dos Santos vs. Overeem Slated for UFC Memorial Day Weekend Card

February 10, 2012
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A late night Q&A with UFC owner Lorenzo Fertitta revealed a lot of news late Thursday night, and one major main event for Memorial Day seems locked in.

UFC heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos will meet Alistair Overeem on the scheduled May 26 event in Las Vegas on Memorial Day weekend.

UFC co-owner Lorenzo Fertitta answered specifically when a fan asked the date for the next heavyweight title fight.

“Memorial Day weekend Vegas,” Fertitta responded to the question of when dos Santos vs. Overeem would happen.

The UFC’s top heavyweight, Junior dos Santos, has been out of action since last November when he captured the belt by defeating Cain Velasquez at the inaugural UFC on Fox show.

Following the fight, dos Santos had to have knee surgery, but he’s been saying since early January that he was on schedule to come back soon.

As for Alistair Overeem, he earned the shot at dos Santos’ title by crushing former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar at UFC 141 to close out 2011 in Las Vegas. Overeem bombed the former champ with strikes to end the fight in the first round.

Now the former Strikeforce, Dream, and K-1 Grand Prix champion will get his first crack at the UFC heavyweight title in May.

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  • ajmadic

    WAR OVEREEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • b-soc


  • ajmadic

    F*** YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Towers66

    JDS will win this fight. No doubt about it.

  • This is a fantastic match/bout/fight!!!!! Can’t wait to watch it and celebrate Memorial Day by getting hammered!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lanelange

    On paper a great fight. In the end a good/great MMA boxer vs a real world elite striker I will bet on elite striker. Reem tossed Brock like a child for take down attempts so I dont see JDS having the power to take him down if he is loosing a striking game. Then again JDS hits real friggin hard, his record is proof of that. Should be epic.

    • fsunoles09

      yep couple days after my bday to so ima be 21 at the bar with a real i.d. watchin what will hopefully play out as a ko.sounds like it should be a decent weekend

  • fsunoles09

    haha wtf is up with yall sayin ooo no doubt 100% chance jds wins.i like jds but cmon now overeem aint no chump, the bottom line is 1 knee or 1 punch or 1 kick to the face luck or not can knock u slap out ecspecially when your dealing with a dude with his strength and background in striking.i got overeem winning but like i said anythin can happen.i wouldnt be surprised if jds wins though he does have some sick hands.

  • JDS by SD.

  • TandmWarElephant

    I hate this fight 🙁 I liked it better when overeem was out of the ufc because he was my favorite heavyweight outside of the ufc and dos santos was my favorite in the ufc! Now their fighting each other :/ should be a prettttttty sick fight but man hope it goes to a draw 😉 don’t want to see either of these guys lose ha. That being said if i had to pick a winner it’d be Dos Santos because he has quicker hands, but Overeem has more tools standing up, and their both pretty much equal on the ground overeem has a ton of guillotine wins and idk if anyone saw when dos santos took carwin down at the end of the fight and darwin actually came close to choking him out? no one said anything about it but it was definitely there. Dos Santos definitely doesn’t want to be there with Overeem’s arms wrapped around his neck thats for sure. Should be a great fight though 🙂