Donald Cerrone’s Not Celebrating His Win Over Benson Henderson (Video)

January 19, 2015
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Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone talks about his controversial decision win over friend Benson Henderson, and says he won’t be celebrating.

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  • Ras Martinez

    a hell no he know he lost. He wasn’t even close to winning Don’t know what them judge was seeing. The UFC is getting more more like boxing

    • Daniel Jenkins

      That was a very close fight that could have gone either way.

  • JuanTizmo

    Judges didn’t want to give non-whites a win on Irish night, that’s all.

    • Joshua Indermuehle

      What on earth does that mean? Lol, the Irish are literally the whitest people on EARTH. Though they have been TREATED like dark people on many occasions.

      • JuanTizmo

        Is it really that hard to figure out?

      • KingZeroOfTheDarkRealm

        What’s dark people?

    • mrelectriccity

      only people who factor race into their decisions are racist which are the lowest scums and most pathetic excuse for humans

      • JuanTizmo

        Ha. That’s… that’s some interesting “logic” you got goin on.

      • Gandi

        most people don’t realize they are racists.

  • T

    Besides the BS with Bendo padding his stats with light thigh kicks that did nothing, I think he ultimately did win.

  • No One Cares

    Sorry, but if you want to win the fight, dont leave it up to the judges. i think they both should have lost. maybe with 2 more rounds it could have been better. but with those 3 rounds, there was no winner. so it could have gone either way. next time Henderson should just go big and win with a knockout, not just a bunch of lame leg kicks for points.

    • mrelectriccity

      sure it was close but Benson should’ve won on striking points alone becuase he landed way more shots esp with leg kicks and front shin kicks

    • Jesus

      I think bendo won but your right. Benson cant keep playing it safe. I saw and everyone who watched it with me saw the opening for a finish after that leg kick in the third. Cerrone was wobbled and henderson just didnt pursue. He played it safe and though he could pull the decision. But cerrrone looked awful. He is not an elite mma fighter. Love his attitude but hes not all there.

      • johnas

        not an elite fighter? 7 wins in a row. just took out miles jury in a dominant performance. just split the judges with a recent champion… if cerrone’s not elite, what does that make benson?

        • Jesus

          benson beat cerrone in that fight. he didn’t get the nod. he is even willing to fight again. he even said to sign him up next weekend. give him to nate diaz for another rematch. and he will show you again how mediocre cowboy really is. cowboy was almost knocked out in the third

  • markhopkins435

    that wasn’t the only bad judging done in Boston …..

  • Paul

    I honestly think Cerrone won. Some think he won round 1, I think he won round 2 + 3.

  • Dawija

    Cerrone landed more hits with better combinations. There’s really no question as to if he won…

  • johnas

    i saw it the same way the judges did. I thought benson won round 3, but cerrone eked out rd 1 and secured round 2 with the takedown. benson shouldn’t be pissed; you can’t expect to win a fight by front kicking someone in the thigh a hundred times.

    • InTheColosseumTonight

      The kick Benson was using was to me more like a shove or a eye poking hand (ala Jon Jones) than a strike. I dont think the judges even counted it and I’m glad they didnt. I really do like both fighters, ben is an incredible athlete and Cowboy is a great fighter. Benson looked like he dint want to lose, and Cerrone looked like he fought two weeks ago. Hendo needs to start winning fights(he is after all really good) and stop worrying about losing. Cerrone needs to take a couple months between fights. Cowboy should have clearly won that fight, but instead he won it with an arguable decision. Looked like the old Cowboy :/

  • disqus_hBRBmgMDGT

    You people are idiots. Cereno won because judges were (told) decided that if it went to a decision, give cerone the win. Dana white will not be complaining about this one. He is a lot richer with cerone continuing to ride this win streak. Cerenoe is a major draw. Hendo is not. It’s business, not fighting. If hendo wanted to win this fight, he should have taken cerone down and beaten him up.

  • Dan Martin

    Fight metric had Henderson winning all three rounds.

  • Gary Fredericks

    I thought Cerrone won but barely. More slightly meaningful strikes and the takedown. A draw would have been the better call in my opinion, but if they had to pick a winner, they got it right.