Diego Sanchez Breaks Collarbone in Training, Undergoes Surgery

January 28, 2015
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Mixed Martial Arts training can be incredibly taxing on the human body. Fighters are regularly injured and forced out of bouts, sometimes even resulting in the cancelation of an event.

On Wednesday, UFC lightweight Diego Sanchez revealed that he suffered a broken clavicle while training on Monday and underwent successful surgery.

Surgeries for broken collarbones are rare and typically are done to repair ligament damage. The recovery time for a broken clavicle range from six to twelve weeks.

Sanchez last fought at UFC Fight Night 42 in June 2014, defeating Ross Pearson by controversial split decision. He was expected to compete on the UFC 180 fight card in November, but an injury forced him out of the event.

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  • Skatanicus

    Diego gets a lot of hate, but nobody wants to see him out of action. Hopefully he does get a fast recovery, it’s an easy bone to break. I for one still want to see him fight Joe Lauzon in what would be a fight of the year candidate without a doubt. That fight couldn’t be boring if it tried.

    • Sir_Roy

      I don’t WANT to see him out of action … but man that kid has taken far too much damage since we first saw him on Ultimate Fighter. He doesn’t look like the same human being.

      Not sure I’m too interested in seeing him used as a UFC punching bag either.

      Can’t think of many more fighter’s who’ve taken more damage in their careers than Diego. He’s a scrapper and his style is brutal and bloody to be sure … but just a tad much IMHO.

      Looks like he’s just as hard on his body in training too. I just hope for his family’s sake that he’ll know when it’s time to hang up the gloves.