Doctor Says Anderson Silva Denies Taking Steroids

February 4, 2015
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Former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva has yet to make any public comment since it was revealed that he tested positive for two anabolic steroids prior to his UFC 183 bout with Nick Diaz. His doctor, however, has spoken publicly about the situation, saying that Silva denies having knowingly taken steroids.

Silva’s positive results for Drostanolone and Androstane stem from a Jan. 9 out-of-competition drug test. The results of that test were not reported to the Nevada Athletic Commission until Tuesday, Feb. 3, three days after Silva won a unanimous-decision victory over Diaz.

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While the MMA world is up in arms, Silva isn’t talking yet, but his doctor, Marcio Tannure, is talking. Besides being Silva’s doctor, Tannure is also the medical director of the Brazilian MMA Athletic Commission (CABMMA).

Anderson-Silva-UFC-126-023-750x370“Anderson told me he’s disappointed, upset, because he didn’t use steroids,” Tannure told Band News radio, according to a report from MMAFighting’s Brazilian reporter Guilherme Cruz. “He will ask for the confirmation test because he believes the only explanation is a contamination or a mistake from the lab. He told me: ‘I have an impeccable career history and I wouldn’t want to tarnish my image.’”

“It’s too soon to judge,” he continued. “He has the right to a confirmation test and two other results. The Nevada Athletic Commission hasn’t talked yet, and the press is already judging him. The process isn’t over yet. If the whole process was already over, he would have already been suspended.”

The process has only just begun, but Silva has been temporarily suspended due to the initial positive result. Nevada Athletic Commission director Bob Bennett confirmed as much to on Wednesday.

Silva still has the option to request his B test sample be tested in an attempt to refute the A sample result, but as of Wednesday that request had yet to be made.

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It is also not working in Silva’s favor, at least in the court of public opinion, that two of his Black House teammates have tested positive for Drostanolone, one of the two steroids that were indicated in Silva’s initial test results.

Kevin Casey, at UFC 175, and Brian Ortega, at UFC on FOX 12, both tested positive for Drostanolone last July. They were both fined, suspended, and had their victories overturned and ruled no-contests.

Silva is currently slated to be coaching opposite Mauricio “Shogun” Rua and filming The Ultimate Fighter Brazil 4. The UFC has yet to comment on how this situation will affect his participation on the show.

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  • focus

    Cant judge him yet, they messed up a lot on peoples tests which is why theyre getting sued, and this is out of competition so it was probably when he was using those to recover his leg

    • He’s right

      Cung Lee is a good Example….

      • asdasdasd

        Chung lee isint a good example becuse it was the ufc that tested Chung Lee with a small lab that the UFC owned.

        Silva got tested by nevada. A huge difference and therefor not a good example

        • Darin

          It’s not Cung Lee and it’s not Chung Lee. It’s Cung Le.

          • TRT is for the weak

            I think Chung sounds better… Remember Street Fighter II… the broad? Who cares about the Chinese anyway, they don’t care about you!

    • benoit

      I really hope so…

    • JuanTizmo

      Gotta see how the post-fight test comes back, then people can start jumping to conclusions.

    • TRT is for the weak

      LMAO… keep holding out hope for your ped using Hero from Brazeel

  • Seth

    Well, here I can believe. He had nothing to prove, neither he had much to win. He wouldn’t fight more than 2 or 3 times AT BEST coming from that injury and even if he losses his next fight, he’s still at least Co-ME fighter for UFC. What he had to lose in case of losing this fight? Not much I guess – so why would he risk his image and legacy?

    • Darin

      I think Weidman broke Silva in more ways than one. He just doesn’t have the same confidence in himself anymore.

      • TRT is for the weak

        Destroyed him! Whitey Crushed poor Brazeel

      • Seth

        Not a shocker :/ You are the best in the world, no one can touch you…and reality check – you get KTFO and the next fight, your leg snaps like that. That had to mess with him mentaly big time :/

  • Raymond Gonzalez

    I hope this is just some bizarre Brazilian supplement mixup gone horribly wrong. In my heart of hearts, I’m thinking it isn’t.

  • DoYouKnowShitFuck?

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, drostanolone is Masteron. There may be ONE legitimate pharmaceutical company that even produces Masteron anymore. The stuff he got was almost assuredly produced by a UG lab. What happened? Did someone kidnap him, shove an expensive steroid that just happens to be used for cutting weight while maintaining muscle mass into him during training, and then whack him over the head to give him amnesia? Give me a break. He’s a cheater and a liar just like his fellow steroid using cokehead buddy Jon Jones.

    • taylor2008

      WHen they were doing that UFC show on the fighters last week Silva looked more toned than he usually does. I mentioned that to my friend the day after they aired the show. He just looked bigger and more ripped than he usually does. He always looks more on the smooth side and not that toned.

      • TheCerealKiller

        148 & 183
        Clearly worlds apart. Are you kidding me?

        • taylor2008

          No I am not kidding you. When he was on the show he looked a bit bigger and more ripped than I have seen him. Sorry you are giving me picks of the weigh ins. I saw how much bigger he looked during the show. And I have seen him working out on shows before. And I NEVER said a huge difference.

          • TheCerealKiller

            So he looked bigger pre-weight cut, to you. Think about that for a minute. He walks around at 220lbs he has stated a few times.

          • taylor2008

            I know what pre-weight cut is. I fought MMA and kickboxing years ago. I have seen anderson in previous shows before the fights. He looked a bit bigger and cut at that time. On other shows he looked more smooth. Thats all I am saying. I noticed it on the last show on FOX 1. Not a huge difference.

          • DoYouKnowShitFuck?

            Yeah exactly. He walks at 220, cuts to 185 while preserving strength with the help of his drugs, fought a stoned welterweight, got hit quite a bit and looked entirely unimpressive. Then, knowing he’s a cheater, he still falls to the ground crying as though he just accomplished the impossible. Ridiculous. He’s an embarrassment

  • Tony

    I would bet the house that those PEDs grew legs and hopped in your urine sample. Same with Jon Jones ,that crack hopped in that pipe. Silva=Cosby mixed with obama

    • Darin

      Cosby mixed with Obama???? Crack? Pipe? WTF are you talking about?

      • TheCerealKiller

        It’s only his 8th comment, he’s trying.

      • Tony

        I could explain it to you but its really self explanatory therefore an explanation isn’t needed

  • Darin

    In a related story, when asked about his failed drug test, Nick Diaz stated “Duh, bitch”.

  • Pat Garret

    The legacy of the Goat, is now forever tainted. He will ,be known throughout history as a liar and cheat.

    • TRT is for the weak

      and deservedly

  • Austin, TX

    Hilarious.. Is he going to say “yes, i did…..” He was never the goat, now he is something else even….a PED user…..him and his buddy Jones that he hugged cageside. A show of support. Its sweet really…

    hilarious. The “legend”….and the “p4p” king……

    It’s bs… all of it. …that he can even compete with a failed test weeks prior …ditto for Jones.