Doctors Shoot Down Cris Cyborg From Attempting Cut to 135lbs; UFC Future in Jeopardy?

November 13, 2012
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Cris "Cyborg" SantosIf Cris “Cyborg” Santos and Ronda Rousey ever meet in the UFC, it will have to be at 145lbs or it won’t be happening at all.

Santos met with her doctors recently including a visit to the cardiologist to see about a possible move down to 135lbs, so that she could eventually and hopefully meet Rousey inside the cage to settle their long standing differences.

Members of Cris Cyborg’s camp confirmed to on Tuesday that she visited with her heart doctor and was told that a cut to 135lbs would just not be safe based on her personal physical health. Her cardiologist stated emphatically that he would not sign off on a move down a weight class based on her current health.

The dangers to her body could also prohibit Santos from carrying a child later in life, and according to her camp, that was a risk the former Strikeforce champion was unwilling to make for any fight.

Santos’ walking around weight currently hovers around 160lbs and the 25lb cut would just be too much for her body according to her doctors.

Santos is currently still sitting out awaiting the time in which she can re-apply for a fight license after being suspended for a year following a positive test for a banned substance in California. When she is eligible to return, the question now remains where she will fight at and who will it be against?

The most logical fight for Santos would be a match-up with Rousey in the UFC, if both ladies are moved over to the promotion.

The only problem is it now appears the UFC will only be focusing on the women’s bantamweight division at 135lbs where Rousey currently competes.

If only the 135lb fighters are brought over, that could leave Santos without a home to fight in under the Zuffa umbrella, and a super fight with Rousey off the table.

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  • tom

    If santos would get off the juice, she could easily make 135. Most doctors would say anyone in the ufc should not cut weight. ex. anderson silva going from 210plus cutting to 185 is unhealthy, if you ask a medical doctor! If cyborg wants to stay on the testosterone than she should fight the men not rousey.

    • Hey clueless, the “juice” she was taking doesn’t build muscle mass. She got popped for Winstol, which actually suppresses Testosterone. You should know what you’re talking about before opening you mouth.

      • WICKED

        Hey moron, Winstrol is used after bulking up with the help of other steroids. It helps cut weight while preserving the muscle gained. And why would she need to suppress testosterone? Hmmm……

        LOL at you.

  • RonDiaz209

    Just show her the money. Seriously show her how much more she will earn in the UFC as compared to Strikeforce or any other promotion. Last but not least show her how her sponsorship money will go up too.

    Biggest fight of her life in everything!
    Show her the money.
    Bitches love money haha

  • McRae

    UFC future isn’t in jeapardy ….. Cyborgs future may be…

  • if anything was going to get in the way of Cyborg having a child, it would probably be that penis she grew from taking so much testosterone.

    • Darin

      Damn it! You stole my joke.

    • Sean Sherk You’re Dead

      You stole everybody’s Joke Dude..

    • Joey Diaz

      Mother Fucker, done gone stole my joke

    • Jimmy

      Yeah, you ****, you stole my joke!!!

    • South Park

      tuk er jorrrrke!

    • Cris Cyborg

      You are right

    • Go home and scratch your vage.

  • oface

    Worried about having kids? Injecting male hormone is way worse than cutting weight. I would be so surprised if she even has a cycle anymore. Cyborg knows that her only chance to be Ronda is to man handle her literally like every other opponent. Cyborg is not that technical look at her fights with Gina and Conen, Gina mounted her and Conen with hitting her in the standup.

    • Gomlen

      Yeah … Chris Cyborg … weighing 65,5 kg must be taking loads of steroids. What planet are you from? I know many woman who are heavier than that … and they are also relatively lean and guaranteed free of any substance use.

      And Ronda? Well … so far she has only proved herself as a skilled judofighter with an armbar. We have not seen yet how she reacts to taking hard hits to her face or how she would do if someone are able to force her to do a standup fight.

      The UFC bantamweight class with 3-4 fighters is hardly something that legitimates a title either. UFC champion of the world. Yeah right!

  • this is BS….how about Joe Riggs…how about Ken Flo….how about Rumble johnson…..if she lays off the juice, and stop working out and eat doughnut for three weeks….she can easily make 135

    • disqus_1vlWNfdPOM

      How about Rumble Johnson indeed. When did he easily make weight last???

  • ArRoN

    I seriously don’t care for cyborg. She ruined wmma for year through her cheats ways.

    I Guess Steroids ok for child.

  • Travis

    What does her Cardiologist say about her taking the juice?

    • b-soc


    • She was taking Winstol. In comparison to TRT it shouldn’t even be a blip. For weight cutting a woman takes a very low dose. Doesn’t add muscle it simply helps to cut weight. I’d like to hear Whites reason for not having Rousey bump up. Oh yeah, he doesn’t want her to loose her imaginary UFC title in the first fight.

