Eddie Alvarez Heads to Court On Jan 25 Seeking Injunction To Allow Him to Sign with UFC

January 18, 2013
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Eddie Alvarez at Dream 3 in JapanFormer Bellator champion Eddie Alvarez will head to court on Jan 25 to seek an injunction that would allow him to sign and fight for the UFC as early as UFC 159 in New Jersey.

According to a report by Kevin Iole from official MMAWeekly.com content partner Yahoo! Sports, Alvarez has been granted a hearing with a judge in New Jersey to seek that injunction that would hopefully allow him freedom from Bellator, and put him to work for the UFC.

Alvarez is currently held up after receiving an offer from the UFC that was then matched by his previous employers at Bellator. Under the terms of his original agreement with Bellator, they had matching rights to offer their former lightweight champion equal contract points for any other promotion that tried to gain his services.

The UFC did in fact make an offer. In their counter offer, Bellator literally took the names UFC and Zuffa (the parent company of the UFC) off of the contract, and replaced it with their name while also dabbling in some extra earning potential for Alvarez.

Alvarez and his management team along with his attorneys hope to prove that the value of the two contracts are not the same due to several additional bonuses the UFC can provide, including pay-per-view points that the fighter can earn with the promotion. Currently, Bellator has never done and as of late last year had not planned to do pay-per-view any time soon.

Alvarez will seek the injunction in front of Federal judge Jose L. Linares, asking for his freedom to sign with the UFC and hopefully fight on the upcoming UFC 159 card in New Jersey, headlined by light heavyweight champion Jon Jones as he faces Chael Sonnen.

The card would also hold local significance for Alvarez because he spends a large portion of his training time in New Jersey working alongside former UFC champion Frankie Edgar. He alsohails from neighboring Philadelphia and has routinely had a fan base that will pay to see him fight locally.

Seeking the injunction doesn’t mean final resolution will come on Jan. 25.

The judge overseeing the case can opt to grant the injunction and allow Alvarez to fight for the UFC and order a trial, he could rule in favor of Bellator, or he could deny the injunction altogether and put the case on trial.

Alvarez is obviously hopeful to seek resolution that would allow him to fight in the UFC in April.

“Got a court date on Jan. 25, very excited to get this BS dealt with. Very confident that the truth will prevail and you should be too,” wrote Alvarez via Twitter on Friday. “Thank you all for having my back through out and pray this can get dealt with quickly.”

On Thursday evening, Alvarez provided a running play-by-play via Twitter for Bellator’s debut show on Spike TV in which lightweight champion Michael Chandler, the man who beat Alvarez for the title, defeated Rick Hawn in the main event.

Throughout the broadcast, Alvarez answered fans who asked about possible anger towards Bellator for the way this whole process has played out and he made it clear that while he’s not happy with the current agenda, he still loves the promotion that provided him a home for the last several years.

“To clear the air, I love Bellator,” said Alvarez. “Am I happy with what’s going on? No, but things will pass and my feeling will remain the same.”

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  • Mike Oxafloppin

    Gonna suck for Alvarez when he proves to be a bust in the UFC, has no choice but to come back to Bellator, and isn’t offered anything close to the original deal Rebney offered the first time.

    • Thaddeus

      Of course Rebney will offer him anything to get him back even if he’s a bust in the Ufc. Belletor signed a deal with Viacom and spike and can’t rest. They now have to produce ratings or it will go bust. Rebney will be more desperate to please his investors and sign anyone with a name or bellator could go bust. The ufc called the shots signing with fox. Belletor will always do what spike and Viacom tell them too. They have no choice. In other words Eddie will be OK either way….

      • Jonathon Tsamantanis

        Rebney will also have alot more cash from sponsorships to sign these guys now and not use his personal bank account. Bellator has consistently improved and are the only competition left any one from the USA should know competition makes things better

    • Milosc


    • Your_Dad

      Why do you idiots always gotta be so negative about non-UFC fighters? Will you idiots ever learn?

      • Mike Oxafloppin

        Yashuhiro Urushitani- Shooto (0-2 in the UFC) (Released)
        Chad Griggs – Strikeforce (0-2 in the UFC) (Released)
        Mirko Cro Cop – PRIDE (4-7 in the UFC)
        Jorge Santiago (1-4 in the UFC) (Released)

        Hector Lombard didn’t show sh!t in his debut and then beats a one dimensional Jiu-Jitsu guy now all of a sudden he’s a beast again, give me a break. Don’t get me wrong I see wonderful UFC careers for Rockhold, DC, Jacare, El Nino, & Mousasi, hell if Chandler came over from Bellator I think he could survive the UFC grind, so I’m not hating on all non-UFC fighters just on the ones who are over-hyped, just the ones that frankly aren’t that good, and no matter how much they build him up Eddie Alvarez isn’t that good. He’ll beat some low level talent but I don’t see him hanging with the Top 6 or 7 in the promotion, he’ll be reduced from main eventing to gate keeping in the UFC. Now if he drops to 145 then we’ll leave that discussion for another time.

        • Maddawgmar

          Donald Cerrone – 6-1 UFC
          Anthony Pettis – 2-1 UFC
          Carlos Condit – 5-2 UFC
          Anderson Silva – 16-0 UFC MW champ
          Benson Henderson – 6-0 UFC LW champ

          Every fighter has fought somewhere before the UFC. These are just a few that had names before they came

          • Mike Oxafloppin

            I completely agree, while some have names and back them up others are total flops and I just believe Alvarez is going to be another flop IMHO

    • Jonathon Tsamantanis

      Actually thats a very good point, right now Bellator is the only promotion left to take UFC fighters that the UFC are tired with or feel they don’t match there image. When Eddie has his ass handed to him where is he gonna go, to the shows in vacant builidings ?

  • Maddawgmar

    Who cares if the deals are equal or not. If Alvarez wants to sign with UFC he should be able to. This is BS already

    • Jonathon Tsamantanis

      He signed contract with Bellator that gave Bellator an option of matching competitive offers, if a person can just willfully break contracts what is the point of having contract’s?

      • Maddawgmar

        All it ever said is that Bellator gets a chance to match other offers. Never in any article did it say he had to take Bellators offer. Unless there is a fine print stating he had to sign with Bellator in the case that they matched the offer. But in all the articles that I have read it never stated that.

        • Jonathon Tsamantanis

          No I have not heard that either that if Bellator matches then he must sign however it was Bellator lawyers that drew up the contract so I think its a safe bet they put in language that would protect Bellator’s interest. Once they go to court we will have access to see the contract in its entirety not snippets here and there

        • Guest

          actually he does have to re-sign – that’s the definition of matching – he has to re-sign if the contract matches point for point everything any other org offers – zuffa has the exact same clause in their contracts – if he didn’t have to re-sign he wouldn’t be going to court – and his lawyers are trying to say bellator’s offer is not equivalent – that’s his only hope

          • Maddawgmar

            Oh, ok. I didn’t know that the meaning of matching, is a forceful resigning of a contract. But you sound like an expert so ill take your word for it.

  • Anthony

    all these legal BS just hinder a great fighter to compete in the ring. Fighters need to be happier to stay in the organization that they choose to and not bind them with legal BS that perhaps you may succeed but Bellator is hurting the free will of a fighter that he already said he wanted to move on to another organization,ie. UFC. Hopefully he wouldn’t get any ring rust and able to see him compete in UFC sooner.