Do Hendo’s Hands Hold the Jon Jones Kryptonite?

November 27, 2011
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Jon "Bones" Jones

Jon "Bones" Jones

What’s it gonna take to beat UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones?

That’s a legitimate question without a clear answer.

Thus far, no one has even come close to putting Jones in trouble. And only two fighters have ever taken him to a decision, Stephan Bonnar and Andre Gusmao.

Matt Hamill does hold a victory over Jones and their respective resumes, but that was a fight that Jones dominated, losing only due to a disqualification for using an illegal “12 to 6 o’clock” elbow strike.

Aside from that asterisk on his record, Jones has been nothing short of spectacular, reeling off five consecutive victories since the DQ. He finished Brandon Vera, Vladimir Matyushenko, and Ryan Bader to set up a title shot. He then dominated and finished Mauricio “Shogun” Rua to capture the belt then defended it against Quinton “Rampage” Jackson.

He next faces Lyoto Machida at UFC 140 in Toronoto.

Having been caught up in the Jon Jones tornado, Bader believes he has an answer to our initial question, although it’s not exactly definitive.

“Maybe (Dan) Henderson,” Bader told MMAWeekly Radio’s weekend crew recently. “Looking at his last fight, he’s not gonna go away. Shogun and Henderson looked like zombies out there, knocking each other out.”

Bader has a similar fighting style to Henderson, so it’s no surprise that he would think the answer lies somewhere within their mirroring tactics.

“I think it’s gonna take a big puncher. It’s a guy that’s gonna throw at him and doesn’t respect him really. I think Henderson could be that guy,” said Bader, pointing out what could have led to his faltering against Jones when they met at UFC 126 earlier this year.

“That’s what the thing is, people respect Jon Jones too much. They respect his skills, and rightfully so, but it’s a guy that says screw it, I’m gonna try and go out there and knock your head off. It could be Dan.”

Henderson’s power punches have been the answer numerous times before: Fedor Emelianenko, Michael Bisping, Wanderlei Silva, and many others.

Could it be they hold they hold the Jon Jones kryptonite as well?

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  • bdono554

    Good argument except… his last 3 fights were against guys that come forward and throw heavy strikes. How did that strategy go for them?

  • the last 3 fighters were all far to cautious. yes they are the type that go forwards throwing bombs but they did not go forward against jones hence baders comment its a guy that says screw it and really go’s for it that could unsettle jones. Jones is in a glorious position of having no real dangerous opponent machida ,henderson,rua are all the same level and thats below jones. jones has all the advantages of speed, reach,unpredictability and a growing confidence. silva should step up and give jones something to think about he has the same attributes add to that his experience and he could give jones problems.or force jones up in weight where he will have to really up his game.

    • afk

      Not really sure why everybody is so focused on seeing Jones move up to Heavyweight so soon. The guy has only defended his belt one time and he’s 24 years old… let him work his way up for a bit and gain some real muscle mass as his body develops before moving up to fight monsters like JDS lol.

      I think that if Silva wanted to move up and fight Jon that would be exciting, but there are still a ton of great fights at LHW and will likely be more on the horizon in the next year or two… and this is all assuming that he doesn’t lose to the awesome talent in queue like Lyoto, Evans or Henderson.

      I think the problem with technology and the speed of information today is that people on the internet can’t stand waiting for stimulation. You read about a fight that might happen and suddenly you’ve visualized that match happening 8 different times with the guy you like winning, and subsequently you’re left dreaming about what’s coming after that, and after that, and after that. There are people on this forum that act like Jon Jones has run his division dry and needs to get out and find someone to challenge him.

      Say that when he’s beat them all. Say he has nobody left when there’s nobody left, and then talk about him moving around in weight. Until then, the point of weight divisions is to see who’s the best in each class and I still enjoy seeing the literal best in that class defend their title.

