EA Sports UFC Official Video Game Cover Revealed: Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson

April 6, 2014
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EA Sports UFC Video Game Official Cover

Although EA Sports has yet to reveal an official hard release date, it has unveiled the official cover for the EA Sports UFC video game that is expected to hit Xbox One and PS4 gaming consoles this spring.

It’s been known for quite some time that UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones would be on the cover. We’ve also known that Alexander Gustafsson – who is staring down a potential rematch with Jones – won the fan vote to join Jones on the cover. But now we are finally graced with the final layout for the game’s cover.

What features that you’ve heard about are you most excited for in the new game?

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    Thats aSTUPID cover,,, are they fighting or jogging??? they couldn’t get a pic from their epic fight and use it as a cover???

  • InYourFacex54

    Weak…..Looks like a tae-bo DVD or something. The games looks awesome though

  • bajafox

    Too bad it’s EA, gonna have to pass

  • Darin

    The “EA Sports” logo is in Jones’ balls.

  • ddeniro

    Hideous! like another poster stated it looks like a tae bo instructional dvd not a video game.
    Ea failed .
    try again

  • Obi-Wan Granoli

    um should’ve definitely used footage from their fight instead of this.

  • Kryptonitekid

    june 17

  • WhereIsHomefront2?

    No PC version and next-gen consoles only. If you’re foolish enough to buy this, you’re going to have difficulty finding other players online and you’ll rage when you discover that EA withheld important content so that they may sell it to you later as downloadable content.

    Stay away.

  • laurenlebonita

    I do not get why people are hating on this? it’s a nice cover but Gustafsson does not have a six-pack!!