Eddie Alvarez Situation Still Not Settled, Dana White Expects Things to Get “Ugly”

December 28, 2012

Eddie Alvarez Bellator 66It appears Eddie Alvarez‘s free agency won’t be coming to an end in the near future without a fight happening first, but it’s not a battle in the cage.

No, the battle is likely to take place in negotiations because the former Bellator lightweight champion appears locked in a fight between two suitors.

Following Alvarez’s last fight, he officially became a free agent after competing under the Bellator banner for the last few years. While the promotion retained a matching period to offer Alvarez equal money to that of any other organization courting his services, they allowed him to seek out the best deal before they decided if they would try to re-sign him or not.

The UFC finally got around to making Alvarez an official offer recently, but Bellator’s decision on whether or not they will match still hasn’t happen, and UFC president Dana White doesn’t expect things to end on a happy note.

“It’s gonna get ugly,” White said when asked about Alvarez’s contract status.

White has made no secret he wants to land Alvarez as a free agent and bring him to the Octagon, but as a former lightweight champion and one of the promotion’s most recognizable names, he also holds a valuable place in the Bellator family as well.

The negotiations continue to go on, but White refrained from giving any further details regarding when or if the Eddie Alvarez situation will come to a close.

“I just don’t know if I can talk about it,” White said about the situation on Thursday.

The ball appears to be in the court of Bellator Fighting Championships right now, but the saga to close the deal and bring Eddie Alvarez into the fold of either organization doesn’t seem likely to happen any time soon.


  1. If Bellator were smart they won’t pay over the odds for Alvarez. Eddie is a great talent but the promotional machine should get fully behind Michael Chandler as he is their champ, and defeated Alvarez.

    To be honest, if Alvarez goes on a tear in the UFC it will also help promote Bellators champ, because they can keep showing the highlight reel of Chandler submitting Eddie.

    The money Bellator save on Eddies salary can also be used to bring in more talent to expand their roster.

    There may be a few former Strikeforce lightweights available in January, who will bring some name recognition at a fraction of the price.

    • You are right on. Alvarez is over rated, he has no ground game and is always getting submitted in title fights.

  2. If Eddie really wants to test himself against the best, he’ll just sign with the UFC already.

  3. Bellator need Eddie and with Pettis Cerrone winner next for title shot and Melendez promised a title shot on his imminent arrival and who knows if Lauzon or grey Maynard string together a couple of wins Ben Hendersons schedule looks kind of busy and all of these guys will give Eddie a good fight and I would consider favourites I think the whole alverez arrival timing is wrong and with a instant chandler rematch possibly in the contract I think Eddie is gonna sign with bellator 3 fight deal win the title in 1st fight with chandler rematch 2 title defences and do a Melendez style leap to the ufc when they are in need of another champ from another organisation and an easier promotion with bendo have dispatching of all comers it’s a more marketable viewpoint

  4. Hopefully Dana realizes that Eddie isn’t that big a deal. If Eddie wants to play games and compete in the jr leagues under the watchful eye of 150, 000 viewers then let him.
    The ufc needs Eddie like a hole in the head. Eddie needs the ufc to make the money and become a household name.
    Hopefully dana isn’t too stubborn to win Eddie over and waste his time and money. I like Eddie but he’s no top draw and he’s unproven in the big leagues. Its nit like landing a big name like Fedor or Alistair. Outside of hardcore fans no one knows who Eddie is.
    he should be anxious to be in the ufc and if not let him stay.
    Enough already