EA Sports UFC Mystery Fighter Uncovered: It’s Bruce Lee, The Legend!

April 7, 2014
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Bruce Lee - EA Sports UFC Mystery Fighter

EA Sports is preparing to unleash its take on the video game version of the UFC with the release of EA Sports UFC slated for sometime in the next few weeks (we’re still getting a Spring 2014 release date!!!!).

Leading up to the release, EA Sports teased a mystery fighter for the game. It’s no secret the UFC president Dana White, most fighters, fans, and pundits alike hail the legendary Bruce Lee as the godfather of modern mixed martial arts, so it’s a welcome surprise that Bruce Lee is the mystery fighter that will be a part of the game!

We may not have been fortunate enough to see the day when the actual Bruce Lee could test his skills in the Octagon, but at least now we can fulfill those dreams in virtual reality.

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  • Zaidi

    Bruce lee wearing silva’s shorts. coincidence?

    • Seth

      Weren’t he usually wearing long yellow shorts? I mean, at least as I think about it, that’s usual outfit for him…and we don’t see entire outfit on this photo.

    • Darin

      I think it comes from the yellow jumpsuit that Bruce Lee wore in “Game of Death”.

  • Seth

    Well…fuck. I may need to buy PS4 or XBox one now…

    • MikeMcK83

      I didn’t look it up but I’d be surprised if its not on last gen as well.

      • Jorge Ortega

        Sorry, they already confirmed is for PS4 and XBOS One

  • shakejunt

    the real question is will bruce leeroy be making an appearance?


    Naaa… Bruce Lee was an actor who never had a real fight,,,, He was an Actor people !!!! what they’ll have Jackie Chan next?

  • WhereIsHomefront2?

    No PC version and next-gen consoles only. If you’re foolish enough to buy this, you’re going to have problems finding other players in multiplayer and rage when you see how EA withholds content from the original release only to sell it to you later as DLC (downloadable content.)

    Stay away.

  • The Prognosticator

    Sheesh I thought the mystery fighter was going to be someone who was a veteran of a lot of tough fights and epic comebacks like Hollywood Hogan. Talk about being short ended…