      • WICKED

        Winstrol is used to cut weight while keeping muscle gained through using other steroids. Winstrol can be used to build muscle if used by women as well but it’s not the main use. You lied and you’re a liar.

        P.S. It’s spelled lose not loose. “Lose” is what Ronda doesn’t do and “Loose” is what your vagina is.

  • disqus_1vlWNfdPOM

    If Ronda wants her legacy to be one of beating all the women in MMA, she needs to beat Cyborg. No one said it would be easy, or that it would take place at 135. Its the most *(only?) compelling matchup in Women’s MMA by miles.

  • Carson

    Yeah right… And I could find a half dozen doctors that would say she is obese and should weigh a healthy 130lbs. Seriously ridiculous attempt to sway media. I smell Tito.

    • StaalOntwerp

      Oh yeah. He’s handling her affairs now, right?
      Bet he’s already thinking up excuses for when she loses.

    • Anyone dumb enough to buy that BS is; well enough said.

  • Scott a. Rimer

    I’m throwing the B.S. flag on this story. As a nurse with a cardiac background, plus a former college d1 athlete, I can’t for the life of my figure out why a normal healthy athlete is consulting a cardiologist about a ten pound weight drop. Unless she has some pre existing cardiac related illness, I can’t think of a single cardiologist that I know that would even see her as a patient concerning weight loss. They would send her to internal medicine. Give me a break. Enough with the bullcrap. Ronda, just go beat her up and get it over with. Worst exuse ever ever ever. “Hey everybody, I can’t fight anymore. My dentist said I could potentially lose a tooth. So I can only fight now with a football helmet on, or I can’t fight at all”

    • dd

      it is more like rhonda is ducking her..rhond fought at 145 but then went to 135 to duck her..

      • GoNoles

        she/he can always lose some of that muscle making the weight cut alot more easier but she/he would have to stop phd’s or whatever she/he was doing

        • Yannick Messaoud

          winstrol does not make you gain any muscle worst taken by itself, it cuts you up, and makes you recuperate faster.

          • WICKED

            Winstrol can be used for gaining muscle especially if used by women. It’s more widely used as you referred it “to get cut” by bodybuilders after they cycle off HGH.

        • OK captain no knowledge of what you’re talking about. O .o

          • WICKED

            Cynthia Brown = paid Cyborg shill with many troll accounts. Look at the people who liked the post below – Cynthia and Cynthia Brown…lol…exposed

      • Scott a. Rimer

        I think the outcome will be the same regardless of weightclass. Rhonda wins by submission. She is a completely different athlete. Elite Olympic trained. The mental aspect is way different.

        • LOL. OK, then make the fight at 145 and tell Ronda to stop running. Cris Cyborg will beat Rousey so bad she won’t recognize herself the next day. There is a real chance that Cris Cyborg actually kills Ronda Rousey in the Octagon and scared little Ronda knows this.

          • Scott a. Rimer

            Sure, put your money on Cyborg. Put a ton of dough on that fight. Until you train with the Olympic training center or are a trainer at the the Olympic training center, you will not comprehend the mental aspect that they posses. Take a look at all the records of the Olympic athletes that have converted to mma. Do an analysis and tell me what you see then. Not bragging, I have first hand experience. The will to win of an Olympic trained athlete surpasses any self made elite athlete. Don’t take my word for it. Go ask the ones I am referring to. You have to experience it to understand. To bring perspective think of the movie the terminators. It’s the equivalent of a human versus the terminator mentally. I repeat mentally. Both Rhonda and Chris are human. But they have been programmed differently. But like I said, unless you experience it first hand, you may not get it.

          • You can worship at the foot of Mt. Olympus all you want. I don’t share your fervent beliefs about Olympic trained athletes. The truth is many of them are great, the majority of them are mediocre and some are so bad they have their own niche on YouTube. Ronda was one of the great ones but she only placed 4th in the Olympics. If you’re correct why isn’t Dana White offering UFC contracts to the three women who beat Ronda Rousey in the Olympics? Stop with the ridiculous ‘Terminator’ analogies. We know Ronda is an elite athlete. We just want her to stop ducking Cris Cyborg. Rousey has competed most of her adult life at 145lbs and 160lbs. The Cyborg fight will happen at 145, the perfect weight for both fighters.

          • JDM

            Unless of course you learn to read and realize that there is only a womans weight class at 135

          • Scroll up and read my earlier replies. Dana White can add a 145lb female fight anytime he wants to. Rousey can duck Cyborg only as long as Dana White allows her to continue the charade. If the fight doesn’t happen I know Cyborg won’t really care because she knows she’s the best and she realizes Rousey is afraid to fight her at their natural fighting weight, 145.

