Donald Cerrone Unhappy with UFC 182 Myles Jury Fight: ‘What a Joke’

January 4, 2015
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Donald Cerrone is not a happy cowboy.

After reeling off his sixth consecutive win in the Octagon, Cerrone expressed his displeasure with the way the UFC 182 fight with Myles Jury played out on Saturday night. According to “Cowboy,” the co-main event was a laughable example what a UFC fight is supposed to be.

“What the hell was that? That wasn’t a fight! What a joke, man,” Cerrone exclaimed. “This kid talked a lot of trash about how he was going to come in here and do this and that to Cowboy. He said he was gonna push me for 15 minutes and all he ended up doing was run.

“Those leg kicks at the end were out of sheer frustration. I come here to fight hard for the fans every time and put on an exciting show win, lose, or draw. Jury clearly had no intentions to fight tonight and that’s not what it’s about.”

In the lead-up to the fight, Jury reportedly had some choice words for his UFC 182 opponent. Cerrone is known for never putting on a fight that’s less than exciting, and he wanted to make Jury eat his words. Through close to three rounds, the fight’s excitement level wasn’t high enough for Cerrone. He showed his frustration by throwing heavy leg kicks to a downed Jury in the closing moments of the fight.

Cerrone literally kicked Jury’s butt out of frustration.

“At that point, I was just tunnel vision, thinking murder,” he said. “It was just ‘(expletive) you.’ That’s all I could think.”

With a UFC event coming up in Cerrone’s backyard on Feb. 14, the fighter said he wants to participate in UFC Fight Night 60 in Denver. Getting another paycheck sooner rather than later will make Cerrone a lot happier than he was following Saturday’s bout, but UFC president Dana White wasn’t exactly jumping at the opportunity to put him on the card just under a month and a half away.

“That’s my boy,” White said, acknowledging Cerrone’s routine request to jump into another fight after just finishing one. “We’ll see what happens.”

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  • james j

    Cerrone is the best

  • sociopath

    John FiNch is fighting the UFC in court! jon fiNcth is my hero

  • dandogood

    The Jury verdict is in and Miles sucks.

    • Brandon Davis

      Not really, he’s just not as good as Cerrone. Cowboy is just so friggin good you have to be his level and have his sharp strategy.

    • TheCerealKiller

      His pre fight comment about making good fighters look bad, made me hate him. And he’s from down the street from me! Hazel Park MI

  • George Sperry

    There was nothing wrong with how Jury fought. He simply wasn’t good enough.

  • taylor2008

    Jury did run most of the fight. I agree with Cowboy. Give him the denver fight.

  • uncle

    Cowboy vs Nurmagomedov

    • GSP’s Busted Face

      Nurmagomedov doesnt even fight

  • George Sperry

    I think you’re making some assumptions and I don’t know that I agree with your conclusion.
    Very few fighters stay undefeated long. Cerrone certainly isn’t undefeated. He lost and came back. I assume he learned from his loses as all good fighters do and improved because of the losses.
    I didn’t say Jury was satisfied and I sure haven’t heard him say that either.
    I said he wasn’t good enough, implied isn’t that he never will be, just not good enough last night or at this point in his career.
    He’ll be back.

  • GSP’s Busted Face

    Cowboy vs Melendes

  • shakejunt

    dana probably wants to hold him on the side just in case pettis or dos anjos gets hurt or for if the winner of that isn’t ready for khabib in early summer.