Do You Wanna Be a Fighter? A Fan at the TUF 17 Finale Tried to Punch Chael Sonnen

April 22, 2013
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Chael Sonnen at UFC on Fox 2Professional fighters, especially men, are often the subject of taunts and challenges from other men, but usually when those other men are suffering from testosterone bloat due to indulging in a few too many alcoholic beverages.

UFC light heavyweight challenger Chael Sonnen, however, was the target of an unwieldy fan at the recent The Ultimate Fighter 17 Finale in Las Vegas.

“(Chael) was shaking hands with everybody and some guy says, ‘hey Chael,’” recounted UFC president Dana White recently. “Chael goes over there and the guy just starts swinging on him and started trying to punch him.”

White says the man identified himself as being from Brazil, a country full of people who sometimes take umbrage with Sonnen because of his vocal onslaught leading up to his fights with UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva.

Sonnen, during a UFC 159 media conference call on Monday, confirmed the incident, although he was short on details.

“There were a lot of people around and my focus was in five different directions, including on him,” said Sonnen. “Ultimately, he got upset and he went to take a punch and security grabbed him and they took him out.

“I didn’t like seeing him leave. He had very expensive and good seats and I wish he would have seen the show. At the same time, you can’t do that behavior.”

White concurred, alluding to the possibility that the overzealous fan didn’t exactly leave under his own accord.

“It was a bad move,” stated White. “That guy didn’t get taken out of there politely.”

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  • That’s what Chael gets from insulting people.. getting them upset.

    • sam

      quit your whining he is doing what muhammad ali and all other great serious athletes do

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, key emphasis on great. Chael Sonnen’s name shouldn’t be allowed in the same sentence as Muhammad Ali

        • Roland

          suree should they both talk a nasty games

          • falloniousWolf


            Tito Ortiz Frank Mir Chael Sonnen and other sh*ttalkers tried to justfiy themselves by comparing themselves with Ali.

            Ali can do whatever he wants. Those three are nobodies outside MMA.

      • Milosc

        Yes, Ali pissed off people in high places… and look what ‘happened’ to him

      • falloniousWolf

        I just don’t understand casual MMA noobs comparing Ali with any sh*ttalkers in the UFC.

        The sh*ttalkers in the UFC are not on Ali’s level. Ali was intellectually and spiritually superior to the likes to Frank Mir, Tito Ortiz and Chael Sonnen.

        We are talking about a gold medalist, who fought for his religious beliefs and was one of the most famous people in the world at the time. No one knows Mir, Ortiz, Sonnen and other clowns except for the MMA nerds.

        • sam

          It make me laugh so hard that people who are so stupid in mma and would get knocked out in boxing or mma/submitted and are on a mma website calling peope noobs and nerds good job idiots. How about you all go to mma or boxing class and get off this website I posted the last comment to see how stupid people are on this website and what do you know I was right get off the couches and go to work!

    • Lawdog1521

      Really? It seems to me that the loser was the guy who paid $400+ for a seat then got tossed out. Do you know how many bananas a Brazilian has to pick for that kind of money?

      • Phael Sonnen

        Probably as many garbage cans that you need to pick up every morning.

        • Mcgiggity

          Bananas pay better than cans

        • falloniousWolf

          good one.

      • MuayThaiFood

        There are plenty of Brazilians who could buy you and your whole family to pick their bananas for them.

        • earlsimmons

          i highly doubt that bro. All br’s are poor and jealous of americans. Thats first grade how do you not know this? Unless you one of the butthurt br’s.

          • MuayThaiFood

            Well, if you had made it past 1st grade then you might not be an idiot….bro, but you are.

    • Sir_Roy

      It’s his T.V persona. A deaf, dumb and blind goat could see that much (little innuendo there). Certain fans cannot. He promotes his fights and makes a ton of money doing so. It’s that simple. And it’s smart. It’s a skill set few have. Others that try come off as belligerent thugs and little else. Chael’s turned it into an art. He has crossed the line a few times … but acting out violently against someone who is obviously putting on a performance to promote and entertain, crosses it far more.

      If people want to take this persona to heart, get emotional and then get violent … there is no real intelligent justification for that.

