Do Not Pass Go: Dana White says UFC isn’t a Monopoly

October 28, 2011
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Dana White at UFC 94

UFC president Dana White

The UFC has proven that mixed martial arts can be a successful business in the world of sports.

Over the last several years, UFC president Dana White along with co-owners Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta have turned the promotion into an international juggernaut, while watching the sport explode in several countries worldwide.

In the world of MMA, it’s undeniable that the UFC is the biggest dog in the pack, but that doesn’t mean they are running all the other canines from the food bowl.

Claims have been made by several organizations, most recently by the Culinary Union in Nevada in a letter filed to the Federal Trade Commission, that the UFC is a monopoly in the world of MMA.

White is here to tell that organization and any like it that while the promotion is definitely a power player in the industry, they are anything but a monopoly.

“This is not a monopoly. It’s the dumbest thing ever said. We are far from a monopoly,” White told on Thursday.

White says to look no further than the recent deal secured by Bellator Fighting Championships on whether the UFC has a monopoly on MMA or not. Bellator sold the majority stake in their company to Viacom, one of the largest entities involved in television, and they will now take over what is widely believed to be the second biggest MMA promotion behind Zuffa run properties like the UFC and Strikeforce.

The flush amount of cash now standing behind Bellator makes them a player on day one, even though they already pulled in hundreds of thousands of viewers for their programming before the deal with Viacom was ever done.

“If we’re a monopoly, Viacom now owns a mixed martial arts organization. They’re sitting on $5 billion in cash. What does that make us? Now we’re the mom and pops,” said White.

“I mean seriously. The UFC has been tremendously successful, but we’re not sitting on $5 billion in (expletive) cash.”

How Viacom will end up promoting and building Bellator remains to be seen, but White is emphatic in his statement that just their involvement alone absolves his promotion of any claims of monopolization of the mixed martial arts industry.

White’s unsure what Viacom will do either, but he knows they have the capital to make a run at it.

“Viacom is sitting on $5 billion in cash. They’ve got the money, they’ve got the platform, the money, the network, we’ll see what happens,” White stated.

The monopoly debate would seem settled just based on those facts alone, but it remains to be seen if more organizations will make similar claims in the future or not.

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  • bajafox

    That UNION really needs to look up ‘monopoly’ in the dictionary. I agree with Dana, the UFC is far from being a monopoly.

    • wonggfan

      Lol at a UFC fanboy BLINDLY agreeing with Dana on shit he has know clue about.

      Look it up in the dictionary???? Since when do you look up legal terms in the dictionary?

      That union memo, which I am sure you haven’t read, was prepared by, or after a consultation with, an antitrust lawyer. Don’t worry, you wouldn’t understand half of what it said.

      Just go back to licking Dana’s nuts you fanboy.


      • bajafox

        STFU, I’m no fanboy you fkn pos. Stop throwing that word around trying to sound like you’re the be all know all.

        Do you even know what a monopoly is besides the game? Oh great, lawyers are involved, that’s a red flag, this is all about money and nothing more. Fk any union in this country, they fk up everythig as usual.

        Go suck on a PRIDE pole master of all MMA knowledge, lol

      • frumps

        Everyone on this site is aware of wonggfan’s super-human acumen, seemingly knowledgeable on every single topic under the sun. From MMA, to antitrust lawyers, to midget porn, to YOU NAME IT.

        /end sarcasm/

  • Planterz

    If the UFC is a monopoly, then they need to crack down on MLB, NFL, NHL, etc. Besides Bellator, KotC, and the SEVERAL of promotions aired by HDNet, there are countless smaller MMA promotions across the country. At least we watch or at least read about those fights. When’s the last time anybody gave a $#^@ about scores in the American Association of Independent Professional Baseball or the United Football league or the Federal Hockey League?

    • wonggfan

      MLB, NFL, and NHL are monopolies. However, they are exempt under the federal statute for various reasons I am not going to get into.

      The thing is, those organizations have connections in the Congress. I am not sure Zuffa has the same type of connection.

      Look, the UFC is a monopoly (you don’t have to be a pure monopoly to be a monopoly under the statute. I believe 90% of the market share or higher is enough). The 2nd rate promotions that yall make fun of such as Bellator and KotC have less than 10% of the market share.

      • RobW

        Hey, it’s WONG again!

        So, if I’m reading this correctly, you’re claiming “the Congress” (last I checked, it was just Congress) decides what’s a monopoly and what’s not. If so, why are you making the 90% of market share claim? Doesn’t look like your claim is valid if your 2nd paragraph states it’s a decision, not a science. Please elaborate.

  • wonggfan

    “If we’re a monopoly, Viacom now owns a mixed martial arts organization. They’re sitting on $5 billion in cash. What does that make us? Now we’re the mom and pops,” said White.

    Since when Monopoly turn on potential cash reserve and not on market share????

    Oh Dana…you clown.

    • RobW

      Ah, you’re one of THOSE guys. The one that goes on to these sites that has more useless information than anyone. This is entertainment, not college. Secondly, how is Dana White a clown? He brought that organization from the brink of ruin and now sits atop the MMA throne. Doesn’t sound like a clown to me. You don’t have to like him, but you should respect him. Cause if it wasn’t for him, you wouldn’t have a forum to show your superiority on.

