Diego Sanchez Wants to be Next TUF Coach When UFC Lands on Fox

September 16, 2011
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Diego Sanchez UFC 114

Diego Sanchez

Throughout his career, Diego Sanchez has been tested in many facets of mixed martial arts. He’s been in three weight classes, fought for a title and even dealt with a lot of out-of-cage drama that might send the common man spinning out of control, never to return.

After getting his life together and returning the familiar surroundings of Jackson’s MMA in New Mexico, Sanchez feels he’s ready to test himself in a challenge that MMA and the UFC is yet to give him.

Diego Sanchez wants to be a coach on The Ultimate Fighter.

In speaking with MMAWeekly Radio Weekend Edition recently, Sanchez – who won the first season of the famed reality show as a middleweight, alongside light heavyweight winner Forrest Griffin – proclaimed he is a perfect candidate to coach TUF in an upcoming season. With the show finding a new home on the Fox network, Sanchez can gain a ton of exposure to a wide audience, and feels he’s deserving of such a honor.

“What I really want is to become The Ultimate Fighter coach,” Sanchez said. “I’m the first one to win the show. I’ve had 20 fights in the UFC, including my fights with Koscheck and Karalexis.”

Beyond the notoriety of being a TUF coach, Sanchez desires the sense of responsibility from making champions out of the ambitious contestants on the show. Since winning the first season six years ago, Sanchez has seen many walk through the halls of The Ultimate Fighter facility, but feels carrying on the tradition of the show is best suited for him.

According to him, being the first Ultimate Fighter winner gives him some leverage when asking who better to teach guys on the show?

“I just feel that’s what I want to do,” he said. “I want to go on and coach these kids and I want to help make some champions and continue the legacy that I started back in 2005 with being the first Ultimate Fighter.”

Apparently, Sanchez has been eyeing a TUF coaching spot for a while now. During that time, the former contestant turned coaching hopeful considered who he’d like to coach against. After looking at all the welterweights in the division, Sanchez wants to handle what appears to be unfinished business with former foes.

Purdue Boilermaker and top-ranked 170-pounder Jon Fitch is one of those former opponents Sanchez wouldn’t mind coaching opposite to. “We had a split decision (and) close fight,” he said when discussing who he’d like to coach against on TUF.

Fitch and Sanchez have some history dating back to UFC 76: Knockout in 2007, where Fitch pulled out the win. This and another loss stick out to Sanchez enough to where he’d like lead a team of young, hungry fighters to a TUF Finale, and eventually a showdown for personal payback.

What’s that other loss, might you ask? None other than the one against former welterweight and lightweight champ B.J. Penn, of course.

“A rematch with him would be awesome,” Sanchez said. “That’s a fight that I really would want to take now that I’m not a weak little 155-pounder, but I’m a strong 170 with a better head on my shoulders.”

Michael Bisping and Jason “Mayhem” Miller are the coaches for the upcoming 14th season of The Ultimate Fighter, and typically, coaches for the following season aren’t picked until at or after the end of the current season. So if Sanchez is going to get his wish to be a TUF coach, he’ll have to wait a while, but that’s probably not a issue.

He’s waited this long… what’s another season?

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  • shereko

    Nobody wants to tune in and watch this weird noise chanting, forehead scarred, dream/nightmare, weed smoking goofball… especially put up against Fitch, oh my god what a snooze fest of personalities there. He isn’t a contrasting personality, he’s a weirdo that wants to get some cash outside of just fighting.

    Also, don’t put on someone that doesn’t speak english if it comes to that. I’m sure Brazilians know a ton for coaching but, this is tv not an infomercial.

    • BigGuy


    • bajafox

      What the hell is wrong with smoking weed?

      I think Diego would make an entertaining coach on TUF. The only thing I’d hope he leave’s off the show is his religious beliefs, other than that, I like Diego. He doesn’t smoke weed anymore by the way, but I sure as hell do. Every day

      • shereko

        HAHAHA Ok ok, nothing wrong with the weed part. But, he was the one that said, it “ruined his life” but, yes… I just added that part for relevance purposes.

        • bajafox

          I agree, I don’t think weed had anything to do with “ruining his life”

          Personally I like Diego, I don’t see why people really dislike him besides the weirdness and religious crap, other than that I think he’s a very entertaining fighter.

          • BigGuy

            Weed isn’t my thing, but I don’t have a problem with it. I just don’t like Diego!

  • PappaK

    Diego “Irrelevant” Sanchez.

    I can’t believe I’m even wasting 15 seconds commenting on this.

    • BigGuy

      Yes, irrelevant is the word. Who cares that he wants to coach the next TUF? Why would we want to subject ourselves to his idiotic chanting and 4th grade faces he makes. I think he should be focusing on trying to make himself relevant as a fighter in the UFC.

  • I personally Enjoy Diego Sanchez. He is a former KOTC champ his record is pretty solid, his losses are to contenders NOT tomato cans He WON Ultimate Fighter at 185 and has fought at both 70 and 55…Diego is Intense and a hard worker. He would be a coach I would tune in to watch without a doubt. His fights are always great to watch and he is not a quitter. I think they need to get Koschek or Penn in there as a Coach and have them fight. Penn is a great Coach and Sanchez would be able to bring the Jackson Camp with him. Many a fighter uses Cannabis as a healthy part of a training lifestyle. If you roll or hit the bag and watch your nutrition then you KNOW that Cannabis relieves all levels of stress throughout your system. Your body is line with cannibanoid receptors. There are a plethora of UFC and Martial Arts Legends that sing the praises of making cannabis a healthy and regular part of your training regiman. Ask Bruce Lee.

    • shereko

      I’m not knocking weed… the athletic commissions do though. Say what you want its an illegal substance. Ohh and I’m not saying I wouldn’t watch him fight, I’m saying I wouldn’t watch him NOT fighting. Dudes all about his praying, he would prob have them highlight sections of the bible like Hughes did… YAWN. Koschek just did the show, and was funny because he’s so dumb. Theres enough characters that aren’t as weird as this boring jerky.

  • bajafox

    I love weed. =)

  • Mario

    I just came here to say I also love weed.


    ps. Diego IS a weirdo.

  • sc_828295d26bdef6862d8b10cb9a9c6ddf

    I for one would love to see a Sanchez/Fitch Ultimate Fighter. I don’t know how they would do on the show, but its the fight I want to see. I think Fitch would take the victory.

    • Mario


      You do know they fought already, right?

      Fitch took it.

      I wouldn’t wanna see that one again.