Don’t Expect to See Nick Diaz vs. Michael Bisping Anytime Soon

October 18, 2013

Nick-Diaz-UFC-137-Press-01Could a UFC middleweight bout between Michael Bisping, who is sitting on the sidelines with an injury, and Nick Diaz, who is sitting on the sidelines in pseudo-retirement, actually happen?

It could… in a perfect world.

But the world is far from perfect, and a bout between the two brash fighters appears a long way from happening.

Speculation about the possibility of the bout first surfaced when UFC 166 fighter Gilbert Melendez said he thought his teammate, Diaz, would fight again if the right fight was offered. One possible rumored scenario would see Diaz, who usually fights at welterweight, come back for a fight in the middleweight division.

After Melendez’s comment, Bisping injected himself into the conversation, tweeting, “If Diaz wants a fight at 185 I would happily welcome him to the division.”

Even though Bisping is currently nursing a detached retina back to healthy status, and Diaz has been M.I.A. since losing to Georges St-Pierre in March of this year, Bisping’s offer immediately sent the Twitterverse into a tantalizing tizzy.

It’s a fight that piqued nearly every fight fan’s interest, including UFC president Dana White.

“I love that fight,” said White in a meeting with the UFC 166 media on Thursday in Houston.

As excited as he sounded, White was quick to deflate any hopes of the fight coming together anytime soon.

“Everything I hear from Nick Diaz is that he doesn’t want to fight.”

The highest-profile fighting situation Diaz has been in since the St-Pierre fight in March has been launching his own fight promotion, WAR MMA. The promotion has thus far held one event, with no details yet announced for any future promotions.

As for actually stepping back into the Octagon, Diaz remains mum.’s attempts for comment from Diaz and his camp went unanswered at the time of publication.

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  1. To bad. I would love to see that fight. It is such an interesting and intriguing matchup that could easily be a main event. COME ON NICK!!!

    • It would be the first time I ever cheered for Bisping.

      • 🙂

  2. I love MMA Weekly but can you please get a new picture for any article about Nick Diaz?

    • Lol, true. Is it that hard to find a recent pic?
      I believe Nick will be back when he is broke again. The more he gets paid for a fight, the longer the layoff afterward.

      • He even admitted he doesn’t like fighting. He’s just getting Paid

  3. It would be like watching a caveman try to pick up a rolling football. Diaz is a 2nd tier fighter with a vast fan base of meatheads

    • I think Diaz has superior hands and better ability to absorb damage without it throwing off his momentum. He uses his range better and although I think Bisping has better footwork and wrestling, Diaz has a very active guard and better subs. I think this fight has the potential to be a 15 minute war with Diaz edging out a close decision. So, although I don’t really understand how the analogy of a caveman and a football even relates to MMA or Nick Diaz’s style of fighting, I think I can safely say I disagree with you.

      • He is to hard headed to learn new things is what I am sayinig…he will hopelessly move forward and get tagged like a bull would from a matador.

        • I can see that. His style hasn’t evolved much in recent years, I agree with that, but his constant pressure and quick combos have paid off for him and made him very exciting to a lot of fans. I’d agree with you he was 2nd tier if not for the Condit fight. Although it wasn;t a great fight, if nothing else Nick proved he can go the distance with a guy who is indisputably a top 5 WW, and I don;t think Condit would have changed his style so much if he didn’t respect Diaz’s game. I have a ton of respect for Condit and anybody who goes 25 minutes with him is legit in my book. And although Nick looked helpless against GSP, so do most guys.

  4. Nick must want a number one contender match or a title shot. This fight here is big. I don’t know what the issue is.

    • And I want to wake up next to Kate Upton every morning!! Isnt going to happen…IF Diaz puts his big girl pants on and comes back it will be in a name vs name fight…no title implications…just simply there to sell tickets. Thats all he is really good for anymore…

    • If he can beat Bisping at MW, a title shot is not far off…

      • Not far off, but not as close as he would want. Bisping is a great name on the division, but truth be told: He’s not title contender material. He’s like those great #3~#10 guys that are always up there, but no high enough.
        He lost every single fight against a real top contender.

        • Sure, but the win over Bisping still puts Diaz in the title range.

          • I’m a Diaz fan. He’s always been my favorite fighter. Still, he goes up a weight class when he can’t handle the strength/wrestling of the welter weight champ GSP, and you think after beating Bisping he deserves to be close to a title shot? How could anyone expect him to handle Weidman? That’s just ridiculous. It would open a possibility for Diaz vs Silva maybe…sometime… but doubtful. I would like to believe that Nick could beat anyone, but if he doesn’t change his game he will have no chance against the smart/stronger division champs with their great preparation and jiu jitsu defense.

          • Diaz could submit Weidman. He also has way better hands and is much faster. He does need to change things up in his training and diversify his attack. If he rebuilt himself at another camp, he could go back down to WW and make another run. I don’t think MW is the best weight class for him. If ONLY Greg Jackson or Firaz Zahabi didn’t have camps full of guys that don’t like Diaz…

            I would hate if if his career ended up being one of those “when keeping it real goes wrong” situations, but that seems to be where it is headed. It’s a shame.

      • A win against Bisping is very big but still may not be good enough for Diaz. I don’t even care who he fights at this point I just want to see him back.

        • Agreed. I hate it when a 30 year old retires who is top 5, especially if it’s an interesting fighter like Nick.

  5. I would watch any Nick Diaz fight, but will Diaz pushing the action while Bisping stays out of the pocket be exiting?

  6. fuucken paying my taxes and whatever…

  7. I’d love to see Nick come back. I don’t care who he fights. A guy like that will always sell fights