Don’t Be Scared to Watch the UFC 137 Penn vs. Diaz Trailer, Homie!

October 21, 2011
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  • Astro Zombie

    Blah, I’m not ordering it now but that’s my opinion. I see it as we were going to see that match anyways and the GSP vs condit match but now that it’s been cut, I feel we Are getting cheated on a match and now hyping up a match no one really cares about. (UFC also needs to come to this gay ass state called Kansas.) I mean Im pretty sure that it might rock but I dunno if it’s good enough to make it main event awesome and with 8 days away it’s kinda hard to make that call

    • vegaseric

      Well….don’t get it then!

    • Actually it could be debated that Penn and Diaz is the better fight. Though I myself am most looking forward to Crocop Nelson. I’d like to see Crocop stay around a little longer, and with a more the likely loss this coming weekend it will be fun to see his last fight.

  • What do you mean nobody cares about this matchup… Any true MMA fans mouths are watering for this fight. This is just a big of fight as Hendo-Fedor. For Penn or Diaz it will be a great accolade to defeat the other especially if one finishes the other.

  • trevor

    Well Mr. true MMA FAN this fight sucks!

  • sirreadsalot10

    I respectfully disagree. This is an intriguing match up. Both have excellent, though stylistically different stand up, and both have sick Jits. Diaz is bigger but I think Pen has the edge in skills. I think this is going to be a more exciting main event than the GSP vs Condit match up. Here is how i saw that fight going. Condit is unable to stop GSP from taking him down. GSP stays in guard, avoids submissions, ground and pounds his way to a decision, taking no risks along the way. Pen and Diaz, however, will bring their emotions into the fight, making it a spectacular display of controlled violence. Can’t wait.

  • MikeMc1983

    That’s simply not true of the Gsp/condit fight. Gsp would go to half guard to nullify most submission attempts. Put his head on condits chest, and throw a bunch of baby punches to grind out a decision.
    He rarely takes the chance of staying in guard. It’s all about half guard.
    I will agree that if condit were good enough to keep guard, Gsp would just put his head in his chest (just to make sure hes away from a triangle/armbar,) and throw little punches at him from there. Like Gsp did to penn, or Fitch does. Or what sonnen did to Anderson. Maybe Gsp could make the sonnen mistake, and actually try to posture up to try to actually do damage. I doubt he would though. Gsp hasn’t tried to posture from anyone’s guard that could possiably be a danger in years. So he probably wouldn’t start now. Lol

  • dave2091981

    Anyone who says nobody wants to see this fight most love man humping lay and pray style fights! This fight has fight of the night or knock out of the night written all over it. I got Diaz winning in the second round by referee stoppage.

  • sirreadsalot10

    Your correct about half guard. I should have been more specific, lol. I also agree about him laying his head on Condit’s chest when in full guard. That is actually what I meant about “taking no risks along the way”. I was just trying to be brief.

    For the GSP fans out there, please understand I am not trying to diminish GSP’s greatness because the guy wins fights and there can be no mistake about that. He has basicly found two formulas for victory that work for him. He either employs what MikeMc and I have been discussing, Or he jabs his way to victory like he did in the second Koschek fight.

  • Michaelchimique

    can you blame the man though its his opponents job to beat the champion and nobody comes and fights him. people can say what they want about him but all of his opponents know what will happen and they still can’t avoid being dominated.people talk about this penn vs diaz fight and how they will bring their emotion into it and have violence. those are the same people who bitch and moan about guys like chuck having to retire. gsp is by far the smartest champion he doesn’t fight to have a bloodbath he fights for competition and doesn’t take any unnecessary risks because he doesn’t need to, he actually cares about life after the ufc

    • sirreadsalot10

      I don’t blame GSP for his style. In fact, I admire his discipline to stick to his winning formula. I think he is one of the greatest fighters ever. My point was to those that said the Pen / Diaz fight wouldn’t be a good one and stylistically I think it will be more exciting than GSP / Condit, thats all.

  • MikeMc1983

    I agree that George is very effective with what he does. He doesn’t take risk, he puts himself in whatever place will be the most difficult to lose. Because of that, by default, he wins.
    Chuck, Anderson, penn, jones. Those guys to me do it slightly different. They fight/fought in the least dangerous position in which they can still reasonably expect to finish the fight.
    I think the sport has gone past the “bloodbath” being the only exciting way to fight. The 4 names I listed I don’t think of as “bloodbath” type fighters. They just try to finish fights.
    For example, I thought that the nam Pham/leneord Garcia fight was ridiculous. I was amazed that a guy like Garcia was getting positive attention for dropping his hands and fighting like he was in a bar.
    Gsp isnt far off from the same style as Fitch.
    I will say that when he feels no threat he will attempt to finish. IE Dan hardy.
    Fitch doesn’t seem to even take chances in those spots.

    • sirreadsalot10

      Well said.