Diego Sanchez Wants to Fight Nate Diaz Following UFC on Fuel TV 8 Victory

March 3, 2013
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Diego Sanchez UFC 114Diego Sanchez may have won a controversial split decision over hometown hero Takanori Gomi at UFC on Fuel TV 8 in Tokyo, Japan, but the 31-year-old American also feels lucky just to be back in the Octagon injury free.

“First of all, I just feel fortunate to be back in the cage and off the injury list and doing what I love. I know I only have so much time left in the sport and I want to make the most of it,” Sanchez told Fuel TV post-fight.

“I feel I earned the victory. I went out there, did more damage, got the first round and Takanori Gomi, taking nothing away from him, he is a legend for a reason. This was the Japan version of Gomi. This is Gomi fighting in front of his people, his  crowd, and that is the legend that was the Pride Champion.”

Coach Greg Jackson’s departing words to Sanchez before he went out for the final round was “go fight for your family,” and Sanchez revealed that it helped him to get the win.

“That was big time man. I’m about to get all choked up. I got my wife and she’s pregnant with a baby girl, so that’s what this victory was for,” Sanchez said.

He returned to lightweight for his fight with Gomi, but despite missing weight by two pounds and being fined 20-percent of his earnings, he wants to remain at 155 pounds and challenge Nate Diaz.

“He has a fight lined up, but the fight I want is Nate Diaz. I want to be the first one to say I beat both Diaz brothers and I have got the bigger brother on my resume already, so now I want the little brother. Our styles make for an awesome, awesome fight.”

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  • azn

    wtf is sanchez talking about? what kind of damage was he referring too? the groin shots?????

  • groinshotsdon’tcount

    He came in overweight, refused to engage and fought a boring safe greg jackson fight, lost, stole the decision from a home town hero and he’s still talking s***?

  • Lawdog1521

    So… he’s bragging about calling out someone’s little brother?

  • Edpo21

    This kid is literally delusional. If he thinks he won that fight, he’s out of his mind. Do us all a favor and go off yourself Sanchez. I’ve disliked this kid and his bs decisions that go his way for a long time. This just makes it easier to not like him.

    • uncle

      I agree he clearly lost the fight to Kampmann and
      still won the question is now which judge is he sleeping with

      • Is this a Gay Club ?

        If not why are you talking like that about a well respected professional fighter who has never been in a dull fight even once in his career ?

        • uncle

          I’m sure people enjoyed Diego back in the
          days his energy was always to the roof
          but he has lost a couple of steps through
          out the years while other fighters have been evolving he is not the same fighter
          he misses weight now but still a real professional to you so must be the 1 who
          is gay ho can’t see your Diego the dreamboat Sanchez do no wrong while
          others call it the way they see it

          • Reed

            He has’nt lost a couple of steps, He’s coached by Greg Jackson now, and what do those fighters have in common? They play it safe! thats why we’re not seeing the aggressive Diego

          • uncle

            Yeah he is back with Jackson and we all
            see what a fantastic job he has done
            with Guida

    • Like him or not Sanchez has real heart & fights with all he has got each & every time .

      Its you who is delusional , Sanchez went toe to toe with the guy in his back yard & if fighters like Sanchez , Dan Henderson & Frankie Edgar didnt press the action there would be no fight worth seeing & no UFC because of it .

      Them fighting men dont look for the easy way out & score pretty little counter strikes in self defense , they get in there where angels fear to thread & make it happen .Landing one scoring blow like that is worth 5 times more than scoring a counterstrike in self defense .

      Ask yourself this , did Gomi beat the man ?

      Not did Gomi outscore the professional fighter within the rules of a sporting contest , namely legalized fighting .

      Diego Sanchez wasnt beaten , not Diego Sanchez the man & not Diego Sanchez the professional Sportsman .

      Gomi didnt do enough to win it & it was only the rules of the game that stopped Sanchez from going all the way until the morning to get the job done .

      It was a close fight & the judges got it right .

      Its not an election where little p****** vote for their dream husband , its the fight business where evenly matched men get in there & fight for a living .

      Show some f****** intelligence if you cant show some masculinity & respect for the excellent quality before yer eyes .

      • Lucas Freire

        Dafuq I just read
        You talk like Gomi wasn’t the one pushing forward and fighting like a man.

      • MuayThaiFood

        You sound confused. Gomi was the Japanese guy. You seem to have things turned around.

        • Crusher


      • Truth

        you must think that Bradley beat Pacquiao.

  • uncle

    He is barking up the wrong tree Nate finished Gomi
    and I believe he will do the same to Sanchez with no

  • really

    I watched the Diaz sanchez fight, I was pissed when they gave the win to Diaz… he lost that fight,,, that made me so mad i stopped watching the ufc for a long time… I though it was fixed, after last night it seems I was right…

  • He really is crazy, I’m convinced of it, he had nothing for Gomi. Gomi outworked him at every aspect of the game, I’m so sad that Gomi lost that fight. I was disgusted when I thought it was going to be a split decision win for Gomi and then the bottom fell out. Please just let Diego lose three in a row and send him back to king of the cage.