          • WICKED

            The 145 lb division is a joke. It’s why Ronda left it and went where all the talent was. Meanwhile Cyborg is still clinging to Ronda’s name and nobody mentions her unless it pertains to Ronda.

            LMAO at you thinking you know what “natural fighting weight” is. Cyborg walks around at 175 lbs…Ronda walks around at 147-155 lbs. What’s their natural fighting weight, genius?

          • Let’s look at the facts. Ronda Rousey has had 14 MMA fights (pro and amateur). Half of her MMA career has been contested at 145 lbs or higher (yes, she fought once at 150 lbs and another time at a catch weight of 147 lbs). Out of those 14 fights Ronda only fought 6 women at 135 lbs (Miesha Tate twice). Rousey’s natural weight division is 145 lbs. She fought Hayden Munoz, Autumn Richardson, Taylor Stratford, Ediane Gomes, Charmaine Tweet, Sarah D’Alelio, and Julia Budd all at 145 lbs or higher. Both Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos and Ronda Rousey large women. In the past Ronda Rousey’s weight when not training has ballooned to almost 180 lbs. Ronda’s walking around weight when not training IS NOT 147lbs as you claim…not even close. Ronda competed in Judo at @154lbs and had to cut a lot of weight to make 154. Cyborg offered to fight Rousey while both competed at 145 lbs in Strikeforce. Ronda refused the fight and has been running from Cris ever since. Ronda can keep her 135 belt. Cris is under contract now with the UFC so make the fight at 145 no belt on the line. MMA fans want to see these two great athletes fight each other at their best…145lbs, the weight Rousey offered to Gina Carano and Laila Ali.

          • WICKED

            yea only placed 4th in the Olympics in a martial art that has been around since the 1880’s and is the 2nd most popular sport in the world behind soccer. You’re so dumb you don’t even know there isn’t a 4th place in judo. 4th and 3rd place as viewed as the same. She won a Bronze in the Olympics. What have you done in your life?

          • Yes elite MMA fighters have a mental disadvantage??? O . o Maybe you should ask Dan Henderson, Matt Lindland, Kevin Jackson, or one of the many other Olympic athletes who’ve competed in MMA about their losses. I think it took Frank Shamrock all of 15 seconds to submit Kevin Jackson. LOL

          • JDM

            Hey dummy. What part dont you understand about the UFC having ONLY a 135 division. There is no fight at 145.

          • From your foolish comments it’s clear that you’re the one lacking intelligence. Let me help you. The best female MMA fighter in the world is Cris Cyborg and she fights at 145. Rousey starved herself and dropped to 135 in order to avoid fighting Cyborg in Strikeforce. There’s only one Strikeforce show left so if Dana wants the best female to fight in the UFC, he will simply open up a 145lb division. If he waits too long and Rousey fails at 135, he risks losing the most attractive female Super Fight, Cyborg vs. Rousey, because the fans won’t care to watch it.

          • WICKED

            Ronda can make 135 lbs in one day. She proved it. Starved herself? Cyborg is injecting steroids into her ass and then taking other steroids trying to lose water weight. Nobody cares about the 145 lb division because it’s weak and always has been. Back in 2010 even Cyborg was talking about dropping to 135 lbs because according to her “that’s where the competition is” and she wanted to stay busy. Get a clue little girl.

          • You’re calling someone else dummy? LOL I suppose you have never seen a Catchweight bout. Both these women walk around over 160lbs. A catchweight bout makes more sense if White wanted to actually see these two great fighters face each other. I don’t think Rousey is afraid I just think she is smart enough to not defy Dana White. Smart business move but, a loss as far a credibility goes.

          • WICKED

            Ronda beats Cyborg into an early death at any weight.

      • I’m pretty sure Rhonda was fighting at 135 before her beef with Cyborg.

      • You are right. Ronda Rousey fought most of her MMA fights and Judo matches at much heavier weights than 135. 135 is actually a relatively new weight division for Ronda. In MMA she fought many times at 145 and in Judo she fought close to 160lbs! Ronda can’t run from Cris Cyborg forever. Dana will make her accept the fight.

        • For Judo and Jiu-Jitsu you weigh in with your Gi. IDK if you ever wore one or not but they add a decent amount of weight and are pretty heavy duty to deal with all the pushing and pulling. They’re not 20 pounds but its not your natural weight.

          • LOL. Gi weight excuse. Ronda Rousey will either stop ducking Cris Cyborg or not. We all know Ronda is afraid to face Cyborg but we don’t care that she’s a coward. Put up or shut up.

          • MrDangerousD

            What? Ronda said a year in advance that she wanted to move down to 135, take the title from Miesha Tate, then take on Cyborg to unify the titles and hopefully get the UFC to add a women’s division as a result. Rousey said that OVER A YEAR AGO. And what did she do? She went down to 135, won the title, then defended it once because Cyborg got caught cheating, and then immediately after her title defense called out Cyborg.

