacob Noe in his next two outings to earn a rematch with Newton for the interim Bellator Light Heavyweight title on Saturday at Long Beach Arena in Long Beach, Calif.

Lawal wasted little time getting the fight to the ground. Newton battled back to his feet, but Lawal kept the pressure on. As Newton stood, Lawal landed a series of right hands. He secured a third takedown with two minutes remaining in the round, but was unable to keep Newton on his back. Lawal began to clown Newton in the closing seconds of the opening round.

They stood and traded shots in the beginning of the second frame. Lawal took Netwon down, but was unable to keep him there. Newton landed a high kick that hurt Lawal, but Lawal recovered. Newton continued to move forward, winning the round.

Newton’s right hand began to land more regularly and he mixed in kicks to the body in the third. Lawal moved forward, but was met with punches and kicks. The momentum was squarely in Newton’s favor at the end of the third round.

Newton started employing a spinning kick attack in the fourth frame. Lawal got the fight to the ground, but was again unable to keep Newton on the canvas. Newton was largely neutralizing Lawal by striking in volume.

The action picked up in the final round. They exchanged right hands and began unloading power shots. Lawal secured a late takedown, but Newton bounced back to his feet. The judges would decide who won, but it looked as if Newton had done enough.

The judges scored the fight for Newton by unanimous decision. All three scorecards read 49-46.

“I can’t even describe the feeling I have right now.  I worked so hard for this,” said Newton after the win.  “I’m not going to face another wrestler like that in MMA and that makes me very excited.”

Newton will face Attila Vegh in a unification bout in his next outing.  The two previously fought in July 2012 with Vegh winning a split decision.

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  • Denny Swain

    Now maybe mo will take off his burger king crown

    • V

      shut your lame non fighting ass up

      • b-soc

        Actually, I have to agree with Denny Swain. And V, the whole fans don’t get an opinion because they fight is getting old. The reason why these guys get to fight is because of us fans. You sound an awful lot like Ronnie V. Any relation? LOL

        • BA

          The only problem I have with armchair mma judges is when they’ve never trained, and don’t understand the ideosequencies of the sport. They tend not to give enough merit to jiu jitsu techniques or less flashy standup techniques like leg kicks. That being said, everyone has the right to say who they thought won a fight. However, it’s a 2-way street, and other people have the right to tell u if they think you’re wrong. All I know is that Mo definitely lost that fight. He said all Newton did was throw some flashy kicks and miss a lot. Well…. he’s right, the problem is he did even less.

      • Ksmma

        Yep, mo seems to buy into his own hype too much. A little humble pie will end up making him a better fighter.

      • Denny Swain

        Actually i am a fighter, i had to fight V’s mom all last night, she just cant get enough of this cream filled meat roll

  • Jason Priest

    For a guy who calls himself “King”, man does he suck. Just retire dude.

  • Get better soon :(

    Rampage has to be thinking he will be the champ longer than Jon jones if this is the best they have to offer what they sighn them off bum fights or something how pissed would u be if u paid for that turd

    • BA

      I’m not convinced rampage will be fighting long enough to outlast Jones’s record, considering the state of his body. Agreed, aside from Chandler v Alvarez 2 this whole card was garbage. Riggs won pretty easily, Curran inexplicably stopped trying after the illegal knee, and Mo v Newton was terrible. And I can’t see any reason to think that Ortiz v Rampage would of been much better. Imagine paying to see that dog$***. Long way to go Bellator!

  • Jimjam

    Wt were the judges smokin? 49-46 ???
    Mo needs to stop doin his TNA crap n start fightin up to his potential

    • b-soc

      What did you score it? I thought it was pretty accurate. Mo only scored a few take downs and couldn’t hold him. From my vantage point, newton won the stand up handily. 49-46 unanimous seemed pretty accurate.

  • Mark McDowall

    Did anyone else notice the pissed off look on Bjorn’s face when he was standing behind Newton and putting the belt on him. He was really hoping that Mo would win this fight.

    Mo looked bad in this fight…he seemed to be gassed towards the end of the second round. He really needs to work on that and try to do more than just take his opponent down and letting them get back up.

  • mohammad

    i like this sport am want to participate in UFC