EA Sports UFC Game Cover Vote Reveal Video

December 13, 2013
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(Video Courtesy of UFC.com)

After weeks of fan voting for who would join UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones on the cover of the upcoming EA Sports UFC video game, the final came down to Georges St-Pierre, who vacated his UFC welterweight championship on Friday, and top light heavyweight contender Alexander Gustafsson.

In a bit of a surprise, fans voted Gustafsson over St-Pierre to be featured opposite Jones for the first EA Sports UFC video game cover.

The first edition of the EA Sports UFC video game is set to be unleashed in spring of 2014.

  • Jay Mcgarrity

    I’m still not sure why Jones was given the default spot, there’s no way he would’ve made the vote. Dana always talks about how Jones has gone through murderers row and how his title reign is so much more impressive than Tito’s reign. I guess if you call beating guys on the tail end of their careers capped off with a couple of middleweights murderers row, then Dana would be correct. I gained some respect for the idiot for how he hung in there against Gus but then I lost it all when he said he watched the fight and feels like he won decisively so he doesn’t feel like he should have to fight Gus again. Guy is so scared of Gus that he wants to run away to another division. I hope Glover stomps him so EA looks stupid in this over publicized clownfest.

    • Timothy Malone

      Jones got on because he is officially the #1 ranked fighter in the UFC. Its actually Gustaffson who got on simply by association with Jones. He wouldn’t have won if it wasn’t for people liking the idea of a face-off on the cover.

      • Jay Mcgarrity

        How can you call a P4P rank official? First of all, a pound for pound ranking is just a guess. After GSP and Jone’s last fights I would put Anderson above them both. Those rankings on the site are made up by MMA media members and those idiots as a whole have no idea what they’re doing. On multiple occasions they have rankings moving which make zero sense. How did Carmouche move above Eye after Eye won her fight against a tougher opponent and Carmouche got completely dominated in her fight. Several times, they were influenced by Dana White at press scrums where Dana White went off about their rankings. After asking them how they had Chael ranked so low at a scrum, Chael moves up 3-4 ranks. Same thing with Barao on P4P and Khabib moving into the top 10. It’s obvious that some of them just have no idea what they’re doing by some of the stupid questions they ask at the press conferences and media scrums. Half of them are just waiting to see what the next guy does so they can take their ques from him. Some of those guys are completely on point and others have no clue yet they all have the same voting power.

        • skifri3

          Media members idiots?

          This from the guy who thinks that Tito’s reign against guys like Elvis Sinosic (8-12) is the most impressive LHW reign.
          Before you cry about people being idiots, you should probably avoid saying idiotic things beforehand.

          • Jay Mcgarrity

            Again retard, I never said that Tito’s title reign was more impressive. I just made a Dana White reference. That is why I followed up with the reasons why I disagree with the murderers row statement, EG opponents past their prime and opponents who aren’t even in the weight class. I didn’t say a single positive thing about Tito in my entire post yet you took it upon yourself to make a stupid assumption. Next time your little peni$ gets hard and you can’t control your excitement, take a step back before you hurt yourself in an argument you can’t win. I can reference several occasions where the media as a whole was made to look like idiots as well as individuals but we all make mistakes. Some of us are smart enough to save our arrogance and insults until our assumptions are confirmed, you are obviously not part of that group.

          • skifri3

            Homophobic remarks? Wow… this turned real ugly real fast. I’m gonna quit before I give you an rage-related aneurism.

            Stay classy Jay!

          • Jay Mcgarrity

            There was not a single homophobic remark made, not even close. You probably aren’t smart enough to even know what homophobic means so I can see where the mistake was made. Stay smart skifri3, is 3 the number of brain cells you have left? derp derp. You have made yourself look like a fool several times already so don’t be surprised if I take that small victory and just stop entertaining this debate with someone of your low intelligence level.

          • Jay Mcgarrity

            Are you done now or just taking a few minutes to google homophobic?