            Saying you’re going to challenge someone a year in advance in a very specific manner, and then following through with it is “ducking?” Aren’t you clueless. By the way, Cyborg’s excuse is garbage. At this point no one is asking her to “cut down to 135,” they’re asking her to move down to 135, you know, since that’s the division the UFC is adding. There’s nothing about safely removing muscle mass from juicing to get down to 135 that is going to impact her having a baby in the future. Period.

            Further, even if we were just talking about a one-off fight, it makes absolutely no sense for the champion at 135lbs to move up in weight to take one fight against a woman who was stripped of her title for cheating, and has been believed to be cheating for years by many of her peers (see: Marloes Coenen’s comments).

            Annnnd lastly, just for the kicker.. Rousey was considered small in Judo when she competed at the weight she did. She’s fought with a size disadvantage her entire life. She is at a weight right now that she looks incredibly healthy at, and looks GOOD at, which is an important marketing aspect to not only her, but the UFC. So it’s not just all the reasons mentioned previously that matter, there’s also a financial aspect to it.

          • You can make all the excuses you want to but it won’t change the fact that Ronda Rousey is afraid to fight Cris Cyborg at 145, the weight division that is normal for both women. Don’t be too hard on Cyborg failing one drug test. Rousey trains with Gracie fighters, the Diaz brothers. Nick has failed numerous drug tests for banned drugs and Royce Gracie failed a drug test for steroids. Carlson Gracie trained fighter Bonnar failed steroid tests and Ronda Rousey’s buddy Chael Sonnen has permission to use PEDs for his fights. Ronda can insist on pre and post fight testing for the 145lb fight. I’m sure both will pass the tests.

          • JDM

            Buddy you are delusional. Why bring up other fighters failed drug tests as an excuse for cyborg. Cyborg is clear as day on steroids and at this point you cant even say she is a real female. I bet shes got higher testosterone than you. She is a freak of science not nature. Ronda is at the top through hard work, not cheating. Furthermore it is cyborg making excuses why he cant fight. The UFC is having a 135 division. Thats it. Cyborg can make that weight or go fight on an indian reserve. Those are her choices.

          • I’m not your buddy but I did deal in fact and truth. That is the opposite of delusional so even a troll like you is forced to recognize your remark made no sense. I mentioned drug use by Rousey’s associates to reveal her hypocrisy in criticizing Cris Cyborg. If you can’t grasp that point blame your ignorance. Cris Cyborg is the best fighter in women’s MMA. She is much more accomplished than Ronda. I understand why Rousey is afraid to fight Cyborg at their natural fighting weight 145 (Rousey competed at 160lbs in Judo). Rousey will continue to duck Cyborg and Cyborg won’t care. The fight will happen at 145 when Dana White wants it to happen. If Rousey loses to other females at 135, the public won’t care about seeing a Cyborg vs. Rousey fight either.

          • You got that right! When Cyborg finishes Rousey she’ll look just like Carrano did.

          • WICKED

            fake. I bet you’re so dumb you actually thought this photoshoped picture was real.

          • WICKED

            The only truth is that you’re a virgin. Cyborg’s natural weight is 175 lbs. Ronda’s natural weight is 147-155 lbs. I’m sure you don’t see a difference because you’re dumber than a wet fart.

          • Go home and scratch you vag behind closed doors.

          • WICKED

            Cynthia Brown can still be found working the street corner if anybody wants to tempt fate and risk an STD.

          • WICKED


          • WICKED

            Cyborg has successfully avoided the fight at least 2 times now. Who’s scared of who, you nutbag?

            1. First time was in strikeforce when Ronda was coming back up to 145 lbs to fight her in late june/early july of 2011. Cyborg got busted for roiding and couldn’t get the athletic commission to reduce her suspension so the fight could continue as planned.

            2. Cyborg was under contract with the UFC and they asked her to drop down to fight Ronda for the title. Cyborg said she could and actually lost 15 lbs. Then the UFC enacted out of competition testing and cyborg asked out of her contract the next day.

          • What Rousey says and does are two very different things. First of all you cannot be called a champion without ever stepping in the cage. Being Strikeforce champ doesn’t automatically make you UFC champ. The UFC added a flyweight, bantam weight, and featherweight to their male divisions did they just declare a champion. No they held a tournament. This is pathetic publicity stunt. A sad one at that. Most unfortunate is the fact that a great champion like Rousey would go along with it but, we all know that you don’t cross the douche master White if you want a career in the UFC. There have been plenty of catch weight fights in the past in the UFC. Many of which have involved champions. As far as Cyborg’s steroid use goes; she wasn’t using a substance that builds muscle mass. She was using winstrol. Cyborgs a big woman and Rousey isn’t wearing any petites either.

