Don’t Expect to See CM Punk Debut in the UFC Any Time Soon

December 10, 2014
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During the UFC 181: Hendricks vs. Lawler II pay-per-view broadcast on Dec. 6, the Ultimate Fighting Championship announced that they’d signed a multi-fight deal with former WWE star Phil “CM Punk” Brooks. The announcement has been met with praise and criticism from fighters, media and fans.

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The 36-year-old former WWE professional wrestling champion is a proven pay-per-view draw. He’s a big name. And that’s essentially why he was signed by the organization.

CM Punk (Phil Brooks)“He comes to all the fights. He’s a huge fan. Once his deal was up with the WWE, he called me and said, ‘I’d really like to fight in the UFC.’ I told him, ‘you’ve got no fights.’ But he wants to try it. Obviously, the guy is a huge superstar. I’ll give him the shot,” said UFC president Dana White during the UFC 181 Post-Show on Fox Sports 1.

Mixed martial arts purists have said the signing of Brooks marks one of the lowest points in UFC history. Others believe the star power of Brooks will generate increased exposure for the sport to casual fans, spark new interest, and ultimately result in much-needed increased revenue. But both sides are skeptical about his potential for success.

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Brooks has a background in martial arts, but he’s never actually fought. He’s not Brock Lesnar, who had an extensive collegiate wrestling resume before joining the UFC after one professional fight. Plus, Brooks is 36-years old.

White is also skeptical of Brooks’ chances inside the famed octagon.

“I would say I agree with every one of those things you people just said,” said White.
“Yeah, of course. I’m absolutely skeptical.”

The thing that really upsets the purists is the fact that the UFC has released top ten-ranked fighters. Brooks being signed with no previous fights is rare, but not unprecedented.

Amir Sadollah appeared on the seventh season of The Ultimate Fighter without having a single professional fight. He eventually won the show and debuted in the organization with a 0-0 professional record, for example.

White takes the we’ll-have-to-see approach to Brooks’ future as a UFC Fighter.

“Who knows? You don’t know unless you try. You don’t know if the guy can fight unless he fights. He wants to fight here. He’s like, ‘I’m at an age where I don’t’ have time to go work on my game and work my way up to the UFC. I’d like to start here. I’d like to give it a shot if you’d give me that opportunity.’ I said, ‘yes. I will,” said White.

“CM Punk” doesn’t know exactly what weight calls he’ll eventually compete in. It will either be in the middleweight or welterweight division. He also doesn’t know what gym he’ll be training out of, so don’t expect to see him in action any time soon.

“I think what he wants to do is take his time, start training, get with the right camp. It would be six or seven months (before he fought),” said White.

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  • taylor2008

    What a joke! I never heard about this guy until this news with the UFC. He will get pounded, or Dana will set him up with a tomato can.

    • shakejunt

      dana said he’ll be fighting someone with a similar experience level. cans usually have more fights.

    • Mikemck83

      Wait, Taylor2008 hadn’t heard of Punk before the ufc announcement? Ufc should can him then.

      I watch wrestling and was never a fan but he did get national media attention not too long ago for a stunt he pulled on wwe. For that reason a lot of people outside of the wrestling audience will have heard his name.

      • taylor2008

        HA! Yes they should get rid of me. Funny thing is that he is from around where I live. He started his career around Mokena Ill.
        What was the big stunt he pulled on WWE? Never heard of it.

        • MikeMcK83

          At the end of a live episode of raw he was given a mic and told he could “air his grievances. ” he then proceeded in half promo form bash the wwe, the industry, and his bosses specifically. Google “cm punk pipebomb” it will be with him sitting on a stage. That alone actually made him popular. If the fans didn’t go nuts for it he’d prob be fired.

  • DontTakeitSeriously

    The beginning of the Celebrity edition of TUF…

    • Spike

      Guess you forgot about kimbo slice or James toney

  • Joe Dog

    The dude’s face looks thin skinned, like he could really bleed profusely.

  • Ememay

    “Don’t Expect to See CM Punk Debut in the UFC Any Time Soon”?
    Duh, numerous reports have said he’ll make his debut in 2015. Nothing new here expect a few quotes from Dana. This awkard article reads like it was written by someone from Bleacherreport.

  • disqus_063g1sXnAQ

    Ugh, Brock had one fight ever when he came to the UFC. Furthermore, he hadn’t wrestled competively since 2000 when he made his debut in 08. So to act like he was way more qualified than CM Punk is stretching it just a bit. Not to mention Brock is an arrrogant a–hole and Punk seems like a genuinely good guy.

  • disqus_063g1sXnAQ

    But I call bulls— on the whole “Straight Edge” facade Punk puts out. I’m the exact same age as Punk, I drink and smoke weed a lot, and strangely he looks MUCH older than I. Healthy lifestyle, huh?

    • shakejunt

      have you also put your body through all the rigors of being a pro wrestler for years? that might sorta kinda have a tiny bit of maybe something to do with it.

      • disqus_063g1sXnAQ

        Wrestling doesn’t put bags under your eyes or crows feet.

        • shakejunt

          it doesn’t? because i’m pretty sure physical and mental stress will alter your body.

        • anonmoose

          Late nights and sleeping uncomfortably does..(stress)
          Being on the road 300+ days of the year will be a factor I’m sure..
          Wait why are we commentating on another man’s face?

    • I’ve seen some stupid logic and reasoning from people on the Internet, but this makes them look like Nobel Prize recipients in comparison.

  • shakejunt

    amir might be a bad example because of his muay thai background, but meathead had 0 fights coming into tuf and he was an nfl player. not trying to justify signing brooks, but it’s not like they haven’t taken chances prior.

    • Timothy Malone

      And Amir and Mitrione both had to do the show where they proved themselves in exhibition bouts before getting actual UFC fights.

  • danksy

    Dana goes through all the trouble to even get uniforms to “legitimize” the UFC and MMA, but then brings on celebrity fighters. Do you think the NBA or NFL would let celebrities with 0 basketball or football experience play in their league? No, of course not and it would be silly to think so.

    • Toilet Paper

      Michael Jordan played for the White Sox.

  • drkdisciple

    he is only 36 has all the time in the world to make his debut lol

  • getreal

    hopefully this stops the cross-overs in the future from being “assumed”
    I found lesnar insulting (minus his size, obvious roids) when he walked into the ufc, got schooled by mir, couldn’t do anything to herring… it was jokes. The fact he later held a title for a minute is beyond hilarious. Idiots actually compared him to FEDOR !

    A 36 year-old with zero fighting experience PROFESSIONALLY is going to get STOMPED just to stop the cross-over nonsense. They let Couture embarrass Toney, let Silva embarrass this old fart… and of course… bring Lesnar back to beat him up as well to hype the “Legend”.

    Dana is laughing that fans buy this stuff, and they call him a douchebag..

    • deepgrim

      your lesnar comments are a bit retarded. brock beat frank mirs ass the first fight and got caught in a knee bar. and he shattered heath herring cheek bone in the shot that sent him spiraling over, pretty much retired him. also he defended the title twice in a row- no heavy weight has done it more times than that

    • asd

      How is an NCAA Champion coming to the UFC insulting?!? That’s like the best credential you can have, apart from a convincing MMA record. You sir are retarded.


    he looks soo old for 36… is he gonna fight at 205 lbs?

  • Llort

    Hey come on, the guy is a PROFESSIONAL wrestler! If amateur wrestlers do so well in MMA, this professional surely will have no problems. 😛

  • Lick Me Balls

    What is Fat Pig Dana thinking? Signing someone with no experience at all directly to the UFC is a joke.