Don’t Talk to Joe Rogan During UFC Weigh-In Intros or He’ll Tell You About It

January 24, 2015
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It’s always funny when hot mics pick up conversation that isn’t meant to make live air. And that’s exactly what happened yesterday during the UFC on FOX 14 weigh-in show.

As an intro popped on screen, a mic picked up everyone’s favorite color commentator Joe Rogan telling someone “calm down with the talking to me.” A Vine user picked up on the awkward moment and we bring it to you here.

There’s really nothing like picking up comments from people who think they’re off camera, like when Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier exchanged pleasantries on ESPN. Thanks for the clicks, fellas.

In recognition of moments like these, we leave you with U.S. President Barack Obama calling Kanye West a jackass.

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  • UFCfan

    What was the point of posting this? So stupid. We have no idea what context this is in. lol

  • JoyrideJon

    He probably realized he was about to come back live and didn’t want whoever was talking to him to be picked up on the mic…