          • Jay Mcgarrity

            Nice job editing your posts to try and make my replies seem off. You didn’t get it quite right though, you forgot to take out the homophobic remarks comment as I never made one. I guess if you took that out you would also have to take out your new addition of “Wow… this turned real ugly real fast” as it would no longer have the fallacious reference point you gave it.

      • David Huenecke

        To be honest I hated the idea of a face-off cover. Gustaffoson has done absolutely nothing for the sport compared to gsp so i reluctantly voted for gsp. Figured it would be a good sendoff if he did retire. Having a champ who cleaned out his division; even with the last fight ending how it did. Gsp deserves it more than just to have a face-off cover.

    • skifri3

      If you really think that Tito’s reign more impressive than Jones’ then you really have no credibility anyway.

      • Jay Mcgarrity

        Hey retard, where did I ever say that Tito’s title reign was more impressive? I referenced that because Dana always uses the comparison to discredit Tito and hype up Jones. Tito’s title reign happened when MMA was in the beginning stages and there were hardly any complete mixed martial artists. It would be hard for a guy in the old era to compare to the new breed. Jones did not go through murderers row though, Dana just hates Tito and is trying to counter balance the negative opinion that so many people have about Jones.

        • skifri3

          Whoa… calm down there Mr. Internet-tough-guy! Why don’t you take a couple more selfies while wearing shades indoors. That’s an activity that make you happy and calm you down!

          Yeah, Dana hates Tito and you think Jones’ title reign sucks, but you can’t name a better one. Got it!

          • Jay Mcgarrity

            I am completely calm, you are throwing out unjustified insults my way so expect to get them back. Now you want to insult my appearance, yet I’m the internet tough guy? I may not be a Jone Jones or even a Tito Ortiz but I’m pretty sure I can put a beat down on some random anonymous troll who uses the word “selfies”. Go back to watching the Kardashians and listening to Kanye’s newest album, seems more your speed.

          • Chicago

            Um…. I do believe that you started the insults by calling skifri3 a retard…. not joining in the fight just making a point.

          • Jay Mcgarrity

            He replied to my other post with “Before you cry about people being idiots, you should probably avoid saying idiotic things beforehand.” before I said that. On top of that insult he tried putting words into my mouth and then having an argument over it, he has done this several times now. Logical fallacy, strawman – misrepresenting someone’s argument to make it easier to attack. With those magic words “your incorrect” appears!

          • Tony

            Jay Mcgarrity, please step away from the keyboard.

          • Jay Mcgarrity

            What’s your issue? Where I come from you don’t insult people unless you’re ok with taking some in return. I went pretty easy on him considering everything he said was uncalled for.

          • Jay Mcgarrity

            It’s not really a fight though, everything he’s said so far has been false with the possible exception of Sinosic’s record which I won’t even bother looking into as it bears no relevance to anything on here.

          • Jay Mcgarrity

            Anderson Silva, GSP, Jose Aldo. I never said Jon Jones’ title reign sucked, I just don’t believe it’s as crazy as Dana is always hyping it to be. It’s an impressive title reign due to the win streak but its not above the other GOATS though, if anything it’s bellow theirs unless he wins this Glover fight and maybe one after. The sport is still very new and we will probably end up seeing fighters in the future who make Jone Jones’ title reign look like how Tito’s reign looks now. Kids are beginning to train at 4-5 years of age. I’ll give you 30 more minutes to try and make a valid point before I stop responding to you.

    • shakejunt

      didn’t read your essay of a response.

      jones is most dominant and decisive champion.

      • Maddawgmar

        With the exception of Gustafsson. That wasn’t very dominant or decisive.

    • Jacob K

      He is the top pound for pound mma fighter in the world, the best lhw champion of all time, youngest champ. He is the Lebron, the Leo messi of UFC. Of course he gets the default spot.

  • jim profit

    GSP stepping away, UFC probably fixed fan vote results, no way in hell Gustafsson won that battle!

    • shakejunt

      yeah it’s not like everyone thought gsp lost or anything.

    • JDMMA

      No Shortage of idiots

  • Ahmaid Ahdoodi

    The people weren’t going to let GSP have yet another decision.

    • shakejunt

      needs more +1’s!