Dominick Cruz: Ronda Rousey’s Situation is ‘Heartbreaking’

(Courtesy of UFC)

Former UFC bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz was recently a guest on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, where he and Rogan went into detail about the mental hurdles that a fighter encounters, particularly fighters that attain the highest levels of success.

Cruz is no stranger to the category, having ruled the bantamweight division for years, struggling through injuries and comebacks, before losing his belt to Cody Garbrandt. Another fighter that is keenly aware of the struggles of success is Ronda Rousey, whom Cruz addressed with a fair amount of empathy.

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  1. The Ronda thing is not heartbreaking. She the classic example of not evolving. Her #1 strength was intimidation, and nobody is intimidated by her anymore. If she doesn’t evolve, she needs to go bubye.

    • Exactly, as soon as she had no matter spoon-fed cans fed to her by daddy Dana, she folded like a cheap suit. Good riddance. Worst fall in professional sports history.

      • Not even close. That accolade belongs to Lance Armstrong. Nobody will ever come close to topping him.

        • She beats Armstrong.

          1. Cycling is irrelevant. It’s a few steps below golf and a couple steps above bowling.

          2. He was at the top of his game because he cheated. They took all his titles away and technically he never really won anything. He went from nothing to nothing.

          Ronda was a LEGIT undefeated champ who destroyed everyone. She went from an A+ fighter in here class to a D, overnight.

          • No, she does not.

            Relevancy of the sport is what’s irrelevant.

            Exactly. His was an actual fall. The sport simply left Ronda behind. In other words, no fall.

            Enough with the hyperbole. I can count the number of people who can beat Ronda in 1 hand. 2 of them we already know, and Shevchenko is the other. Nobody else in the women’s BW division is beating Ronda.

          • LMAO. And I can count all the people she CAN beat on a couple fingers. The only ones she can beat now are the people who are unable to fight off an armbar. Her one trick pony was exposed.

          • LMFAO…thanks for making my point.

          • 12 straight wins and 6 title defences. That doesnt suddenly become erased because she lost. No matter how much u want it to.

          • 12 straight wins against cans. 2 decimations and embarrassments against real fighters. None of your pathetic fan boy responses can erase the exposed videos of her lats two fights. None.

          • 3 losses in a row in 2 different weight classes. Nothing you post will ever erase that embarrassment. Go and delete your account then start a new one and troll me again moron 🙂

          • Yeah…I wouldn’t go so far as calling Holly a, “real fighter”, immediately after calling everybody who Ronda’s beat, “cans”.

          • All the RR haters said HH would rule the division and set the bar and retire undefeated blah blah blah……
            3 straight losses across 2 divisions. Her 1 trick has been exposed.
            RR went 12 straight with 6 defences. Anyone else touch that? Nope and no one ever will…….

          • So Armstrong was only dominant because he cheated? lol.

          • And Brady was only great because he deflated footballs?

        • Tiger Woods is a contender in this race

          • Yes, but we seem to be much more forgiving of serial adulterers than we are of PED users. I know I am.

        • True, but if you think Honda was not on steroids, just check her transformation up to when the USADA took over and after. Very apparent.

          • And yet you adore a ped using she male with video and picture proof from her so called fight (LMAO) against pennington.
            Making up lies and fairytales to try hopelessly to demean another is laughable at best.
            You’re the best excuse for a joke ever!!!!!

          • Weak argument since it can be applied to EVERY single one of them.

      • Funny how all of a sudden everyone Ronda’s ever beaten are considered as cans. Cat Zingano was undefeated and had destroyed everyone in her path, including current champ Amanda Nunes. Sara McMann was undefeated. Bethe Correia was undefeated. Alexis Davis had won five in a row. Miesha Tate, well, she’s Miesha Tate. But now that Ronda isn’t the champ anymore, “she’s been exposed”, “she never had to face real competition”, and so on.

        • Jess F is a known RR hater so expect nothing but BS and jealous garbage.

          • No, I don’t like her or hate her. You are pathetic though. A fully grown man defending a toxic personality like she was Moses. You a truly pathetic. Go look at your signed and unsigned picture of her again. Get a job.

          • Pull your head out of your hero’s azz. Only a spastic would follow a ped using she-male. 3 losses in a row and 0 title defences LMAO!!!!
            You and her have 2 things in common. You both suck and are both ret@rds. Go create a new account to troll me again neanderthal

        • cat definitely wasn’t a can, and mc mann had a bit of potential, but alexis davis was average, bethe correira was average too, so slow, the thing was that most of them were grapplers and ronda was a better grappler than all of them, so they never had much of a chance against ronda, it was always going to take a striker that could defend a takedown from the clinch to beat her. If she could add a few wrestling styled takedowns and a worry more about avoiding punches on the feet rather than landing them, she could prosper again, but i don’t think it will happen

          • Yeah, her last fight where she was beaten like an old woman proves your point.