        • LMAO…White’s doesn’t want her to take that fight. It will f*** up his entire fairy tale of a WMMA division of any kind in the UFC not to mention his fairy tale champion.

        • WICKED

          and makes 135 lbs in 1 day, whereas Cyborg misses 145 lbs by 7 lbs for a fight with a woman coming up from 128 lbs. Also, Judo players get weighed the same day, unlike mma fighters. Cyborg weighed 160 lbs on fight night in her last fight and 175 lbs 2 days after. Once again, you are an idiot.

    • I’m sure the cardiologist is more experienced in this area then a nurse. And it’s not a ten pound weight drop, it’s ten pounds on top of what she is already cutting to make 145. A 25-30 lb weight cut will surely damage her body, and if overdone could put her into cardiac arrest.

      • Scott a. Rimer

        Right, nurses big dopes, doctors know everything. We just follow them around doing whatever they say. My point is nobody seeks a consultation about a ten pound weight loss from a cardiologist. You have a point however, if she is dropping 25-30 pounds in one weight cutting session she does run have the risk of an electrolyte imbalance which could indeed cause the heart to develop an abnormal rhythm. Now lets get real. Take a poll of fighters. Find out how many go to a cardiologist to discuss a weight cut? Assuming no underlying cardiac condition, I would say it about 0%. Maybe an internal medicine guy. Unless in brazil all fighter have to be seen by a cardiologist. I coud be wrong, I’m just speaking for us medicine

        • chuteboxe

          and whats US medicine? you guys have the worse doctors in the world and thats a fact.. ******* ignorant pricks.. you my friend are a male “nurse” so STFU.. Dana white just wants another american star in the UFC… cyborg would destroy ronda and thats the real fact here

          • Alan

            This is the most ignorant comment ever.

            1. The US does not have the worst doctors in the world. US medicine is the best in the world – for those with money.

            2. I never understood this thing about being a male nurse. Why is that even an insult? Oh right, because you’re a sexist ******* who only feels safe if Daddy works all day and comes home to his slippers and his pipe, and mommy bakes cookies. Grow up, ********.

            3. Cyborg certainly might destroy Ronda. Or she might get her arm snapped. Who knows? The point is, they are separated by at least 1 weight class and this fight is probably never going to happen (and I’m glad about that, because I don’t think Cyborg should be allowed to fight any more).

          • Cyborg shouldn’t be able to fight anymore? Does that mean you feel the same way about; Chale Sonnan, Frank Mir, Vitor Beltfort, Rampage Jackson, Dan Henderson, Todd Duffee, Forest Griffin, Bigfoot Silva, Allister Overeem, Josh Barnett, Thiago Tavares, and lets not forget Nick Diaz as marijuana is also a banned substance. (Now who’s the sexist?)

          • alanpeart

            Since you ask, yes, that is exactly how I feel about TRT and every single one of those fighters you just named. Except Diaz since I don’t feel the use of a recreational drug merits any more punishment than he’s already received. TRT is legalized steroid abuse, mostly needed by fighters who’ve abused steroids in the past. So your last question is indeed a good one. Who’s a sexist?

          • Nate “THE CHEAT” Marquardt

            Chute box has produced more ROIDED UP fighters than any other camp in the world. Chute box is a disgrace in the fight world now after WAndy ran out the back door when Nevad athletic commission tried to do a random steroid test on him in june 2014 his fighting days are over in the UFC

  • James Hawkins III

    This is B.S. Have her examined by UFC doctors. She’s trying any and everything to not have to lose her enhanced muscle gain and force a match on her terms. And she’s going to a cardiologist…for issues concerning a 10 pound weight cut? That just doesn’t fly.

  • Jesus Sanchez

    So steroids is okay for future child birth, but loosing weight is bad? Very medically sound.

  • $27054044

    quack, quack, quack…it’s like Duck Hunt around here…

  • poeger

    Women’s bodies are way different than ours considering she is probably cutting like 30lbs already I can see why it might be an issue she is kinda on the Deselect side…

  • poeger


  • greaseygranny

    Heart’s strong enough to pump steroids into your body but not strong enough to cut weight. But gaining weight is ok? This crock of BS sounds like it’s coming straight out of Tito’s mouth. Reminds me of the excuses he came up back in the day to avoid fighting Liddell. MMA is starting to become slapstick comedy.

  • Mark McDowall

    Well there goes the entire UFC women’s division!! Or is it going to be like when Cyborg was the only good women’s fighter in StrikeForce…are they going to throw random opponents at Rousey just so she can fight?