      • He made some borderline comments, but Anderson as well as most of the Brazillians, appreciated it. I mean, he was trying to get them to hate him to sell tickets. It worked, didn’t it? And he never once said anything that was way over the line. About the worst he said was t have Silva’s wife make him a steak and pat her on the ass…. Which was pretty funny.

        • Milosc

          Go to Idaho and proclaim that Jesus is Black and everyone should tell their daughters to go get based out by their Mandingo superiors [pronto] to save what’s left of their wretched bloodline. Tell them they are each basically part of a walking collective virus destroying all life from the American continent, spreading inhumanity and sin where ever they go, and from the moment they got there

          (Don’t worry: Tell them not to ‘get mad’, because you’re just trying to sell them something)

          See what happens

          • falloniousWolf

            Umm…stupidity doesn’t count buddy.

            Anyone that takes Chael Sonnen seriously would be stupid enough to take WWE seriously.

          • MuayThaiFood

            Funny though, he’s still talking s*** about Anderson. His schtick is getting old.

      • Thats precisely the part of the UFC that I don’t like. I don’t think MMA fans are like WWF fans.

        • Sir_Roy

          I’m not particularly fond of it either. And I couldn’t stand more than 5 minutes of WWF or WWE or whatever it’s billed as these days.

          But in Chael’s case, I’ll give a pass. It fits with him for a strange reason. Love him, hate him … he does it well. These are personalities promoting an event. Nothing more. The action in the Octagon is what we pay to see and if the build up makes it all that more exciting, so be it. If it’s not your cup of tea, tune in for the event and leave the rest I guess.

          • I don’t like Chael personality and personally I don’t care if he is a good or bad person, but I respect him as a fighter and admit he have impressive skills. What I say is that all that drama and nonsense outside of the octagon doesn’t add much, if anything at all to the sport. What if the crazy Brazilian fan stab him instead of tried to punch him? We will be reading about a cancelled major event and a serious injury of a major player in the sport. In the wwe or wwf crazy over-sensitive fans doesn’t take this kind of insult personal because they know that’s all part of the show, but here is different. (sorry for my bad English)

      • Brent

        CAN I GET AN AMEN??????

  • Machine gun tommy

    Love the people who use the term “noobs” , Ali was great but what people forget is ,he was a draft dodger. Now on too Chael, he is great at what he does, he promotes his fights. He comes out and gives 110%, the man is pure entertainment when he flips that switch. Now, Chael is also a very educated and polite person outside of his fighter persona. The fans that get butt hurt over this “persona” are ridiculous. He makes everything more dramatized an in my opinion that o.k.

    • Phael Sonnen

      110% for Chael = dry humping, throwing over 300 pillow punches, getting submitted and tapping.

      Not sure where the entertainment is there. Maybe the getting submitted and tapping part?

    • Sir_Roy

      So. The US elected a draft dodger for its president (and he was actually in the air force at the time) and watched as he sunk the country to financial ruin while lining his own pockets with blood money.

  • Gunner249

    Hahaha Ali was a draft dodging buster who wanted all the perks of living in America but paying none of the cost,oh and he was a great fighter

    • The Esquire

      So reinstate the draft?

    • Sir_Roy

      What costs pray tell? Are we still that blind and naive? Ali had a brain (before it got scrambled in the ring) and was able to think for himself. He avoided a war more akin to a bloodbath, a war he did not morally believe in, wherein the US invaded yet another country – disguising the words “profit” and “power” for “liberty” and “democracy”. Sending the young, underprivileged (often minorities) to die, while coddling the children of the rich and powerful.

      Obvious is obvious … and it’s about time we stopped acting like blind sheep, about time we wake up, dust off our brains and start seeing things for what they are. It’s not “unpatriotic” to say our sh!t stinks when it does, indeed, stink. It is, however, unpatriotic to turn a blind eye to our country’s ethical ineptitude.

      A draft is appropriate when your country’s invaded, or your liberties are truly at risk – to safeguard the lives of family and friends. But not to make the elite wealthy even wealthier and the powerful more powerful.


    Chael takes enough punishment getting beat up in the octagon but why not hit the big mouth if you get a shot but hit and stay don’t run away. That would be a real man.