          • That describes all of your hero’s humilations!!!!
            3 straight in 2 different weight classes with more to come

      • 12 straight wins and 6 title defences. Better than HH thays for sure as she has the worst fall from grace in the history of humanity. Right up there with your utter uselessness.
        Get a clue simpleton

  2. The only heartbreaking thing is her not realising how awful Edmund is as a coach. I will always wonder how good she could of been if she was training, for example, where amanda and joanna are.
    Still, there will be no other chick that will achieve what she did anyway…..

    • Oh Jamie, you completely brainwashed and clueless Aussie kangaroo humper. Her legacy is quite simple – a bully that got the hype beaten out of her twice and ran into hiding, twice. She will always be remembered as a fake paper champ, no matter how sad your pathetic fanboy comments get.

      • You’re a mess jess. Kill yourself. RR achieved more last night than u and your entire inbred aids infected family will in multiple lifetimes.
        Truth hurts again c u n tface….

        • You’re a grade A Troll for real.

          • Well considering jess posted all its garbage at me I would say you are 100% wrong

      • What a joke u are!!!! Created an account just to troll me and to find out where I live hahahahaha!!!!!
        I love rearranging what little brain matter useless cu n ts like you have..
        Poor clueless jess whose insignificant life is a mess lol!!!!!

      • Ok you really need to know what “paper champ” means before you start throwing it around, dummy

        • Well said Usmc….:)

          • Of course you think “it is well said” because you agree with the one other moron that agrees with you. Pathetic.

          • Amazing you can tyoe with your dads cok shoved down your throat. Most posters can see what an imbecilic waste of life you are. Too bad you’re too f@cken stupid to notice

      • Oh jess u really are a mentally ret@rded spastic who has been left traumatized and crushed by her success. Its not her fault you were raised in an inbred family and achieved nothing in life other than being able to breathe with ya dads cok shoved down ya throat. Probably had ya butt kicked by an ozzy too so that explains your other issue as well imbecile. Achieve what RR did and then I will acknowledge you are mildly relevant. Until then, who da f–k are you ???

  3. A lot of truth in what they are saying and there are a lot of decent fighters that had mediocre managers who did not do right for and by the fighters and Rousey taking time off like she did and they allowing it was a huge mistake. Also when it’s you and your opponent in the ring then it comes down to not just physical ability but also your mental ability a lot of times and everything is reduced to knowing who is the better fighter at that point. It does not matter what you did in the past; it does not matter if you made some coin being in some movies; there is nothing left except for it to be established who is the better fighter and will win. Things are reduced to that but beforehand there is so much that goes into preparing you and making you ready and you can’t be doing things other than that.

  4. I suppose there are reasons to have sympathy for ronda rousy,
    but I just dont find myself interested in going to far out of the way to do it because ever since I’ve been aware of her since back in the Strikeforce days she’s always seemed like a b1tch

    And not in that way where some women can be kinda b1tchy and its kind of cute because its a little bit of an act, just a genuinely unlikable b1tch

    • She is just way to entitled. To me she always has this look of “how dare you” to the world.

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  6. Rousey was an arrogant jerk before she lost and nothing has changed. You would like to think she would learn something about humility and sportsmanship, but NOooooo, not her. Good riddance.

    • Ronda showed good sporsmanship multiple times when she was champion. She was humble after her loss to Holly, so she did learn something. She even touched gloves with Amanda Nunes, I thought that was goodsporsmanship if I recall but I see you’re blinded by your serious hate for her so you’re just going to keep saying she didn’t learn anything about humility and sporsmanship.

      • Well said…..:)

        • Sure it was. Is that is your Ronda DVD collection? Did you watch it again last night? Aussie moron.

          • Inbred yank….
            Truth hurts doesnt it simpleton….

        • Exactly, these haters know they seen Ronda hug Cat but they act like they didn’t see it and swear that Ronda has never showed good sportsmanship. This is how you know they are really haters.

      • She was semi-unconcisous after her loss, get a clue. She didn’t know where she was.

        • Youve been fully clueless and ret@rded since birth. Your a fully grown SOMETHING whi acts like a spoilt 5 year old who got the wrong present. You also have an IQ to match.
          Go snuggle up to your brother like you love doing inbred 🙂

        • And your comment don’t change the fact that she touched gloves with Amanda Nunes right before the fight which IS good sportsmanship you idiot. How about you get a clue dummy.

          • There would be piles of horse manure with more intelligence than “jess the mental mess”

  7. This article: “Dominick Cruz talked about Ronda Rousey on Joe Rogan’s podcast.”

    You don’t have to be the New York Times, but how about telling us the substance of WTF he said?

    • Haha, I know right?! At least give some clue of what he was talking about.

  8. thank you HOLLLY HOLMS by EXPOSING the BIGGEST ONE TRICK PHONY in the history of sports CHUNKY RONDA ROUSEY…
    and thank you AMANDA NUNESS TOO by having a PERFECT PRACTICE and have CHUNKY RONDA ONE TRICK PONY ROUSEY and using her FACE as PUNCHING BAG and pretty much sending her into RETIREMENT..

    and so much for that MATCH with FLOYD MAYWEATHER since she really believe along with her SECRET BOYFRIEND PIMP DANA WHITE she could beat FLOYD MAYWEATHER in a FIGHT or BOXING MATCH.