  • Daniel Winge Stride

    make it at 140/145 this is the only big fight for wmma;) rousey vs tate2 is too soon right now;) tate needs 2or3 wins too make that fight a big fight;) cyborg was THE woman too beat before and was this monster in wmma;) rousey needs this fight too make here THE woman too beat and truely the best in wmma;) but time will tell:)

  • macgrubber

    Wow im suprised there are 22 comments on here seeing how womens mma is horrible.

  • Guest

    The only way Cyborg is going to have a child is when she fully becomes a man, and finds a Girlfriend

  • Silverback

    Now is that a pile of BS or what. If she had not been juicing she would not weigh what she does! Lose the weight or don’t fight. It’s totally her problem!

  • iLogos

    It is trading in one future for another, what she sees now is staying big and being dominant (in a dying division) with possible motherhood in her future versus cutting down too much and threatening her chances at motherhood to fight in the Bantam weight division. That isn’t all the choices she has.

    The issue of course is she is looking at cutting 25 pounds. She’d be in the same situation Cormier found himself in during the Olympics. What she (and he if he wasn’t to move down to 205) need to do is diet down. She needs to lose about 12 pounds of muscle, streamline herself, which should actually give her better cardio and make her faster and leaner. From 148 cutting to 135 is an easier cut and something that Dolce could help her with without and damage to her system or performance, and still allow her to carry a child to term if she chooses to later in life.

    Her frame is capable of holding the weight she has now, but that is not her natural weight. If she stopped her current level of strength and conditioning, she would slim down to 140 I’d estimate replacing the muscle mass with the curves her body would naturally have.

    The question is really one of is her ego/psyche able to handle the idea of not being a larger powerhouse fighter in a heavier division if it means fighting regularly and the best the world has to offer?

  • pogodog

    So what…big deal. Cyborg will be a father instead.

    • dgs

      I’m not sure if I wasn’t supposed to laugh at this comment, but if not, oh well, because I LOL’d!!

    • and Frank Mir, Dan Henderson, Vitor Belfort, Rampage, Bigfoot, Chale Sonnan, Forest Griffin, and the rest of the no ball TRT suckers will all be mommies. LOL

  • FightLove

    Cyborg is huge. She can’t make 135. I’ve stood next to this woman a few times and she probably weighs 160 or so. She is hot too. Man I’d love to get with her for a night. Sexy fighting woman.

    • GoNoles

      you gave yourself away when you said she was hot bro, good try though.

    • She’s got a nice body… And a face that looks like Max Schmelling.

  • Dana White realizes Ronda Rousey is very popular now so he might limit the UFC women’s niche to 135 at the beginning. There are plenty of great female fighters at 135 to fight Ronda and each other. Cris Cyborg is a much more accomplished MMA fighter than Ronda Rousey so Dana would be wise to build a 145lb women’s division as well. There are also many great female fighters that can compete at 145. Of course the big fight would be Cyborg vs. Rousey and that should only be held at 145, a weight Rousey has fought at several times. Plus Ronda competed at close to 160lbs in the past. That fight will be a money maker but Dana realizes that Cris Cyborg would probably destroy Ronda Rousey and if that happens, where will that leave the UFC’s female niche? He’ll probably slowly build at 135 and then open up a 145 women’s division around Cyborg. The hope being this strategy will lead to a super fight between Cyborg and Rousey. That way, after Cyborg defeats Rousey, Ronda will have the 135lb division to fall back on. On the other hand, this long term plan runs the risk that Rousey will be defeated by Miesha Tate or Marloes Coenen, thereby lowering the attraction of a Cyborg vs. Rousey super fight. Therefore there is also a chance Dana books that fight at the beginning. In any event, Rousey should stop ducking Cyborg with her ridiculous demand of a 135lb bout. Gina Carano, Marloes Coenen, Shayna Baszler and Jan Finney were not afraid to fight Cris Cyborg at 145. Obviously Ronda Rousey is afraid but Dana will make her accept the fight.

    • Ripper magee

      I think all your arguements are for nothing because cyborg will have the spotlight on him from now on and wont be able to jack her body with male hormones anymore. I bet he loses his next fight because of this and then noone will care about this super fight between rousey and cyborg

    • WICKED

      LMAO…yea Cyborg the great fighter. She has 8 women in her division. Wow. What a stacked division cyborg fights in.

      “There are also many great female fighters that can compete at 145.”

      Really? Why don’t you go ahead and name all of them, you toolbag.

      Baszler fought Cyborg at 140 lbs. Jan Finney? LMAO. GTFO.

  • Juan Epstein

    She’s an absolute phony. Too bad, too, the chick can fight a little. But she can’t cheat her way around Rousey, and her people know it. So make sh#t up and go away. Phony.

  • bunurse

    Nick, Cyborg’s sexuality and weed are probably the only two things we will ever agree on.

