Diego Sanchez Suffers Injury, UFC 180 Bout Scrapped

October 24, 2014
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The UFC injury bug knows no bounds.

Two days after Cain Velasquez had to withdraw from his return bout to defend his heavyweight championship at UFC 180 in Mexico, another bout on the card has been bitten by the bug.

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Joe Lauzon on Wednesday had to back out of his bout with Diego Sanchez due to an undisclosed injury. Then, on Thursday, the other shoe dropped. Sanchez also suffered an injury, according to UFC officials.

Now the fight has been completely scrapped. The card will proceed with 11 bouts.

UFC 180 takes place at the Arena Ciudad de Mexico in Mexico City on Nov. 15, with Mark Hunt stepping in for Velasquez in the night’s main event. He will face Velasquez’s original opponent, Fabricio Werdum, for the interim UFC heavyweight championship.

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  • George Sperry

    Looks like the Mexicans will get the “whole” UFC experience with them buying tickets and then having all the top fights scraped shortly before the event.

    • Darin

      LOl. The good ol’ UFC bait n switch.

      • DamianCross

        The important thing is that Bruce Buffer will be there doing his announcements in flat white spanish.

    • Seth

      I love people bitching about scrapped fights…For sure its like UFC planned to NOT let Cain fight in Mexico. Why would they? Its not like Cain would be gigantic draw in Mexico for them, right? Better save him up for US card. If anyone seriously thinks that UFC is scrapping fights on purpose – especially big ones like that – then he should switch channels to WWE right away.

  • snapdad

    velazquez injured, lauzon injured, sanchez injured. either these guys are faking it or they are training to hard and their should be consequences. I think if a fighter pulls out of a fight it should be a forfeit and considered a loss. it seems like the fighters that I didn’t like so much(rousey, McGregor) are the ones I am respecting more and more

    • Joe

      Do you know how easy it is to get hurt during training? If your idea was taken this sport would crumble, talent level would go down, anyone injured would try to hide it leading to a bad performance (for you to bitch about) so that they wouldn’t take a loss, as well as potentially making their injury worse and causing their career to come to an end much sooner than it should.

      • snapdad

        injuries didn’t happen as frequent until the ufc implemented this insurance plan. fighters take advantage of it, and it happens alot

        • Seth

          Yeah…of course, they are jumping on those millions and millions that they get from insurance policy…get back on earth, that “insurance plan” is pretty much only enough to heal up and pay bills meanwhile. It was told a few times already by fighters, that insurance money is barerly enough to survive without fighting.

    • shakejunt

      yeah don’t listen to your body or doctors

      • snapdad

        you don’t find it the least bit suspicious that sanchez gets injured just days after lauzon does? and velasquez was fighting constantly up until he got the title, and then after every title defense he gets injured.

        • JoeSchmo

          Suspicious? No, its honestly not. Use your head, these guys make money to fight. They do not make money by spending money and time on a training camp, trainers, nutrition, ect just to pull out of the fight right before the payday reward. The dumbest thing you said was that a fighter pulling out of a fight should be a forfeit and a loss. Thats ridiculous. (Though you do get payed even when you lose, and you dont if you pull out.)

        • shakejunt

          he was injured for the first fight with junior, he’s obviously willing to fight if he can. hw’s are just prone to overwork their bodies and their healing process is more delicate.

          wasn’t really referring to diego, he’s not on my radar.

  • BigriggWILLgetinjured

    Just wait for Johnny Hendricks news of his injury and it’ll be lawler vs McDonald for yet another interim title.

  • Joe

    Good for Hunt, this gives him a chance to actually wear a UFC championship belt, and no way he has a shot against Cain.

    • shakejunt

      if someone only watched cain-jds II and III, they’d probably think the same thing about junior.

      not saying hunto has a good shot, but one well placed punch early could cause an upset. he’ll have to do it twice though because werdum is a similar obstacle in that it’s someone he doesn’t want to be on the ground with.

  • pogodog

    There should be not interim champ. If Cain cannot fight, strip him of the belt and go on from there, perhaps a tournament.