Dominick Cruz Suffers Another ACL Injury, Out Indefinitely

December 22, 2014
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Having recently returned from nearly three years out of the Octagon, former UFC bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz has suffered another anterior cruciate ligament injury.

Cruz revealed the injury on Monday via his Facebook page.

“It is with great sadness to report I have experienced another ACL injury,” he wrote. “This time it’s in the right knee, opposite side of my first and second ACL injuries.”

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Dominick CruzCruz suffered his first ACL injury after having coached opposite Urijah Faber on The Ultimate Fighter and then preparing to fight a rubber match, having split their first two fights with a victory apiece.

The first surgery on his left knee failed, so he had to undergo a second procedure. Although the second procedure was successful, Cruz then suffered a torn groin during training and was sidelined again.

After being sidelined for so long, Cruz had to relinquish his belt.

He finally returned at UFC 178 in September, where he knocked out Takeya Mizugaki. That victory set up a chance to face current 135-pound champ TJ Dillashaw to try and win back the belt that he never lost in the Octagon.

Although Cruz says he has been careful to avoid injury, having suffered this latest setback and giving no timetable for a return has set him on a path with a foggy destination.

“Leading up to my last fight in September and after, I have practiced a very careful and methodical training and diet regime to keep my body healthy. Unfortunately, this is beyond my understanding and control,” said Cruz.

“I don’t have a timetable for my return but trust and know I will pour my heart and soul into returning to the Octagon. I want to thank the UFC, my fans and my sponsors ahead of time for your support and prayers. I appreciate you more than you could understand.”

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With Cruz once again out of action, the door could be open for Renan Barao, who defeated Mitch Gagnon over the weekend, to get a shot at Dillashaw to try and earn back the belt that he held in Cruz’s absence.

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  • TheCerealKiller

    Great, another quick rematch. Barao had nothing for Dillashaw, he should have to get another win to earn another shot.

    • johnnywrong

      Dillashaw had a great night when they first fought, for sure, but he didn’t look so hot against Soto, did he? Barao’s getting that belt back.

      • TheCerealKiller

        They don’t ask how, they ask how many.

        • Stephen seeley

          honestly… did barao look that great against a #15 guy who was practicly begging to be tapped out in the end due to his own exaustion?

          • Darin

            Nope. TJ will make him look like he’s moving in slow motion again, and then he will have to wait for a real challenger. Dom is the best at BW, but until his body works TJ will hold the spot.

      • uncle

        You have to remember Soto was short notice.And still finished him

      • Darin

        Are you saying TJ has gotten worse since demolishing Barao? He fought cautiously against Soto because he wasn’t familiar with him and didn’t train to fight him. The guy he trained for was a no show. Barao wasn’t looking so hot that night either…..

  • Seth

    Maybe its time to retire? :/ I know it sucks, because he’s really awesome fighter…but if he can’t stay healthy, what’s the point? If he keeps damaging his body it will only bring him down more and more :/

  • Thomas

    Adios Dominick. Time go be a Broadcastor…

  • Sarge

    I see a new career in wheelchair basketball for the dominator

  • Glamo

    This is devastating news! Always one of my favorite fighters, one of the sharpest thinkers in the sport too and could of historically gone down as a p4p goat. If I have a claim to fame it was to be ringside to watch him win the Bantamweight World Championship…. heart breaks for the fella.
    I’m sure TJ Dillashaw and the Alpha male team are truly upset for his luck but after his return performance deep down they know they just dodged a bullet

  • Sarge

    this guy just can’t seem to catch a break!

  • Tom Oosterbroek

    This actually bummed me out way more than it ought to. Poor guy.

  • Travis Arens

    He’s widely regarded as a chronic over-trainer. He needs to learn that there’s a point of diminishing returns. More isn’t always better if you don’t get enough rest and recovery.

    • deepgrim

      watched him train a month before his comeback fight, i have never scene anything like it before! having said that you could see how he could injure himself, he works very hard on the footwork and movement and all them twists and turns are going to be hard on the joints. was really hoping he would have a good run this time

    • May the Lord Jesus christ give justice to you for your rude comments.may jesus christ reveal himself to you so you may escape the dark depravity that you are in.You need to save your soul and stop letting satan force you to treat people bad on other disqus topics.

  • MikeMcK83

    So he’s as fragile as his high school cheerleader weight would suggest… Shocker…
    Too bad the rest of those grade school weight classes are not as injury prone, so we wouldn’t be stuck with so much filler.

    • Matte

      Do you like trucks? And guns? And got a huge belly?

      • MikeMcK83

        I guess I don’t dislike trucks… (Seems like an odd thing to dislike)
        I don’t really care about guns one way or another.
        I suppose I do have a large belly. Whether it’s “huge” or not is up for interpretation. I’ve had a few different body parts called huge, but not my belly.
        If you’re asking because you confused this site with eharmony pick which ever answers turn you off please.
        Let me take a guess at you though.
        Do you often find yourself driving your Prius in the fast lane, shaking your fist at all the cars passing you because they’re tired of going 45mph, and having to look at your “save the rainforest”, “save a horse ride a cowboy,” and rainbow flag bumper stickers?

      • Gary Fredericks

        Hey now Matte! I love trucks, guns, and have a respectably ample belly this time of year but still feel bad for a GREAT MMA fighter named Dominick Cruz!

    • Darin

      Fortunately we have people that lack both intelligence as well as athletic prowess to provide filler at the bottom of mmaweekly pieces.

    • MikeMcK83

      What a clever little post. Too bad you chose silly insults. Is it your argument that anyone who would suggest that grown men who are at an elite physical level, may end up more fragile when they regularly deplete their body of water and who knows what else just so they can have the weight of your average sophomore in high school, is just unintelligent?
      Or is it just that I referred to those matches as filler?
      I loved the sport of football since I first played it as a child. If the nfl started showing high school games under the nfl banner I would call it filler as well. All weight classes are a form of handicapping. It’s funny to see where people draw the line. If they made a division that only allowed fighters with 1 arm and 1 leg and an iq below 60 there would be a ton of people uninterested. They would likely say that it’s just not the sport at the highest level. That’s a crazy division but you even have those that hate the women’s divisions but don’t see it as the same type of handicapping as weight divisions.
      Every weight division you go down, the farther you are from the elite. I’m sorry that I’m unintelligent because I consider 5 handicap levels below the elite filler.

  • Stephen seeley

    howd he injure it this time… waving his arm and making stupid faces to the camera the other night at the ufc event?

  • I watch UFC in HD and SD, SMD

    This little sissy should retire. One fight in three years and injured again is a joke.

    • Bob

      Are you THAT stupid? This guys deserves nothing but respect, he is a true warrrior and now he has to face the greatest fight in his mind to not fall into despair. Go Cruz!!!

    • mmalive

      What have you been SMOKING or SNIFFING?

      You are in LA LA land DUMMY!!!

      For a guy who was out for 3 years Cruz SMASHED current contender Mizusaki EASY!!!

      Dominick is a REAL CHAMPION and warrior.

      He just had a string of bad luck.

      A healthy Cruz would be hard to beat.

  • Gary Fredericks

    How sad. Cruz is the best fighter that never got the chance to really show it. Man, what could have been! I think retirement is coming for Dom….and that SUCKS because he is an awesome fighter that brings it.

  • sintheticreality2

    Jesus Christ, this guy. Really sucks that he keeps suffering these setbacks. He may have to just call it quits.