Donald Cerrone Steps In to Fight Benson Henderson at UFC Boston

January 5, 2015
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Donald Cerrone said he wouldn’t leave Las Vegas until the UFC booked him another fight. Well, less than 48 hours removed from defeating Myles Jury in the UFC 182 co-main event on Saturday night, “Cowboy” has another fight.

Cerrone has agreed to return to the Octagon in two weeks. He’ll replace Eddie Alvarez, who was supposed to fight Benson Henderson at UFC Fight Night 59 on Jan. 18 in Boston.

UFC president Dana White announced the move Monday via Instagram. Another UFC official later told that Alvarez pulled out of the fight due to personal issues.

BHendersonCerroneWEC43_5562-750The fight is one that Cerrone has wanted for quite some time, as he has twice lost to Henderson in the past, both times under the WEC banner. They once fought with the interim WEC lightweight championship up for grabs and the other time while Henderson held the full WEC lightweight championship.

Henderson (21-4) was working his way back to a shot at the UFC lightweight title that he lost to Anthony Pettis in 2013, until he met Rafael dos Anjos last August. In the bout, dos Anjos knocked the former titleholder out in the first round, giving Henderson his second loss in two years. This will be his first bout since losing to dos Anjos, who is the next challenger for Pettis.

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With the recent win over Jury, Cerrone (26-6, 1 NC) is on a six-fight winning streak. Like Henderson, however, his last defeat was to dos Anjos.

Henderson vs. Cerrone will serve as the co-main event to the UFC Fight Night 59 headliner that features Conor McGregor vs. Dennis Siver at the TD Garden.

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  • Darin

    Much respect to Cerrone for this. Taking a fight on super short notice against a guy you lost badly to takes balls. Bendo has been on the way down lately, and Cerrone moving up. Cerrone has more to lose here than Bendo I think.

  • TheCerealKiller

    Love it! War Cowboy!

  • Ira Weinberg

    It’s a good thing this dumb hayseed can’t hang onto a buck. We get to see him fight all the time. What a stupid hick but still a fun fighter to watch.

    • truth hurts

      That is actually just a persona. He comes from a very wealthy family in Colorado. Both his parents are Doctors and his Grandfather was very wealthy too. Hes kind of like a BJ when it comes to fighting, more for the love and not the money.

  • Ron Wheeler

    Cowboy is OK against up-and-comers. He loses the plot a against seasoned professionals, so see a third loss to Bendo coming up.

    • UFC

      He did good against Alvarez and if Alvarez won I bet Alvarez would have been given a title shot.

    • shakejunt

      yeah all these new jacks like jeremy stephens, guillard, dunham, siver, varner, jim miller, and alvarez, right?

    • cheflacsto

      Miller is an extremely tough durable fighter always ranked in the top ten and Cowboy destroyed him, along with Alvarez. Two very seasoned fighters. Everyone loses so I am not saying he will beat Benson but the fight will be a lot more entertaining if Cowboy wins, otherwise you are going to have Benson winning a boring split decision more than likely.

  • Seth

    That’s why he will be remembered by his fans and that’s exactly why UFC likes him. He truly fights anyone, anytime, anywhere 🙂 WAR COWBOY!!

  • snapdad

    bendo via dry hump. but i’ll be rooting for the cowboy all the way.

  • cheflacsto

    Love this fight but I am sure Benson is going to stay away from Cowboy’s striking, take him down and lay on top of him. I agree with snapdad on this one, but I hope cowboy knocks him out.

    • shakejunt

      it’s gonna look like the jury fight with ben doing his best kalib starnes impression.

  • dandogood

    Cerrone is just a great talent No BS just all fighter. No gimmicks No flash just a warrior. Not great but a credit to the UFC.

    • shakejunt

      he might not be “elite,” but i’d absolutely say he’s great. one of the few guys to go on multiple 5+ fight win streaks under zuffa plus 14 post-fight bonuses in wec/ufc.

    • OGUgly

      You two Dandogood + Shakejunt are freaking crazy to say that Cerrone is not an “Elite” fighter. Even from his WEC days if you know anything about striking you could see that Donald had and still has world class technique. I’ll say this; Watch a Cerrone fight and pay attention to his kicks. Watch for instance the Jim Miller KO replay. You know you are looking at a man who has drilled kicks emphasizing technique for countless hours when a guy cannot even help but execute all four chambers of a kick, even after a man is falling down prey in front of him.

      • OGUgly

        Anyone versed in striking technique that is worth their weight in salt would agree that Cerrone is very Elite.

  • shakejunt

    really a must-win for both guys. lot on the line for ben and cowboy’s momentum is at risk. he’s a crazy person for taking the fight on such short notice, but that’s why we love him.

  • mmalive

    Cowboy is gonna take this one. Donald has evolved much more from the WEC days. Benson is very lucky in his wins. Edgar, Melendez, are perfect examples of his lucky streak. Pettis is the ONLY man to put a stamp on BEATING Henderson ala ” showtime kick and arm bar submission.

    Benson will see defeat in this one. Pettis exposed Smooth’s weakness to leg and body kicks. those wore Henderson down. Cerrone is well known for muay thai kicks and in the clinch.

  • John Youwer

    You have to love Cerrone for his heart. The guy is always entertaining to watch fight. See him winning this one as well.