EA Sports UFC 182 Simulation: Can DC Burst the Jonny Bones Bubble?

December 30, 2014
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DC Bust Jones SimulationThe Jon Jones vs. Daniel Cormier UFC 182 match-up is one of the most highly anticipated fights in a long time. Jonny Bones rules the roost at 205 pounds and is widely considered the current top pound-for-pound fighter in the world. BUT… DC is also regarded as quite possibly the toughest test of Jones’ career.

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Can Cormier upset Jones’ apple cart? EA Sports ran the fight through its UFC video game to find out… the results may surprise you… or maybe not… check it out!

(Video courtesy of UFC)

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  • DamianCross

    Go into the options menu,turn on eyepokes, then upload again.

    • Darin


  • beer

    this ain’t gonna happen HA HA
    Cormier is going to KO jones
    You will see

    • shakejunt

      guess we’ll see you back on gus train after, yeah?

      • beer

        Cormier is going to rematch wiht jones
        Gus would be the next in line after that fight
        i believe gus will lose his next fight
        So that is not going to happen

        • shakejunt

          thanks for being a good sport. i don’t see a rematch being necessary because one guy will win decisively (i believe). i also am gonna pick rumble over gus, but idk how smart of a pick it is.

  • beer

    I just am a big big cormierfan
    I hopes and believe he can do it
    Jones is cocky and arrogant but without a doubt a fantastic fighter.
    Cormier is stronger and has hard hitting hands
    He will drop jones and finish him
    I wish you much fun watching this fight


    Jon Jones will keep the belt via Vicious EYE-POKES !!!! esp. if yves lavigne is the referee for this bout