  • MuayThaiFood

    She could drop the extra weight easy if she stopped eating horse gonad and had the 15lb. hog between her legs removed.

  • Yannick Messaoud

    Winstrol is not testosterone its anabolic not a testosterone far from being the same thing, test will also cause a lot of water retention while winstrol will act like a diuretic and prevent water retention during cycle, still its one of the worst steroids for the heart and for the joints since its drys you up so much. Gotta love steroids. Why doesn’t Rousay bulk up to 145 if she really wants to fight Cyborg.

    • Ronda Rousey doesn’t have to bulk up to make 145. She fought most of her MMA fights at 145 and competed in Judo while making 160lbs (she was over 170lbs during some of her Judo matches). She has to cut a lot of weight to make 145. She has stated publicly that she went weeks with only one small meal a day to make the 135lb limit. Remember all her MMA fights were at 145 before she decided to duck Cyborg.

      • Nate “THE CHEAT” Marquardt

        Guyborg will forever be remembered for being a steroid cheat. everyone knows she has been using steroids for the better part of a decade and had transformed herself into an “IT”

        Steroids cause permanent changes to womens bodies. hardens the bones and changes facial structure which is very obvious in Cyborgs huge SQUARE JAW and sloped back forhead. They call it the “neandrothol look” Its takes many years of steroid abuse to cause the permanent changes that we all see in Guyborgs body. Guyborg would ahve a very hard time going off steroids and being able to compete. She has depended on steroids for so long they become much more than just a strength and power, speed enhancer they also become physiological crutch that many athletes can’t compete with out them. IMO Cyborg should never be allowed to compete against Natural women fighters ever again

    • WICKED

      yea I agree. Cyborg is a roid head.

  • Dana is bringing over the women for a reason; to make big fights and big money. I’m sure he will take care of this and get Rhonda to fight at 145. We already knew Cyborg didn’t want to move to 135 anyway, so this is nothing new. War Rhonda.

  • justin_e

    She can’t make the weight. Doctors or no doctors. She is huge for 145. This would be like asking Jon Jones to make 170 pounds or something. Not gonna happen. She barely makes 145. Get over it. If people really want to see that fight, then Rousey will move up. Too many people are just saying that it’s Cyborg that “should have to move down”, but that doesn’t matter. It cant happen. It can happen the other way around or not at all. That’s it. I don’t care if we never see her fight again. I don’t like cheaters. Though it’s obvious she gets waaaaaay more heat than the many male fighters who get caught juicing. Lets throw some of this hate at them too. I’m sayin condit and macdonalds nipples don’t look right. Plus all that backnee on Rory. Look for one of them to piss hot.

  • xxDoc_Holidayxx

    For a “woman” at 5’8″, 125 lbs is still in NORMAL range for BMI !!! No reason she can’t make 135. Cruz is 5’8″ and a MEN’s champ at 135 !!! Who’s ducking who?

  • horace

    cyborg is lab created man who looks female.

  • horace

    Rousey cannot beat the man Cyborg-ever at any weight. woman cannot beat men.

  • OzyEatsBabies

    At her CURRENT body mass it wouldn’t be advisable. When Rhonda dropped to 135 she did it the right way with a complete body change. Cyborg just doesn’t want to get off the juice…

  • jbroce

    I’ve stood next to cyborg at my gym, I’m not a tall guy but im pretty muscular. Were about the same height, but she must have had 10 pounds of muscle on me, and I’m around 170. There is no freaking reason she needs to be that thick. No woman gets that huge without steroids. All she has to do is get off the juice for long enough, and stop power lifting (I’ve seen her workouts, she trains for max not rep) and her body should come down. It takes alot to maintain that size. Especially for a woman.

  • annmariastat

    That’s very funny because I also dropped weight to compete in a lighter division. I was 60 kg and dropped down to 48kg after I had knee surgery. I later moved up to 56kg. Yes, I had very low body fat percentage. Yes, I had trouble getting pregnant. However, it was not of detriment to my long-term health or ability to be a mother. In fact, I had four daughters. The third was Ronda Rousey. So, I’m not buying this I can’t make the weight bs and good for Ronda for standing her ground.

    • Your comment that drastic weight cut caused you to have ‘trouble getting pregnant’ supports Cris Cyborg’s contention that it could be a potential risk. How is it ‘BS’ if it happened to you? Ronda fought at 145lbs and almost 160lbs for most of her adult fights. Cris Cyborg has been the most dominant and most accomplished female MMA fighter in history. It’s understandable that Ronda is afraid to fight her at their normal fighting weight, 145lbs and also reasonable that her Mother would want to protect her from serious injury and harm. You could bake her an apple pie and she would easily make 145.