      Oh, and if Dana reads your post, I’m sure he’ll drop his position at Zuffa and let you run the joint, since you’re so smart and all.

  • kevstinx

    Did Pride get bought out by Zuffa?
    Did WEC merge with the UFC ?
    Did strikeforce get bought by Zuffa then to release fighters and take fighters and fast track them to UFC title shots. Basically extracting talent or people they like.

    Here in the UK, if you where to take away UFC, the only MMA coverage we would have would be Bamma, once a blue moon.

    UFC has been a Monopoly for a long. I am glad I do not have to pay $50 an event, because I would have cancelled my membership long ago. The last 12 months of UFC events has been toilet material, utter shite!

    Many people believe if you are not in the UFC, you are not a top level MMA fighter, that is what we have had drilled into our heads over the last decade.

    The thing I do not like most about this monopoly thing, is how Zuffa is far right wing when it comes down to allowing fans to use ANY material, eg: fan websites.

    This adds to the Gestapo control that Zuffa have.
    I expect to see fighters marching to the octagon soon to the sound of german music with one arm raised.

    PS. Constant childish behaviour, let’s fire everyone who does not sign their life away on a game. Let’s get rid of Hendo or anyone else I have a problem with whilst they still have a lot to give. But we will keep 4 losing streak fighter, Dan Hardy, because he has a red mohawk and energy.
    So much for the 3 strike out rule. Stop putting your eggs in baskets, hype sets up for a massive let down.

    Just keep making the rules up as you go along.

    Horses for courses.

    Dana would make a could dictator without the tatorship.

    Lastly, for Dana to say “It’s the dumbest thing ever said” is complete bollocks, I am sure he has heard worse. Is Dana bipolar?

    • Michaelchimique

      everything you are talking about is reasons why you don’t like dana. its an opinion. the ufc is not a monopoly. they do not have total control of the Sport of MMA. if they did they would be the only company in town. there are hundreds of mma companies. The ufc just happens to be the biggest.

      dana knows how to run his company,you bitching about his behavior is irrelevant.

  • kevstinx

    I welcome Dana white’s ass lickers to respond. But that is all I have to say about thattttttttt.

    • wonggfan

      Dana White’s ass lickers are ignorant American middle class teenagers. What do they know about monopoly.

      Only thing that they know is how to agree with everything Dana says.

      • Planterz

        And you apparently categorically disagree with anything DW says just because it’s him that says it and calls anybody who agrees a nut/ass licker fanboy. How about you actually participate in a discussion instead of just being a contradictory troll?

        • wonggfan

          “And you apparently categorically disagree with anything DW says”

          I do not.

  • kevstinx

    Everything is not black and white. I disagree with exagerated statements, he is good at that.

    • wonggfan

      he is very good at that.

  • bajafox

    Here you go Wongfan:

    “A monopoly (from Greek monos / μονος (alone or single) + polein / πωλειν (to sell)) exists when a specific person or enterprise is the only supplier of a particular commodity.”

    Now answer one single question, is the UFC the ONLY supplier of this particular commodity? If they answer is yes I will proudly say I was wrong and you are right. Can you do the same? I doubt it, get off your high horse, you don’t know everything you think you do

  • bajafox

    Same was for Microsoft, there was Linux and Apple out but they were accused of a monopoly. In a supposed “free” country the consumer should be allowed to choose whichever “commodity” they choose. Was it Microsofts fault that they offered the best product at the time? No.

  • MikeMc1983

    Wong is correct that looking up monopoly in the dictionary, and in what the courts have deemed it are two entirely different terms.

    However I can understand people not understanding why it’s different.

    Anti trust is probably the most complicated division of law. You can give a certain case to the top 100 antitrust lawyers in the country, and 50 could go one way, and 50 go the other.

    I don’t like to be a hater here, but unless any of us are an antitrust laywer (or stayed in a holiday inn express last night) were just giving out uneducated guesses probably based on what we think the answer should be.

    Just saying that you agree with Dana that it’s not a monopoly is pretty ignorant. Just as ignorant as saying you don’t.

    Because I’m sure that Dana has talked to a few of his lawyers on the subject.
    The union has done the same.
    Chances are though that even if they found it to be a monopoly, they’d allow it anyway. Now I’m giving my uneducated guess.

    • bajafox

      Great response.

      But when lawyers are involved it’s always usually about money…

  • MikeMc1983

    Yeah a lot of Antitrust cases are tedious, which means long hours for lawyers that they can bill. Much more than that union would put up. That’s why they reported their thoughts to the Feds. They’ll investigate if they choose too.

    Just like the Feds blocking the t-Mobil deal.
    That wouldn’t have been a monopoly either, you’d still have Verizon out there, but they cited that the deal could have the same effect on America as a monopoly. Those laws get crazy, and tricky.

    Interesting stuff if you like law, but it’s maddening if you don’t.

  • sirreadsalot10

    Whether the UFC is a monopoly or not is a fact that the culinary union could care less about. What the union cares about is there beef with the Fertitas regarding the union members who work at the station casinos. It is a union power play and nothing more. They are threatening the livelihood of hundreds of fighters and the dreams of thousands for an unrelated manner. But do they care? No. This Union and every other only cares about their power and will do anything to keep it.