Dominick Cruz, ‘I Only Know One Way to Fight’ (UFC 178 Video)

September 25, 2014
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Former UFC bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz talks to the press about the long process of recovery, which cost him his belt, and his upcoming fight against Takeya Mizugaki at UFC 178.

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  • kale

    He’s done

  • badboyzbackbaby

    This opens the door for an mma hall of fame

    Cro Cop
    Frank Shamrock
    Big Nog
    Igor Vocyanchin (sorry for the misspell)
    Jeremy Horn
    Pedro Rizzo
    Heath Herring
    Guy Mezger
    Jake Shields
    Mayhem Miller
    Gina Carano
    Don Frye
    Tank Abbot

    And so many more fighters throughout the young history of mma are deserving if not as pioneers but just for the sheer work and dedication they put into entertaining all of us over the years. Some of these guys will never get into the ufc hof for various reasons, but all of these men have put just as much if not more into this sport than any of the great champions ever did.
    Respect is earned and maybe these guys have checkered pasts but Rico is a former ufc Hw champ of the world

    Tank brought the mma glove to mma, point is all of these guys have a place in this sports hall of fame and someone should give these guys the final pay out for the years of pain they sacrificed so we could watch two badass dudes fight in a cage.

    • kale

      I can disagree with a few of those names but who cares its your opinion.. rickson gracie should definitely be on the top 5 of everyones HOF roster i think. They should throw Bruce lee in the ufc HOF since they made money of him by putting him in the game