Don’t Believe Women’s MMA is Here to Stay… Bas Rutten Begs to Differ (Video)

January 6, 2013
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Bas RuttenThere is a faction of MMA fans out there that just don’t think women belong in mixed martial arts or that they don’t have any staying power in the sport.

One person that would beg to differ with you is MMA pioneer Bas Rutten.

Rutten stepped in on short notice to fill a hole in the Invicta FC 4 commentary team, and let’s just say he came away from the event rather impressed, not only with the fighters themselves, but also with the Invicta organization.

This comes from a man that has been around the fight business since MMA’s emergence in the early 1990s.

Check out what Bas Rutten had to say following Saturday night’s Invicta FC 4

  • Rick

    To be clear, the problems with the stream last night were with Ustream NOT Invicta. I saw over 5 hours of quality fights that rivaled any UFC pay per view, only missing 4-5 minutes due to the feed problems. 13 fights, not 9. True MMA fans will appreciate the quality of the event. The whiners are the same guys that complain at a free lunch. I can’t wait for FC5. Shannon and Invicta can keep the $7.95 I paid and I’ll be happy to pay it again! Wishing much success to everybody at the promotion!

  • DamianCross

    I’m not so much pro women’s MMA as I am pro armbar. MORE ARMBARS. More armbars everywhere. Chicks armbarring chicks? Cool. Dudes armbarring dudes? Fine! Chicks and dudes armbarring each other? Go for it. Fans of armbars are fans of women fighting by proxy.

    • shakejunt

      everyone deserves the right to bar arms.

  • mcoope3

    The problem is that in women’s non-team sports marketability gets strongly tied to appearance and then entertainment and fashion hijack or distract your marketable stars. Carano got hijacked, Rousey may in time. If more replace them that’s great but how many have championship talent and happen to look that good? As paychecks and popularity grow more women will see they can make a career of it without the looks and the percentages with looks and marketability will drop and it will reach a self limiting balance. Its not fair but its how our society works nowadays. Ultimately I think it will survive but play a limited role without big ppv impact except during short times when the marketability is right. If Cyborg gets back on top, I don’t think she can ever headline a successful ppv.

  • Gary Fredericks

    I just don’t like it for the simply fact that it bores me to watch girls fight. Are they talented? Sure they are, but in the same way I can’t stand basketball (mens or womens), I cannot stand women’s MMA and won’t pay to see it is all. I am PRO Women’s MMA as far as their right to do it though. It’s funny when people think that because you don’t like Women’s MMA that you must be chauvinist or something. Not here. I just think it sucks to watch….even the hot ones.

    • John Bunch

      I can relate to what you are saying, and agree with it in some part…as far as entertainment value being subjective, and everyone having the right to like or not like what they want. But seeing how you do respect “their” right to do it…why even say it sucks? Your qualification does keep you from being viewed as a chauvinist imo, but why hate? Just let the sport grow and ignore it if that’s how you feel. Freedom of speech…I get it. But why not dump on people that derserve it…not people (who happen to be women) who are busting their asses and working like dogs to make a living, and gain some respect? I enjoy watching quality fights…even when the fighters aren’t hot.

      • Timothy Malone

        How can you ignore it? Its the main event of a UFC card. I dont have a problem with women’s mma having its own organization, but I dont want female fighters taking up spots that would have been reserved for the male divisions. The UFC only has so much time and resources.

      • Gary Fredericks

        My opinion is not dumping on anyone as it is just that….MY opinion. Why would I post that you ask, John? Well, it is a discussion area underneath an article on women’s MMA. There are many things that “suck”, when by “suck” I mean it isn’t worth it for me to spend my time and money on it….nothing more nothing less. Few women’s sports pique my interest, and I surmise that I am not alone judging by the popularity and dollars spent and profits earned by most pro women’s sports.Obviously they all (pro women atheletes) have talent, talent of a world class level. That is not my point. My point is just just what I had said, it’s not the same entertainment quality to me is all.

  • Advance*

    They just lack the same explosiveness as men and that makes it less entertaining to me. When you see men in similar weight classes it’s the complete opposite. They’re freakishly fast and athletic. The women move around like heavyweights without any power. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen some scrappy women’s fights that I’ve enjoyed but it’s still hard for me to be invested in it. As for Ronda, there’s no way her fight should be headlining a PPV. Maybe I’d feel differently if it was a top contender and not the “only woman that would take the fight” as Dana claims.

  • shakejunt

    joanne calderwood is one of the ladies who can bring legitimacy to wmma, in or out of the ufc.

  • wejay

    There is a reason Santa claws delivers all the presents. He has the muscle.
    Oh yeah and he is a man too.
    Lets face it mammy claws hasn’t got the physique to do it. “SEXIST”!
    If she tries then there is going to be a lot of unhappy children this year.
    Rutten has all the moves except one – the hand bag defence counter trap.
    And now look what happened to him he is petitioning for mother Christmas to deliver our presents?
    And perfume scented boxing gloves?
    Back in the north pole at least Santa calls the shots.