EA Sports UFC Video Game Ignite-Based Gameplay Features Revealed (video)

June 17, 2013
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UFC on EA Sports Spring 2014EA Sports recently released a first look at the new EA Sports UFC video game, which has numerous new gameplay features thanks to the new EA Sports Ignite gaming engine.

EA Sports UFC creative director Brian Hayes goes through the improvements feature-by-feature in this video, courtesy of FoxSports.com.

The game is expected to launch in Spring 2014.

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  • Timothy Malone

    Most of the things they have talked about so far have been cosmetic. That’s great that it looks good but what are the gameplay features and modes? That will be what determines how much value this title has.

    • Mike mckinney

      Sadly your right. EA always does a fantastic job making games look real. The bad part of this is they do 10 second animations per button press to accomplish this. I can’t understand anyone liking that, but it seems some do. People actually spoke well of the previous mma game, and it was awful.
      I would love this to change, but when all EA talks about is the looks, it’s highly doubtful.

  • Fan1.

    Is it going to be on ps3 ??

  • adice89

    I heard it will be on ps4. My goodness this game’will be awsome. When EA first came out with there mma game is blew the thq ufc game awayy, miles away. I can only imagine what this will be like

    • The Best Eva

      You couldn’t be more incorrect the UFC game is a little robotic and unrealistic, but EA MMA was a fricken turd the ground game alone was such a joke.

  • Darin

    Is there a slowed down version of this video? Did the bald dude just snort a pound of cocaine?

  • The Best Eva

    Can we see some game play already!