Ed Soares Talks Lyoto Machida vs. Jon Jones; Says Everything Happens for a Reason

October 6, 2011
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A few months back former light heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida came under heavy criticism for saying he wanted ‘Anderson Silva money’ to take a fight on short notice against Rashad Evans.

There was a lot more to the situation that simply wanting money, but Machida made his choice and now gets an even bigger opportunity in December.

On Thursday, the UFC announced that Machida would face 205lb champion Jon Jones in the main event of UFC 140 in Toronto.

With the news still fresh, Machida’s manager Ed Soares spoke to MMAWeekly.com about the match-up and how he believes ‘everything happens for a reason’.

Soares also compliments Jones on his ability and skill in the cage, but that he’s never faced anyone like Lyoto Machida and it’s going to show on Dec 10.

Check out this exclusive one on one interview with Ed Soares as he talks Machida vs. Jones:

  • kjs84

    If machida comes in healthy and confident he will take this fight… His style is very complex and a good fit against jones.

    • wonggfan

      Obviously somebody still lives in the Machida-era

  • AnthonyJohnXXX

    I’ve always said since Jon Jones started tearing through the divison that Lyoto was the worst matchup for him, especially after the Shogun fight and even more after Rampage, Machida presents the most threats standing and he has good takedown defense. Great fight.

    • wonggfan

      They haven’t even fought yet. So who cares about what you’ve been always saying.

  • MrAdidas

    Doesnt matter, Lyoto is still going to lose! Lyoto will NOT be able to stop Jones from taking him down, IF Jones decides to take the fight to the ground. Yeah Jones hasnt fought a Lyoto, but Lyoto hasnt fought a Jon Jones!

    • wonggfan

      I agree generally but disagree with the takedown. Lyoto, I believe, has never been taken down. He is not a wrestler, but his throws and trips are amazing. Also, he has really strong hips which makes him incredibly difficult to takedown.

      But I agree with Jones will win.

      Jones should move to HW as soon as he beats Lyoto and Rashad, assuming there are no new prospects.

      I would like to see Jones vs Mir as a warm up. Jones should KO Mir. Then he should fight Brock or Carwin or Overeem. I think Jones could beat these guys as well. Then he should fight JDS/CAIN.

      • kjs84

        Um ok you clearly didn’t read my other comments where I said I’m not fan of either guy. And you sound pretty uneducated in MMA if you think after 1 or 2 more defenses jones will jump to HW. He is still young and fresh in his career… And that division is stacked wit competition thats why the belt is exchanged so much. By no way am I saying machida will dominate…. I just think machida will come through a really tough back and forth fight.

        Obviously your are speaking with bones’s jock strap in your mouth and are not seeing things clearly. So please before you comment do your research and read what people are posting in full.

        • jared499

          First of all, why is someone uneducated because of an opinion, even if the opinion is stupid. Sports in general are built and sustained simply on the fans like/dislike (opinions) of the teams or athletes. I for one am a die hard Cubs and Bears fan, every week, no matter who they play, I will argue that they can and will beat the crap out of their next opponent, all the time I really know that they are more then likely going to get the rears handed to them. But it doesn’t matter because it’s my opinion.

          Furthermore your whole premise of “doing research” before commenting. Well what sort of research did you do before posting your opinion? “If Machida comes in healthy and confident he will take this fight”, really. That is the most commonly used opinion in the whole of MMA, what did you find that in all your research. “His style is very complex and a good fit against Jones”, really because if it is complex as you are saying, then no one fighter’s style is closely comparable to Machida so Jones has never fought that style before and it would be impossible to determine with research that this statement is anything other then your opinion. If you are going to respond by saying that his kicks make his style good against Jones, so did Rua’s and Rua almost knocked Machida’s legs off the first fight. Not to mention that Jones’s wrestling background would negate the kicks, because it would make it easier for the takedowns, unless Machida uses that front-kick like he did against couture. (All opinions)

