Dream Dynamite! Officially Adds Overeem vs. Duffee to New Year’s Eve Card

December 29, 2010
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Todd Duffee UFC 114

Todd Duffee at UFC 114 weigh-ins

The rumored bout between Alistair Overeem and Todd Duffee is finally official for New Year’s Even in Japan as a part of the year end Dynamite! show taking place there this week.

K-1 and FEG officially announced Duffee’s participation in the match-up on Tuesday in the United States, with the former UFC fighter arriving in Japan and taking place in media sessions.

Duffee enters the fight against Overeem as a huge underdog, but with a huge opportunity at his fingertips as well.

The former UFC prospect was dropped from the promotion following his loss to Mike Russow earlier this year, and after some controversial comments he made about the organization.

Now he’ll face one of the most dangerous strikers in all of MMA with Alistair Overeem just weeks removed from his crowning achievement as the K-1 Grand Prix champion.

The heavyweight tilt is expected to be the final fight of the night on the card set to air in the United States on HDNet starting at 4am ET early Friday morning.


    They better reinforce that ring! No way that Duffe will be able to handle the striking prowess of Overeem. Unless Duffe can knock him out very quickly, there is not a chance in the world he is winning this fight.

  • Saw this pic last night: http://i53.tinypic.com/wvbgbs.jpg

    I hate the way the Japanese promotions conduct business, 8 days notice for Duffee is not cool. He signed the contract though. Meanwhile Overeem has known he’s on the card for some time now.

    I’m pulling for Duffee, hope he can prove everyone wrong.

  • Duffee is the underdog in this fight but he is far from the biggest dog on the card. Look at some of these odds, pretty laughable:

    Alistair Overeem: -600
    Todd Duffee: +400

    Kazuo Misaki: -1600
    Mike Seal: +800

    Megumi Fujii: -2500
    Emi Fujino: +1250

    Rin Nakai: -3000
    Mika Harigai: +1500



  • bdono554

    these guys are mirror images of each other overhyped and overrated! Bonds… I mean Overeem is a joke never fights anyone beats chumps and wins set up K-1 events! Look at the card the two best guys were on the same side of the bracket not Overeem’s what a joke and Duffy all I have to say is his name.

  • Man I’m rooting for Duffee. He trains at my gym and it really strong and talented. If he can take out Overeem it will get him so much attention, attention that he well deserves, but its going to be a hard fight.

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