Diego Sanchez was Wiling to Fight Anyone at Any Weight at UFC Albuquerque

June 7, 2014
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Diego Sanchez was open to fighting at whatever weight the UFC threw at him to get on the UFC Albuquerque fight card. Lightweight, welterweight, even middleweight… give him a name and Sanchez was down for whomever.

Albuquerque is Sanchez’s hometown and he hasn’t fought there in more than a decade, since he was ruling the roost under the King of the Cage banner.

Sanchez got his wish, landing in the co-main event opposite Ross Pearson.

Check out MMAWeekly.com’s interview with Diego Sanchez ahead of UFC Fight Night 42 in Albuquerque.

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  • put me in the sauna coach

    Diego went on to say “yes at this stage I’m willing to lose to anyone” and then he added “and using consumption of raw meat as an excuse”

    • jose

      well thought-out comment

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      • put me in the sauna coach

        uh…yeah I guess so. Probably easy even without holding the hot dog. Good assessment.

  • brad king

    GONNA BE a good one. may need a cutman or two in these one ya think