          So if that is the case then one would assume that we must now go to common opponents (here is when actual research comes into play). The common shared opponents are: Quinton Jackson and Mauricio Rua. The Jackson fight was pretty close with Machida (Jackson wins by split decision). The Jackson fight with Jones was very one-side and even Jackson gave props to Jones (Jones wins in dominant fashion by RNC submission). In the first Rua fight, Machida wins by decision. Most people, including the president of the UFC, thought that Rua won that fight, so much so that he gave Rua and immediate rematch (which he hardly ever does). In the rematch, Rua dominates Machida badly (KO in the first round). The Rua fight with Jones was again very one sided (Jones wins via TKO punches and knees in the 3rd round); I would also like to note that this is really the first time in a very long and talented career that Rua was put away by KO/TKO. The only other time was in 2006 when they stopped the fight in Pride against Coleman because Rua broke his arm falling to the mat on a takedown. Based on the research, the advantage should be given to Jones.

          Next time follow your own lead, if your going to call someone on the carpet for not doing research, do not make a comment that does not contain your own advice. But hey, what do I know, it is only my OPINION.

          • kjs84

            Ok Jared lol I not only stated research but also to read all the comments before replying to me. I’m not and never was in the machida era and that’s my main reason for commenting on him. And lol please don’t try to school me on rua cause he is my fav fighter. Everything you said didn’t really make sense…?

            What are you goin by on your Opinion argument…? Again are u reading my comment and understanding? My comment was also regarding the fact that he said jones should move to HW in the next 2 fights or so… That’s ridiculous and anyone would agree. I meant research by realizing that the lhw division is arguably the most stacked division with loads of talent always there. The belt never stays on anyone long at all… Fact not opinion. Jones has a tough road ahead and isn’t moving anywhere anytime soon.

            As for my statements on machida… Yes that is my Opinion and that’s how I see it happening after seeing both these guys fighting. So again please read my entire comment b4 only commenting on one part…

  • kjs84

    Sorry MrAdidas… I have to disagree. I am not a big fan of either guy but as an MMA fan I have watched all their fights. I think you are blind if you don’t think Machida has a good chance in this fight. His kicks are very affective and if you look back on jones/rampage… Jones actually backed off a little when rampage landed 2 hard leg kicks. Other than shogun, machida has very dangerous and precise kicks. Not to mention his evasiveness. shogun was not at full potential and was hesitant with his kicks… Machida wont be.

    Jones has some serious skills but that was against opponents who brought the fight straight forward or like rampage hesitated to much. Machida has good strategies and ya know he will be training his already good takedown defense. Only thing jones has to his advantage is height and machida being away from the octagon for a while. If he has a good camp… I def see him takin out jones in a tough chess match battle.

  • AnthonyJohnXXX

    @wonggfan You make no sense.

    • kjs84

      Lol my point exactly….

  • azfightfan

    Maybe light heavy wt is just filled with very good but not the most elite fighters which the lower wt classes have? Don’t get me wrong, I do love the parity in this weight class, until bones showed up anyway. Yep, I’m sold on Jones now seeing how he has absolutely dominated without advanced standup. Now I’m no boxing expert but it seems he just uses his strengths, notable his extremely long reach to nullify everyone’s stand up and yes, choose whatever he wants to do with a great wrestling pedigree. I can’t imagine him being any scarier but he will be since he is young and only going to improve his standup. Does anyone else know of a very good wrestler that has had such a long reach? Best matchup for Jones is Cain but I realize he has too much going on at LHW currently to go up.

  • azfightfan

    Why does Machida get a title shot? I thought you had to actually perform well, ie..win, to “earn” a title shot. Let me see here, Machida loses 2 of his last 3 fights to the last 2 opponents of Jones whom Jones makes look as though they had no right being in the ring with him. Then he beats Couture who is no where near the top of the food chain anymore. Stunts like this are horrible. Reminds me of others like throwing Tito in against Rashad, acting as if beating Bader was some huge win. Bader hadn’t even earned any wins against top of the food chain LHWs. Guess I just need to accept the fact that crap fights make money? Wait, I think Machida is boring? How does him in a title fight make money? UFC, stop acting like a joke!!!!!!!! I’ve started skipping fights because of dumb moves like this!!!!!!!