Don’t Hold Your Breath for a Ronda Rousey vs. Gina Carano UFC Showdown

September 25, 2014
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For all of you holding your breath for the UFC women’s bantamweight showdown between current champ Ronda Rousey and former Strikeforce champion and women’s MMA pioneer Gina Carano, you might want to exhale.

That fight isn’t going to happen any time soon.

While UFC president Dana White has been working for several months to bring Carano into the fold and match her up with Rousey, he has also admitted “it’s complicated.”

It’s not just a matter of dollars and cents to lure Carano to the Octagon. She hasn’t fought in five years and has been busy making a name for herself in Hollywood. It’s primarily her acting career that will put any hopes of the marquee match-up with Rousey on the backburner.

The initial target was to possibly put Rousey vs. Carano alongside Jon Jones vs. Daniel Cormier on the UFC 182 fight card on Jan. 3 in Las Vegas.

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Carano manager Scott Karp told MMA Fighting’s Ariel Helwani, however, that Carano is booked through the rest of this year making movies. According to Karp, she will be filming a movie called “Bus 657” with Robert DeNiro in October and then begins a second film in December, leaving her no time for a fight with Rousey this year or early next.

Rousey is currently recovering from a couple of surgeries, doing the promotional rounds for the UFC, and waiting to see what is in store for her next fight. She has still publicly broached the subject, wanting to fight at UFC 182, but for now, it’s a matter of finding a suitable challenger.

If the winner of Saturday’s UFC 178 fight between Cat Zingano and Amanda Nunes emerges unscathed, she could very well be Rousey’s next defense, although UFC officials have not declared as much.

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  • backkick

    Trust me, I won’t. Any real fans actually want to see this fight?

    • NightPlatypus

      I’d much rather see Cat Zingano or Holly Holm fight Rousey. The matchup with Carano doesn’t make sense since Gina isnt a top dog anymore.

      • John Wojtowicz

        I’d like to see Holm vs Carano.

        • NightPlatypus

          Even better. See Joe Silva. This guy knows whats up

  • ArmBarNation

    I’m down for Rousey up against any of the old champs, and the new upcomers. My woman will put them all on lockdown.

  • TheCerealKiller

    She was never the Strikeforce champ!!! She fought Cyborg to be the first champ, and we all know how that ended. Ken Pishna, stop saying she was a champ. She never held any pro belt.

    • TRT-rex

      Sick burn bro. But I don’t know who you burned worse, Pishna or Carano.

    • Ultimo

      Are you saying Rousey is a champ? She was given the belt without having a fight in the ufc.

      • TRT-rex

        She is undefeated. She’s champ. You try and tell her otherwise.

      • TheCerealKiller

        If it makes you feel better, consider her fight with Liz as it was for the vacant belt. She since defended it three times, something Shogun, Machida and many more couldn’t do.

        • EatYourCereal

          Man this guy is annoying. why do you comment so much… you should shut up and eat your cereal!

          We are talking about 2 different division here… One with women another with men. If it the same division than yes that counts. But your comments are so stupid.. i think i am getting more dumb by just reading and commenting back to you. If anything shogun and machida won the belt that more than most fighters can do.

          • TheCerealKiller

            Not one thing I stated above if false. To your point, Renan Barao did the same thing and was considered one off the best PVP fighters in the world. If Ronda beats Cat, she passes him. Both 135. Still just stating fact here.

          • uncle

            You might not like his delivery,but most of the stuff
            Cereal Killer says is true.

  • Seth

    “fight”…Guys, stop calling it a fight. We all know Rousey/Carano would be just an exhibition, not a real fight… .-.

    • uncle

      My money is on Rousey throwing in Carano without a couple warm-up
      fights first makes her very arm bar friendly

  • uncle

    Who really gives a damn about this fight ?

  • dandogood

    Gina Carano is a nothing and seeking publicity for a flagging stagnant career going south.

    • John Bunch

      Based upon the small sample of your comments regarding female fighters (that i have observed), you appear to have serious mommy issues. I’m glad Dan does good in your world…because in our world, you appear to be danbesuperficial.

  • dandogood

    Gina cannot act and Gina was proven a fraud by Cyborg in the ist round KO loss and quitting afterwards. Plus Gina is huge and weighs 200lbs now. Gina has a better chance of fighting Melissa McCarthy

    • Hahahahaha

      Geez dude did gina stole your boyfriend? sheesh dude so much hate for her… if anything she only lost once lol and that against cyborg

    • JuHoansi

      So Gina went from 145 lbs to 180 lbs to now 200 lbs? I love how her weight goes up every time someone mentions it.

  • TRT-rex

    I doubt anyone was holding their breath! Most of us only watch WMMA cause they slip them into the middle of a good card, and we just roll with it! This is actually the least interesting fight rumor that I’ve heard for Ronda! Rather see her fight an actual fighter.

  • John Mark Reyes

    Don’t worry. Cyborg is coming.

  • dandogood

    Gina ain’t never making 145lbs again so why fret? Gina got a semi truck huge frame on her and is walking around at 180lbs now. Hell Gina never made weight at 145lbs and still was exposed as a fraud and quit MMA. Look for Gina to end up making porn movies with fat men and or end up in some trailer court weighing 200 plus pounds with 3 kids running around.

  • Jeffrey

    The only reason anyone talks about this fight is because when Gina is “dolled up”, she looks halfway cute. If not for the sex appeal, there is no fight. Ronda isn’t hot either. Holly Holm would smash Gina, Meisha would smash Gina. Ronda would smash Gina. Also, as far as acting goes, you looked nervous and weird in the Fast and Furious movie. The UFC needs to stop with the offers to Gina and give women who actually deserve the opportunity to fight for the belt the fights. Not Gina just because the publicity would make ton’s of money.

    • dandogood

      Gina Carano is looking for attention as her movie career faded quickly and a return to MMA is past her ability to ever get down below 160lbs. Carano is the MMA version of Layla Ali who beat on less talented girls and avoided Ann Wolfe. carano is a bluff and a huge framed nothing.

  • dandogood

    Gina Carano is just a big framed broad who fought much smaller girls and pounded on them making a fake rep till Cyborg exploded and blew up the fake career of Gina Carano with a quick 1st round KO making the overrated and embarrassed humiliated Gina Cow Carano to quit MMA for the past 5 years and make terrible movies and looking 250lbs on screen.

    • Joe Dog

      A broad broad.

  • Joe Dog

    They are far more apt to meet on a movie set acting together than in an octagon fighting. Let’s face it, Carano was once a fighter, now she is a washed up actress with a short resume of sh*tty movies.

  • TheCerealKiller

    Can we please remove this from the front page? Gina is not an MMA fighter, nor will she be again.

  • dandogood

    Gina Carano is a big boned semi truck framed broad of marginal MMA talent and ended her career in a humiliating Knock Out Loss. No loss if this bad acting 180lb broad never fights in the UFC. Cowrano cannot beat Meisha Big Nose Tate or Zingano.

  • Mike Simmons

    how would it be a showdown? Carano would last 20 seconds