Duane Ludwig Leaving Team Alpha Male in May; Heading Home to Colorado to Start New Academy

March 19, 2014
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Duane Ludwig I Am A Fighter UFC 146Team Alpha Male has enjoyed a tremendous amount of success over the past year or so under the leadership of head coach and former UFC fighter Duane “Bang” Ludwig. Their partnership, however, is coming to an end.

UFC Tonight on Wednesday reported that Team Alpha Male founder Urijah Faber said that Ludwig would continue to head the team until May 24, at which point they will amicably part ways.

Besides Faber, Team Alpha Male is also home to fighters like Chad Mendes, Joseph Benavidez, and many, many others.

Faber didn’t give a reason for Ludwig’s departure.

Ludwig, however, did. He told MMAWeekly.com on Wednesday that there was no bad blood or anything of that nature; he just really wants to come home to Colorado.

“I’ve really had a great time coaching at Team Alpha Male, and we’re leaving things on great terms, but my heart has always been in Colorado,” said Ludwig.

“I have plans to return home and open my own martial arts academy.”

Ludwig will still coach fighters that want to work with him, but he’s not opening a fighter-centric gym specifically for a fight team only. He has plans to open a family style martial arts academy that is open to everyone, including fighters.

“I love the guys at Team Alpha Male and have formed some tight bonds, but I need to be home in Colorado. It is just time to do my own thing and build my own business.”

Ludwig, however, filled a much-needed role at Team Alpha Male. The team has become a bastion of talented fighters, but they needed some structure from a coaching standpoint, and Ludwig filled that role well.

Recognizing that, Faber doesn’t plan on letting things stand pat once Ludwig returns home to Colorado. He is already considering options for someone to try and fill Ludwig’s shoes.

Faber mentioned to UFC Tonight that he would like to see someone like Mark Hominick, Dan Hardy, Mark Beecher, or Robert Follis step into a coaching role at Team Alpha Male.

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  • Chicago

    I love Bang. Wish him nothing but the best for his business and his family.

  • Aimed With “V”

    Now, when Chad is going to fight for the title?!! (probably)

    • Wolf Ticket

      My exact thoughts!

  • Dude


  • MikeP22

    Dan Hardy??? Lmfao!!!!

  • Sir Smoke A Lot’

    Duane be headed home for the legal weed yo, no brainier.

  • Supaman

    Hardy would be a joke. He’s a tough, decently well-rounded fighter but not excellent in any area. Has alot of heart, but his skills are below a Faber, and others in Alpha Male. What’s he gonna coach, how to make a mohawk?

    Mark Hominick would basically be a Duane Ludwig but Hominick wouldn’t help these guys get to a higher level. This also wouldn’t be a good choice.

    Mark Beecher is a NASTY Muay Thai guy. He’d be a good stand-up coach and could give a different angle for this camp.

    Robert Follis is probably least well known to the mainstream fans, but he’s been around MMA probably the longest. He’s been w/ the Team Quest guys since it started like Randy Couture, etc. Follis is a BJJ guy and could help the Alpha Male guys further their submission games and better set-up their subs.

    So while Hominick & Hardy may have Octagon experience; Beecher & Follis would make better coaches.

  • Shartnado2, the Sloppy One

    Translation : I got a name for myself in coaching and now I want to make more money than Alpha Male offers. BTW Team Alpha Male guys have been on a slide in the stand up dept lately, time to bail