Dominick Cruz Not Hyped About Urijah Faber Rivalry, but Ready to Coach TUF

March 9, 2012
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Dominick Cruz and Urijah FaberYou and your friends might be hyped about the rivalry between Dominick Cruz and Urijah Faber, but the UFC bantamweight champ doesn’t share your enthusiasm.

There’s nothing to get excited about when considering Faber, according to Cruz.

“I was never hyped up about the rivalry,” Cruz told MMAWeekly Radio. “Nobody gets hyped up about not liking somebody. Either you like somebody or you don’t.”

Despite the history between the champ and his mortal enemy from Team Alpha Male, Cruz feels there’s no reason to get excited other than being able to defend his title. The fact that Faber is the one challenging for it makes no difference.

There’s no secret the two 135-pound fighters don’t like each other. Their trash talk has circulated in the media as much as any two fighters in recent memory. Once the two coach The Ultimate Fighter Live, the trash talk will continue.

This time it’ll be face-to-face banter, every day.

“I (going to) see him every single day and I have to deal with him,” Cruz said in anticipation of the upcoming TUF season on the FX network. “I’m going to talk crap to him, and he’s going to talk crap to me.”

Cruz will defend his bantamweight title against Faber for the second time on July 7 at UFC 148 in Las Vegas. The reality show will intertwine with Cruz’s camp in preparation for the fight, and the champ scheduled his time accordingly to allow for little distraction.

Cruz will get what he calls his “me time” to prepare for Faber when he’s not coaching.

“After the show, we’re going to have time where it’s just ‘me time’ (and) I just focus on my own camp,” he said. “I should have at least eight weeks, which is plenty of time to get ready for a five-round fight.

“It’s about teaching (the fighters), giving them everything I’ve got, and at the end of the day I can also get my workouts in.”

Coaching will be a challenge to the bantamweight champion, and challenges aren’t easy to overcome. But that’s fine, Cruz said. Challenges aren’t supposed to be simple.

Bring on the coach’s clipboard. Cruz is ready.

“It’s going to be a challenge,” he said, “but if it wasn’t challenging everyone would do it.”

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    Dominck “Hit and Run” Cruz is the only UFC champ I will NEVER pay to see “fight”

    He has NO INTENTION WHATSOEVER of finishing any fight, he just wants to dance. BOOO.

    • opposition13

      I agree, but Faber is the same way. So they are made for each other.

  • Well I dont see this rematch turning out any differently for Urijah. Will be interesting to see what Faber decides to do with his career after he loses.

    • opposition13

      He could try the women’s class….he might just get lucky…

  • That’s funny, I’m never excited about watching the Decisionator fight. Yes he’ll dance around for the requisite number of rounds and probably win on POINTS. The losers are fans sticking around in hopes something will happen.

  • gnodeb

    There is no reason to complain. There are two fighters in cage. Who cares Cruz can not finish fight. We have Faber, he will finish him… oh wait… he can not…

  • KBEsq

    I think this fight is totally worth watching. I agree that Cruz is a point fighter, and I don’t really care to see him just for him, but I think Faber did pretty well against him in their first fight, and he knows what to expect.

    Faber knows what’s going to happen this time, and he can train for it. That’s exciting to me, because I think there is a good chance that Faber can grab a hold of Cruz and do some damage. It would be awesome to see Cruz get knocked out.

  • MikeMc1983

    Cruz is a striker at 135 lbs. if he tried to finish fights standing in that weight class he’d be going against physics. Don’t hate on the guy for winning the only way he can. Hate on the UFC for having a weight class that should be for women, of jr high kids.

    • TandmWarElephant

      I agree with the first part of your comment, I actually believe their title fight was a really entertaining fight… To be honest if there is a fight no matter how it does, if you don’t enjoy it you aren’t a true fan… Every fight has its own characteristics and techniques shown theres no such thing a a boring fight if you actually know what your watching which apparently the majority of people here don’t know…

    • “Hate on the UFC for having a weight class that should be for women, of jr high kids.” – MikeMc1983

      Will do.

      Down with midgetweights in the UFC.

      If you can’t ride space mountain there should be no UFC division for you.

  • Dave

    as long as there is a point system fighters will fight to the system. it would be interesting to put fighters in the cage and when the clock starts they fight until Sub,KO,Tap. no rounds, no judges, just the ref and the two fighters knowing they have to win or quit to get out, not manage to “not lose for 15 minutes” just a thought..

  • mmachoman

    Come on, guys. Cruz is a GREAT, technical striker.
    What should he do instead, just stand still in front of the opponent and get hit?

    Demetrious Johnson proved that it’s possible to catch him. It’s not the champ’s fault that most guys can’t keep up. That’s why he’s the champ.

    • “I’m going to BEAT HIM DOWN in the fight” – Cruz

      No, Cruz is going to hit and run, we all know that.

      So if he is going to talk like he is going to “Beat people down” then consistently get in the ring and fight purely for points, then he has opened the door for criticism by lying to the fans.

      and it is the Champ’s fault that he is the most unliked champion in the UFC and the weakest draw. Just calling a spade a spade.“after-i-smoke-him-in-the-coaching-aspect-i’m-going-to-beat-him-down-in-the-fight-come-july-”/

    • KBEsq

      I do think Cruz should get more credit than some of his haters give him. I mean, he’s gotten the victory on some pretty tough competition and you can’t just run away and win against guys like Faber, Benevidas and Jorgenson w/o some skill. However, I think he should be given less credit than his most ardent fans give him.

      I don’t think he should be praised for fighting the way he does. I like to say that if everyone fought like Cruz, Fitch, Shields, Sherk, Woodley, etc., there wouldn’t be a UFC and there would be no fans – that’s a fact.

      I like the way Faber put it when they were arguing on the UFC Insider – Faber said to Cruz: “No one would be afraid of you on the street after watching that fight; what are you gonna do? Decision them up?” lol

  • alhmiel

    Has the wee tiny midget shrimp Faber ever won a big fight?? little one talks a good fight but always loses. what’s the appeal on Faber. He should be dancing on the yellow brick road to OZ the little munchkin.

  • maddawgmar

    Well the reason Cruz is a “hit and run” style is he would lose if he went balls to the wall on someone. i.e. Getting choked out by Faber in their first fight. In my opinion this fight’s pace is going to be decided by Faber. Is he gonna try to take him down and submit or is he gonna try to strike. We’ll see

  • alhmiel

    The wee miny man Faber is an overrated hype job not much more than a school boy sized 5th grader. faber doesn’t ever win a big fight. all mouth little action.

  • opposition13

    UFC should have stuck with its prior weight classes…….all these new fighters are boring and destroying the reputation of the UFC