    • Here you have one of mma fans favorite UFC fighters empathizing with what happened to Ronda and here we have haters like you in the comments that have to be negative and talk trash about her smh. Your comment is immature, looks as if you’re 14 based on your comment. Grow up smh.

      • Agreed….

        • And you think a fully grown man worshipping a toxic person like Ronda is better? It is the epitome of insecurity, stupidity, and immaturity.

          Go watch her DVD collection again, pathetic.

          • Still squatting your mom’s strapon inbred? Your washed up over the hill overhyped overrated hag has a career as does every woman in the UFC. Stick those facts up your disease riddled azz loser

    • Whats with the overuse of the caps lock? Just makes you appear to be having a hissyfit and a temper tantrum

      • Go hump a koala you moron. You’re such a pathetic fanboy you make Australia look like an island of morons. Her legacy is a fake, paper champ, loser in hiding.
        Cryptic memes? She need to grow up, as do you.

        For God’s sake YOU ARE A GROWN MAN.

        • Go fist your uncle you inbred. Love how your hero’s cataclysmic collapse from the penthouse to the sh!thouse has left you a bitter and brainless douchebag. 3 losses in a row in 2 different weight classes whike RR went 12 straight wins and 6 title defences while your fake 5 minute paperchamp couldnt even defend once hahahahahahaha!!!!
          Back under your rock grub….

  9. I like Dom. Sounds like a smart guy who knows his stuff

  10. very cool, Dom is a pleasure to listen to. he is very insightful, very intelligent.

  11. Ronda is a millionaire no one needs to feel sorry for her lol I just wish she fought Cyborg he he he.

  12. Heartbreaking? She earned and deserves the situations she’s in now. Olympic medalist that seduced Dana into creating a division just for her. She dominated, but failed miserably to keep up with the competition. She treated people like dirt. Put on a UFC supported, phony act to generate millions for the UFC and herself. Smart? Maybe, but she rose to an alleged superstar status and couldn’t handle defeat let alone her stardom. Rumor has it that she’s staying in the UFC. If so, she needs to start on the bottom and earn the status she once had just like every other fighter in the sport. I predict another dismal failure of an attempt to be great again. Can’t wait to see it happen.

    • She won a FOURTH place bronze medal in Judo. This is a fact, look it up. Judo is the only Olympic sport that gives you a bronze for finishing fourth. She is a sham from start to finish.

      • Well she achieved more than you so that makes it all worthwhile. Nothing you post will ever erase that fact….
        Get a life azzclown 🙂

    • I hope she stays in the UFC, I enjoy watching her get her ass kicked.

  13. Its not heartbreaking. She would never have envisioned being as successful as she has become. Movies, books, money, fame, awards, and the list goes on. She has done well for herself and can reap the benefits of the work she put in now. 30 year old multimillionaire with the world at her feet. She’ll be just fine as will womens mma. It already is doing good without her….

    • All the money in the world simply does not fix mental issues.

      • And you would know all about mental issues. Deleting account, starting new ones just to troll me!!!!
        Shows just how f uc ked in the head you are. Go fondle your holly blowup idiot then kill yourself…
        3 losses in a row in 2 different weight classes b!tch hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!

  14. Misery loves company, that is all. Cruz was embarrassed in his last fight just like Lousey was. Honda bragged like never seen in pro sports ever and was demolished twice. Please come back and get another dose of real fighters. But daddy Dana will give her a can and declare her the best ever. Just go away.

    • Still hung up on Ronda hey dumbazz? Thats all you do is troll mma threads demeaning a person who achieved more last night than your inbred azz ever will. Ya hero has lost 3 straight in 2 different weight classes with more to come.
      Go delete your account again then start a new one JUST to troll me….
      You really are mentally ret@rded

  15. You defending how she acted towards everyone during her fake reign speaks volumes. Grow tf up smh.

    • 12 and 6 imbecile. Nithing you post will erase those facts. Run back to your mommy and cry to her about your jealousy issues moron

    • She showed most of her opponents respect. Hey, Ronda has said some bad things to Holly but no one in this would is perfect, not even you but I can say this at least, the good that Ronda has done definitely out weighs the bad!, and Holly isn’t holding any grudges towards Ronda like you losers are. Ronda has shown respect to Liz Carmouche, Sara Mcmann, Alexis Davis, Cat Zingano, and Amanda Nunes. Grow up Jess and get that hate out your blood.

      • Well said bro. Jess is clearly mentally disturbed by RR’s success

    • Your obsession of someone you hate says it all about your absence of any rationality
      Get a life douche

  16. Great article. Dom speaks the truth. People like him actually have knowledge unlike 400 pound welfare leeching losers like “jess the mentally ret@rded mess”
    The cute yellow face next to “its” name is almost poetic as it paints a lovely and truthful image of “its” imbecilic intellect.

  17. Let’s hope Ronda comes back. She seems a very decent person if she has time for DAPL.

  18. Shes the best ever. All smart people know this