      • WICKED

        You don’t even know how a woman’s body works. Cyborg couldn’t get pregnant right now if she wanted to because she doesn’t carry enough fat and doesn’t even have menstrual cycles. Dropping 10 lbs of muscle mass would make no difference in whether she can conceive. Cyborg is using Ronda’s name to keep herself relevant and here we are 2 years after you made your stupid comment and what are we talking about? Cyborg saying she’s going to try to get down to 135 lbs. She thinks she can do it. That was last week. This week she wants the fight at 140 lbs. You’re a fool for buying into her crap.

  • Dante Reeder

    Sounds like Rousey is pretty Scared to fight this chick. In all Reality Cyborg would win…How the hell can Rousey only weigh 135? When she was in the Olympics you can tell she weighed more then 155 LBS. Anyway a 10 LB difference isn’t that much I wish they would fight Rousey does feel like she could be Cyborg, Why not just get it over with

    • Bull Shyte

      You think she wants to fight someone that’s all Roided out at any weight? Why?

  • duckduck

    She has a height of 5ft 8in (1.73m) according to wikipedia

    -at 135lb or 61.2kg her BMI is 20.5 which is considered a heatlhy BMI range
    there is no reason she cant cut to 135

    • Bull Shyte

      Wiki has her real weight at 160lbs. Her real weight last year was rumored to be 170lbs. That’s too much weight. Ronda’s natural weight is around 150lbs. She is way too big for Ronda to fight.

  • Retnan

    White doesn’t want his new GF to lose.

    • Bull Shyte


  • So all these people world wide lose hundreds of pounds to KEEP their heart from failing. Cyborg is the only person in the world who is in danger of getting in better shape.

    • Jay A Nokay

      Shes about 7% body fat, maybe less.

      Not your average american fatass who’s over 300 lbs, with 45% bodyfat,

      • WICKED

        which means if she stops hitting the weights like a bodybuilder and does long endurance training she would lose the muscle mass she got from using steroids and pumping iron.

      • Bull Shyte

        What country do you live in mate? I see yanks all day and most of them are in average to good shape. Working out is a thing here. You’re right though it would be tough for Santos to lose 25-35lbs.

  • ange

    bull ass shyte! Wieght shuld be available @ varying wieghts!!!!!!!

    • Bull Shyte

      Der… it’s called catch weight where both sides agree to a common weight outside of their fighting weight.

  • Nate “THE CHEAT” Marquardt

    Guyborg will never get off the JUICE long enough to lose all that ROID muscle. Been on roids for so many years transformed into a man

  • Jank Benson

    Oh give me a break! 1rst: Cyborg IS A CHEAT! She should be banned for being a disgraceful competitor, and have all her fake winnings taken back from her. 2nd: Ronda is the Champ, not the cheat. She’s at 135lbs. 3rd: If the cheat can’t lose 10lbs. (GIVE ME A FNBreak!) then too damn bad for the cheat! Cyborg doesn’t deserve any favors here at all (duh!) Besides, Carano was handling her pretty damn well in spite of Cyborg’s cheating, until the baloney last second stop.

    • drew

      Carano was handling Cyborg??? I don’t know what fight you were watching, but Carano got demolished. As far as you whining about her being a cheat, I wonder how many times you rooted for a male fighter who had been busted for PED abuse. You are simply a crybaby hypocrite…go back to watching tennis….

  • Richard

    Cyborg can’t lose 10lbs of FAT and fluids to make weight. She wants to continue on her current “Supplement” protocol and retain the extra 30lbs+ of muscle on her frame AND fight at 135. Not gonna happen. Stop using steroids and she’ll lose more than enough muscle to make weight.

    • abominio

      when you see FAT on cybor santos body? she make 145 whit super ripped abs,


    Cyborg can make 135 lbs if she wanted to. All it takes is not lifting weights and doing long endurance training. The muscle mass she accumulated over years of steroid use would melt right off. I think she knows Ronda would likely beat her if it came down to skills versus skills.

  • Don J

    Rousey is just a scared little baby who does not want to lose to Cyborg…plain and simple. Cyborg even suggested 140, but Rousey is just a scared little baby who wants to keep fighting the easy 50 second fights. Even if you fight in your weight class, you could fight someone five or ten pounds heavier than you, depending on the weight class. She’s too scared to fight Cyborg over FIVE POUNDS?!?!? Scared to lose – plain and simple. Rousey is a mean-girl, arrogant, bitch anyway. I used to like her, until I saw her on The Ultimate Fighter. She reminded me of a high-school aged, stuck up beeeeyatch. I can’t wait until someone pounds her face in…

    • Bull Shyte

      You’ve got to be kidding me. That dudes natural weight is NOT 160. Everyone agrees he’s at least 170 to 175. He already packed on all that muscle mass with steroids. Why would Ronda want to fight that ape?