Diego Sanchez Wants Five-Round Nate Diaz Fight

October 22, 2013
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Diego Sanchez UFC 114Fresh off of his UFC 166 Fight of the Night performance, Diego Sanchez (24-6) wants a five-round fight with Nate Diaz.

The Ultimate Fighter season 1 winner returned to the lightweight division after a four-fight stint in the 170-pound weight class in March against former Pride champion Takanori Gomi. The former top lightweight contender defeated Gomi by split decision and then faced former Strikeforce champion Gilbert Melendez at UFC 166.

While coming up short on the judges’ scorecards, Sanchez displayed his typical high-energy style and toughness and proved he can still hang with the top lightweights in the world.

On Tuesday, the 31-year-old took to Twitter and suggested a fight with Diaz could be “epic.”

Diaz (16-9) fought for the lightweight title and lost to Benson Henderson in December 2012. Diaz is coming off a loss in his last outing on April 20 to Josh Thomson. It was the first time that the Stockton native has been defeated by strikes. He has only been finished twice in his 25-fight career.

The only time Sanchez has been stopped was due to a cut against B.J. Penn for the lightweight championship at UFC 107 in 2009.

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  • King_DG

    I’d like to see him fight Benson Henderson, that would be a fun fight to watch

    • Kenny Powers

      That would be pretty epic. I think even Miller or Cerrone would be great fights. Honestly, Diego vs anyone else willing to throwdown will be awesome.

    • Truth

      true, stylistically, that’d be a fun one… but bottom line is Benson is way too high up the ladder (still title contender, esp. if Pettis loses), while Diego has essentially become a gatekeeper.

      Diego is like the Chris Leben of LW division. A decent name who is thrown in to be an entertaining fight but no serious title implications.

  • Ks mma

    Diaz would be the second person to stop Diego by strikes. Diego isn’t headliner material anymore.

    • JDMMA

      second person??? who was the first you moron?dont say BJ,,, fight was stopped due to cut… idiots like you should be sent to live with talibans in caves

      • MaritalArtist

        He’s blogging from there right now, what?

    • Maddawgmar

      Based on both of their last fights, I’d say Nate is no longer headliner material.

  • Christina

    One of those cases of “be careful what you wish for”. I think Diaz would chop Diego up. Not that I am a Diaz fan but facts are facts. Diego is tough but his skills aren’t up to Diaz’s.

    • Kenny Powers

      Yup, plus u know the kind of gas tanks the diaz bros bring…

    • BobLemons

      Diaz already lost to Sanchez once…

      • Christina

        The record I see shows he beat Nick, not Nate, by decision 8 years ago. I don’t think Sanchez has improved much since TUF.

  • Johnny

    Give Diego Khabib…. that would be worth watching… styles make match ups and that would be perfect

    • Jay Mcgarrity

      Khabib is getting a top 5 opponent next and he would most likely destroy Diego anyway. Diaz would be an easier fight for him than Khabib.

      • MaritalArtist

        Agreed x4

  • Danny boy

    He did beat nick beating nate would just make the diaz girks that much more lunk bitches

    • JET

      I’m a Diaz fan, so I disagree with the last half of your comment. However, you do raise a good point. I think it’s interesting that the author failed to mention that Diego used his wrestling to cruise to a unanimous decision of Nick. The authors of this site and a few other main MMA sites are pretty bad.

  • Manuel Lopez

    Where does he get off asking for 5 rnds? Not confident that he can finish anyone with three rnds? Nate D would give him brain damage I think.

    • What do you mean where does he get off? He’s a competitive fighter. That’s awesome and show’s this guy loves tough fights to ask for Nate Diaz. Why would you complain about that? You fans are crazy. A guy doesn’t except fights or doesn’t win he’s afraid or a bum. Then a guy puts on good fights but doesn’t always win asks for tough fights still and your still not happy. C’mon man.

    • The title of this article alone is enough to let you know he already has brain damage.

    • diazfan209

      Diego’s coming off one of the most exciting fights in the history of MMA. He can request whatever he wants.

      • As the loser of the fight, no he can’t. Common sense tells most people that.

        • Manuel Lopez

          Exactly right.

      • Manuel Lopez

        Not really. Yea it looked cool how he took a beating and kept asking for more but he was OUTCLASSED by Melendez. He lost and he lost bad. But that’s just my opinion.

  • uncle

    only 1 problem it wouldn’t last five rounds, Diaz will
    box the s*** out of Diego

  • uncle

    Only 1 problem it wouldn’t last 5 rounds Diaz will
    box the sh#*t out of Diego

  • Mr Pete

    For the love of Marijuana, please cut out all that scar tissue to prevent your face, from hanging off your FACE! Every fight your face is mangled to hell, you’d look like Wand but something tells me being pretty is not your primary concern.

  • nate diaz mauled gomi and sanchez wants a piece of him?

  • Jay Mcgarrity

    A good portion of people on here are clueless and/or out of their minds. First of all, if there is any conditioning advantage here it’s not big. Now lets talk about some of Nate’s weaknesses that he’s displayed in the past. Similar to his brother against GSP, when a stronger guy who is skilled enough to not get caught by a submission gets on top of him, he finds himself losing a points game. When Nate is able to dictate a pace and control the stand up against fighters who like to frequently reset after exchanges, he does very well. Against guys like Diego who rush in with reckless abandon however, there are plenty of openings for Diaz to be clipped or taken down. Lesser fighters than Diego have beaten Nate Diaz. The main point that should be fresh on everybody’s mind because it just mother f*cking happened is that Diego lost a close fight where he more than held his own against Gil. I assume that Diaz and Gilbert would still stick to what they said before and never fight each other but I’m fairly confident that if they were to fight Gilbert would come out on top. This fight could go a number of different ways and if you don’t think it would be competitive then you are crazy. Either guy could win this fight and it would most likely be a very entertaining fight, if you don’t believe that then maybe you should go watch dancing with the stars. I actually hope this fight happens so you people will be forced to eat your words.

    • da man

      You hit it right on the money! Nate Diaz is not as good as everyone thinks. Sanchez pretty much had his way with Nick, and Nick is better than Nate. Their skills are overrated. It’s the chin and cardio that make them special. Fighters tire after punching them in the face a million times, and then the Diaz brother’s boxing looks amazing afterwards. If Diego sticks to his wrestling, he’ll easily beat Nate.

  • JET

    Nick and Nate have very similar styles, strengths and weaknesses. Why didn’t the author mention that Diego previously beat Nick using his wrestling?

  • benoit

    Diego Sanchez deserves to be respected as a tough warrior. Yes, indeed, he lost to Gilbert who is one of the best fighter (in my book, he has won against Benson and should even be the champ) so Nate is not such a bad choice as he just lost by KO. I think Diego is a far better wrestler than Nate and can win by GNP….who knows?

  • Big Tuna

    Diaz does not fight anymore…GSP and Condit beat him into retirement

  • Dragon Kid

    I’d like to see it as long it’s not the main event.

  • Brian

    Great Idea


    YES !!!! that’d be an epic

  • Maddawgmar

    He whooped his brother and the Diaz brothers are carbon copies of each other. But then again that was many years ago. I like this fight.


    Nate is scheduled to fight Grey Maynard Nov. 30th. so give Diego the loser of that fight.

  • BarrysHypocrisy

    Sanchez gets thumped in another fight and he’s calling out people. I think he’s taken too many shots to the head. He wasn’t too bright to begin with.

  • Sean naputi

    You all are morons! This would be an epic fight! So go back to watching wwe!