Eddie Alvarez Video: ‘I Put Myself in Dangerous Situations… and I Enjoy It’

August 24, 2014
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So how relieved must Eddie Alvarez be to step away from a tumultuous tenure at Bellator MMA and finally be poised to walk into the Octagon? He’s not relieved at all. In fact, Alvarez feels he’s put himself in and uneasy, dangerous situation… and he enjoys it.

Check out Eddie Alvarez’s video interview with Inside MMA.

(Video courtesy of AXS TV)

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  • Just-scrap-nation

    I love both fighters but Eddie is my favorite 155er. I’m stoked for this fight. If I’m speaking unbiased and purely analytical. I think Donald cant afford to have a slow start. If it was 5 rounds maybe but Alvarez has more tools to come out on top. I see Eddie having trouble if he just wants to stand toe to toe and get clipped (which he always seems to do) but I feel see Eddie being able to mix it up enough within 3 rounds to get a UD or SD. But anything could happen with two guys like Eddie and Cowboy. That’s why it’s such a great fight.