Diego Sanchez Returning to Lightweight Division

August 6, 2012
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Diego Sanchez UFC 114The last time Ultimate Fighter season 1 winner Diego Sanchez was at 155 pounds, he was fighting for the UFC lightweight title.

That fight, against B.J. Penn in 2009, didn’t go his way, and after the fight Sanchez moved back up to welterweight where he had spent the majority of his career to that point.

Now after some soul searching and, obviously, some dietary changes, Sanchez has decided he will officially move back down to lightweight for his next fight in the UFC.

“It’s back to 155 for me,” Sanchez wrote on his Twitter page recently. “Should be good!”

According to Sanchez, the unfortunate side of things right now is an injury that’s pushing his return to the Octagon back for a few more months. Sanchez underwent shoulder surgery, but is currently rehabbing and working his way back into action.

The Team Greg Jackson fighter has started the work to get down to 155 pounds already, beginning a vegetarian diet, according to his Twitter page. His excitement to get back in the cage and compete again is already fueling his training.

“I’m cutting 45 pounds, so it better be someone worthy of a five-rounder,” Sanchez wrote about his return to lightweight. “You fans get me all excited about coming back. Thinking of a opponent is basically irrelevant now being I’m sidelined with a injury.”

While the decision to cut back down to 155 pounds seems set for Sanchez, now it’s all about recovering from the injury so he can get back in the cage to compete again.

During his last run at lightweight, Sanchez went 2-1 overall including the loss to Penn in his lone title shot since winning the Ultimate Fighter season 1 back in 2005.

  • stak

    Florian should come out of “retirement” so they could have a rematch. It would be fun to watch Kenny get raped again.

  • stak

    Florian should come out of “retirement” so they could have a rematch. It would be fun to watch Kenny get embarassed again.

  • stak

    I would like to see Florian come out of “retirement to face Sanchez in a rematch. I think it would be fun to watch Florian get embarrassed again.

  • leugim41004

    stak, they are in the same team, and florian is a million times a better fighter then when he first started. Florian retired because of a debilitating injury, his back is so bad he had to retire

    • stak

      when have they ever been on the same team? Are you trying to say that only florian has improved since they fought?

      florian retired because he finally accepted that he will never be a top level fighter. he used his “back injury” as an excuse so he could “retire” without having to tell people that he’s giving up and quiting.

      • elguapo

        Idiot. Why would he need an excuse to retire? And he he was a top level fighter, he proved that by getting three title fights. Just because he didn’t win the belt doesn’t make him a failure. If that’s the view you take then pretty much the entire WW and MW division cannot be considered top level.

        • stak

          I stopped reading when the first word was an insult directed at me. Did I insult you personally?

        • stak

          I stopped after reading the first word. Did I insult you personally or something? Why the need to start out your post talking shit?

          • elguapo

            Hardly talking sh*t now was I? I only used one word and it seems to sum you up pretty well. The reason I called you such a name is pretty evident in my initial reply to you. Read it, it’s self-explanatory.

          • stak

            I’m not reading anything else from you. You wouldn’t act this way in public to a random person you heard talking about mma so why would you do it here? Don’t answer I wouldn’t read it anyway.

          • stak

            I’m not going to waste my time with any more of your posts. Take care.

          • RubeKegal

            Florian beats Diego now.

          • jmat13

            Ken is an amazing fighter. Dude deserves a little more respect. Back injury is an excuse? The man has faught and won in 4 friggin weight classes. Look at the guys that beat him. Jose and BJ are nothing to laugh at. Also since he is a deadly BJJ guy I would think a bad back injury would be the worst thing to happen. How many fights did he have in the UFC? Ken is a fighters fighter. I would suggest getting a fight. Train and get your ass kicked in a gym for 2+ months. Go brawl just one time. Then your song will change about making excuses. I can’t stand people that talk bad about athletes when you have no idea or clue what we go through. Like when some short fat guy starts saying on monday morning how the QB should have done this or that different when the little piggy can’t even throw a ball to his kids. It’s pathetic.

          • stak

            I hate when people make assumptions.

          • stak

            jmat13, Quit assuming you know me or anything I’ve done or haven’t done.

      • RonnieV

        Are you serious? You realize that every person that read your post is dumber now! Most MMA fans have enough respect & knowledge of Florian to know that only an idiot would make a post a ridiculous theory like that!

        • stak

          Yeah man throw out some insults like I somehow attacked you. Nicely done.

  • Spartacus

    I hope the Diego can challenge for the title again. He will be a real nice addition to an already stacked

    • stak

      addition, division? hey, quit with the math man, this isn’t school!

  • WarriorScholar

    Diego is a weirdo

    • stak

      So are a lot of people. I bet someone out there thinks you’re a weirdo.

      • RubeKegal

        Perhaps, but everything thinks Diego is a weirdo…”YES!!!”

  • Spartacus

    There a lot of top level fighters out there not everyone can be the champion

  • stak

    What’s with the comments section? It posts some comments, moderates some, and doesn’t post the rest?

    • stak

      and not just in this particular thread, but in pretty much every one.

      • phrankthetank

        The comments section have a bullsh!t filter, you seem to be setting it off

        • stak

          Did I say something to offend you?

          • macgrubber

            learn to troll better plz yous a rookie

  • This guys had such a rough career. But he trains at a great camp and always comes to fight. You have to respect the guy.

  • Triggerman99

    I just don’t think he’s fast enough for LW. Most of the guys at the top now are volume punchers with really quick reflexes. Diego’s style of blitzing and pressuring isn’t going to work against those guys. If he was a better wrestler (he’s good, but not great), he might be able to slow them down, but it seems like every top 10 LW can wrestle pretty well.

  • pooby

    I say Diego can do whatever the hell he wants. This guy has consistantly been incredibly tough and always shows tons of heart.

  • mma fanatic1982

    Heck yeah! Sanchez is a beast, been my fav lw (behind bj) since tuf. He might night not win the belt, but he will make it a exciting fight for anybody. He has edgars chin n heart, guidas intinsity n cardio, cowboys “lets fight!” mindset, with great sklills as well. He is def top 10! 1)bendo,2) edgar, 3 pettis, 4) maynard, 5) nate, 6) cowboy, 7) sanchez, 8) guida, 9) joe lou.,10) miller. These r just my rankings on who i think is better by skills and who would have chances being a champ!. Yes i know guida beat pettis lol but i believe pettis will beat most other guys in lw cuz no one else lays n prays like guida! Also think he would beat guida in a rematch ( he did more in first fight imo.) but anyway just who i like. But ” lets go sanchez”!. Dont see a belt happening lol but def hope im wrong!