      All of that being said… how cool would an old school style open weight tournament be? Get like 24 of the world’s top fighters over 12 months lol. Might mess up a years’ worth of laddering though, but we could see for real who the baddest man on the planet was! lol

  • natpaukar7

    Richard and AFK are both spot on I would say. First…I do believe that if Machida can’t do anything…because i think he is a good game planner, that Anderson needs to step up becuase I believe he would beat Jones almost easily. Talk about never having had a challenge…the only one who challanged anderson was a roided out sonnen…so with that said…good fight/matchup

    Also I agree with you AFK that people are ruling things out all too fastt…he did only defend once…people were thinking this about Lesnar for a bit although they are different circumstances…similar chatter surrounded both and look where that guy is…he sucks in my opinion…

    that having been said…Jones is agreat fighter and he will do well no matter any outcome

  • XIRandomHeroIX

    I am sorry but it’s going to take more than just being a decent striker to take down Jones. If Jones walks through Machida like he has everyone else so far then Anderson is the only other logical fight and I honestly don’t think Silva would even accept the fight

    • RubeKegal

      ^^ Agree 100%. Hendo is a legend, but he has nothing for Bones. Although an Olympic GRECO wrestler, Bones would take down Hendo anytime he wants. If Jake Shields can outwrestle Hendo, Bones would embarrass him. I don’t want to see that honestly.

      Bones vs. Anderson, end of story.

  • Dan’s a tough dude and has many strong points but Jones would run through him like a hot knife through butter.

    Henderson put on a hell of a performance against Rua last weekend but he flat-lined for the last 2 rounds. The only thing that saved him was the fact that Rua was gassed too. That wouldn’t be the case if he were to face Jones. Jon will be there in the later rounds, just as fresh as he was in round 1 and that’s a recipe for disaster for an out of gas 41 year old Dan Henderson.

    • MikeMc1983

      Are you sure jones would still be there in the later rounds if he were to take the damage that rua did in the first two? I’m not sure either way. One thing I have learned in being an avid sports enthusiast most of my life is that everyone always has a chance.
      I could only picture what comments would have been like before Tyson vs. douglas.
      I know we all are intelligent, and base out projections on what we believe are the probabilities. However, we should make sure we don’t fool ourselves into not realizing that there’s an answer for each problem. Whether we figure it out ourselves, or someone else does. The chances are, that someone, will figure jones out.

      • mma24069

        Chances are isn’t Machida. If hendo gets the shot at the title his right hand is all he’s going to have over Jones going into the fight. Which might not be enough. Henderson’s greco is great, but I’ve seen him taken down by guys with way less skill than Jones. If Henderson lands the bomb I wouldn’t be surprised if Jones crumbled but I doubt it will happen.nvr know
        JONES BY TKO

      • RubeKegal

        There’s ZERO chance Bones would take that damage. He’s too lengthy, fast and agile.

  • I think Jones is the new look of 205. He is bigger than most 205ers like Shogun and Lyoto. The only question mark now is how he takes a punisment and recovers but nobody has really had a chance to test that because of his skills. A few years ago I thought this guy was all hype and would get rocked when he entered the top 10 but I was so wrong. UFC needs a 220-230 lbs division. Boxing never needed a weight limit because after 200 lbs the power is relitive and theres no ground game.

    • andthenisaid

      Bring on Cruiserweight! Makes perfect sense to me.

  • jalenmiller

    GOOD henderson could beat him if hendo get his cardio up to last with bones jones

  • KBEsq

    I’m surprised people aren’t giving Machida much of a chance. I actually think he’s got a better shot than Henderson. Ultimately, I think both fall to Jones, but I think Machida will be able to avoid a lot of punishment that Jones has to give, and he will be the best able to get inside and effectively strike.

    I think if Henderson doesn’t beat Jones in the first or middle of the second round, then he isn’t going to beat him. Lyoto can be effective for all five rounds. I think his fight with Rampage was quite telling. Very little going on in the first two rounds, and I think Machida really damaged Rampage in the final round and had tons left in the gas tank.

  • FightFan_008

    I think Jones is a great fighter and he has they staying power to be around for a long time. However, Jones has the same hype as Machida when Machida was beating everyone who was put in front of him. Before Jones, Machida was the unstoppable, unbeatable champion. It was the Machida Era! All it takes is that one fighter to go in and expose their weakness and prove that they are beatable. I think this bout with Jones and Machida will be very interesting. We’ll see how Jones does against a more patient fighter that wont fall into his game.

  • Simple answer?

    No – his hands werent even the kryptonite to Rua.

    • And we all saw what Jones did to Rua.