Drew Dober’s ‘Ridiculous’ UFC Fight Night 62 Loss Not Going to Get Overturned

March 23, 2015
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Drew Dober’s attempt to get his UFC Fight Night 62 technical submission loss to Leandro Silva turned to a No Contest appears to have fallen of deaf ears with the Brazilian MMA Athletic Commission (CABMMA).

Silva attempted a guillotine choke midway through the second round of the lightweight bout, but was not in proper position to execute the submission. Dober was not in any danger of being finished and did not tap out, but referee Eduardo Herdy mistakenly thought Dober had lost consciousness and stopped the fight.

Herdy’s decision outraged many, including UFC president Dana White, who said Herdy should never be allowed to referee another fight again.

Cristiano Sampaio, COO of the CABMMA, released a statement on Monday indicating that the result of the bout will remain unchanged.

“We need to stress that CABMMA follows the guidelines of the Nevada State Athletic Commission and, therefore, needs time to conduct the relevant research and analysis of precedents involving such (an) agency to decide on how to proceed,” the statement began.

drew-dober-ufn62-750“In this sense, as of this moment, CABMMA will not change a decision rendered at the end of any contest or exhibition unless (i) it determines that there was a collusion affecting the relevant result, (ii) the compilation of the scorecards of the judges discloses an error which shows that the decision was given to the wrong athlete, or (iii) as the result of an error interpreting a provision of our rules and regulations, the referee has rendered an incorrect decision,” the statement continued.

“The Silva-Dober stoppage does not fall in (i) or (ii), and moreover (is) not within the scope of (iii) above since it is not based on a misinterpretation of the rules and regulations leading to the result of the bout, but rather on a judgment call of a trained and experienced referee based on Mr. Leandro ‘Buscape’ Silva’s submission, confirmed by Eduardo Herdy. Consequently, there is no action CABMMA can take at this time, and the result will be maintained.”

Dober received his win bonus from the UFC following the fight despite the official loss on his record.

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  • Seth

    Once again call will not be overturned because brazilian fighter “won”…Brazil needs to get some professional comission to look over MMA, because those soldout amateurs have no idea what they are doing.

    • TheCerealKiller

      I say stop going there. Detroit is just as big of a jungle and we would love the boost in economy.

  • El gato

    The referee and the winning fighter were training partners. That suspicion qualifies for article 1 “collusion”.

  • Sarge

    what a crock of SH*T

  • Timothy Malone

    Nobody should be surprised by this. And I don’t think it has anything to do with being in Brazil. The Nevada Athletic Commission never admits it is wrong either.