  • drkdisciple

    I was just hoping he would lose so that Dana would fire him! Still think he did, but the judges didn’t agree.

  • Henry

    I think sancheez will lose to nate. I also thought Gomi should have got the decision!

  • Orville

    Sanchez showed us why he is no longer ranked in the top 10! …end of story!

    • Keeping it Real

      not about Diego being crappy… it was Gomi who looked great. Terrible that he got ridiculously robbed like that.

  • Sanchez did not make weight, fought a much smaller Gomi, was afraid to exchange, got a few groin shots in, failed to implement his Greg Jackson take down game plan, while Gomi pressed the action the entire fight,

    Sanchez lost that fight.

    • groinshotsdon’tcount

      heeey you stole my comment 😛


    Gomi should be calling out Diaz, he won the fight and he made weight.

    • mma*hi

      No he didn’t


    Looks like Greg Jackson has made another exciting fighter boring as hell.

  • dd

    he just lost the fight..he doesnt get to pick opponent

  • BarrysHypocrisy

    Another win that Diego didn’t deserve. He shouldn’t be talking about fighting Nick Diaz because most people don’t think he won that fight either. It must be the scary faces that he makes and his goofy antics that impress the judges.

    Sanchez might go down in history as the dopiest fighter ever.

  • mouthguardin

    he lost the fight against John Alessio also . Diego has been given to many decision .

  • George Sperry

    Diego “I look constipated” Sanchez lost that fight 30-27 on my card. I have no freaking idea what the judges were seeing.

  • Aaron_T

    If Diego fought Nick Diaz today, he’d get the crap slapped out of him. Diego ruined himself by changing his body so many times. Ask Roy Jones Jr. how switching weight classes can ruin a career. Diego doesn’t have the same explosiveness, he never had the finishing power, now he’s just a well-rounded middle-tier fighter instead of every achieving that ‘destiny’ he talked about. Good grief dude, Gomi beat you, now admit it.

  • Arthur Deluca

    Sanchez you are a dirtball. First off Gomi won that fight.. you looked fat and weird plus have no right to call out Nate. You are a chump. Go get a real win 1st.

  • RonnieV

    Nick & Nate would both destroy Sanchez today

  • Ron Wheeler

    Wake up Sanchez. You LOST to Gomi.

  • Mark McDowall

    He misses weight, puts on a horrible fight. Wins because…uhhh…one of the judges was blind?? Who knows how he won the fight! And now he think’s he can call out one of the top guys @ 155? Diego is past his sell by date and judging by Dana WHites comments during and after that fight he may not be around much longer!

    • Truth

      u mean 2 judges were blind… or was just one blind while the other was getting sucked off by Diego?

      • Mark McDowall

        Diego was in the cage…must have been Greg Jackson!

  • MuayThaiFood

    Did anyone here Greg Jackson at the end of round 1 telling Sanchez he won that round 3 takedowns to none? Apparently he knows that judges score more for takedowns that you do nothing with than landing shots and doing damage. It sickens me how much weight is given to takedowns that don’t accomplish anything. 3 takedowns with nothing done and they should take away a point. Diego even says ” I went out there and did more damage, got the first round”. He only got the first round if you think points for takedowns count more than fighting. Diego, you’ve been drinking too much of your own urine.

    • MuayThaiFood

      oops…I meant did anyone “hear” Jackson

  • Bugster

    Diego was the only winner in the main event that not get a interview. LOL The boos would be so loud they probably wouldn’t hear him.

  • Mayjorupset4FUN

    you guy bitch n blame diego cuz he got the desc well he wasnt fighting himself hr was fighting gomi, gomi is the one u should be bitching about ifs his fault he couldnt catch diego on his one dementional fireball rifht hand punch its mma people dont leave it to judges simple…train harder to catch someone train harder to takedown someone train harder to get up train harder to be presice with combos cant get pissed down talk a fighter cuz ur pik couldnt pull threw so fuk u,

  • Mayjorupset4FUN

    if he stays at 155 will the actual nightmare return

  • Hot63nova

    Diego is a loser i wish I could be the fight maker let him fight Ben Henderson for his lost against gomi it’s getting retarted

  • Hot63nova

    After penn made him a Vigina head he never won another fight or was the same gomi got robbed I didn’t see won round go to Diego it’s crazy I had to watch the penn vs Sanchez ufc again just to justify this horsecrap I want him to fight Cain now lol Dana instead of fighters giving u problems make bad fighters pay for what they do Cain vs Sanchez I think rousy can beat sanchez

  • Collideoverme

    If Diego were half the man he claims to be, he would call out Gomi. Gomi clearly won the fight.
    Sanchez should extend a chance to redeem himself instead of taking a cheap win.