Diego Sanchez “110% Pulling for Johny Hendricks” but Is He Stabbing Georges St-Pierre in the Back?

July 19, 2013
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Diego SanchezTeammate, former teammate, or whatever you want to call him, Diego Sanchez does not appear to be a Georges St-Pierre fan… or a Rory MacDonald fan, for that matter.

Sanchez is pulling for Johny Hendricks and Jake Ellenberger to win their respective match-ups.

“I am 110% pulling for @JohnyHendricks to beat GSP and @EllenbergerMMA to smash rory #USA,” Sanchez tweeted on Friday.

St-Pierre is set to defend his welterweight title against Hendricks at UFC 167 in November in Las Vegas. GSP’s TriStar Gym teammate, Rory MacDonald, squares off with Ellenberger at next week’s UFC on Fox 8 in Seattle.

St-Pierre, over the years, has worked out at Jackson-Winkeljohn MMA in New Mexico, but that doesn’t mean Sanchez considers him a teammate.

When questioned by a fan about why he would “stab a brother” like St-Pierre after he had visited Jackson’s so often, Sanchez responded, “If you call 3 one week visits in 6 years often. I don’t!”

St-Pierre and fellow Jackson’s fighter Carlos Condit split camps before they fought each other, neither of them utilizing coach Greg Jackson, because they considered themselves teammates.

Sanchez has competed at lightweight, welterweight and middleweight during his UFC tenure, but has mostly bounced back and forth between 155 and 170 pounds.

He next steps into the Octagon at UFC 166 to face former Strikeforce lightweight champion Gilbert Melendez. If he ever returns to 170 pounds, however, it doesn’t appear Sanchez will have much trepidation stepping into the cage with St-Pierre, if the opportunity were to arise.

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  • Dame

    He won’t ever get that chance. Talk about a wasted career.

    • Alex

      How is it a wasted career? He was a top 10 fighter for a very long time and is one of the most recognizable TUF fighters still.

      • Flock of Burgers

        Gotta love the internet marks who don’t train or compete but like to pass judgement on pro fighters eh. It’s easy to talk s*** about a fighter when you’re a wannabe tough guy with no real ambition.

    • Pablo Vasquez Jr.

      Your quick to comment i bet you haven’t done a damn thing in your life compared to Diego Sanchez

      • DamianCross

        I hate comments like this. I may not be a televised athlete, but I’m not an overrated hippie freak who constantly has to reinvent himself, who’s own gyms don’t even want him either. Fame and money have their place, but I will GLADLY compare career accomplishments with Diego freaking Sanchez.

      • George Sperry

        You are quick to comment = You’re quick to comment. If you don’t know how to use contractions don’t contract.

      • drkdisciple

        If you think Diego “the nightmare” Sanchez had such a successful life (career) then we don’t have the same definition of successful!

  • fsunoles10

    yep id be lying if i said i wanted anything else to happen. me personally i want my countrymen to win every time, despite that bias i cant say either one of them will but i think hendricks and ellenberger stand more than a chance with that being said i dont see gsp getting caught.

    • Pablo Vasquez Jr.

      should be good one

  • Slickly will

    Diego Sanchez sucks

    • Pablo Vasquez Jr.

      U would suck his balls if you could

  • RedskinBear

    Sanchez will never get another title shot… I doubt he will ever maker it back to a top 10 in any weight class, I believe his next couple of fights will be his last, Melendez is going to destroy him

  • Fluffy

    Go say a prayer, Diego.

  • Guest

    First off…I LOVE watching Diego Sanchez fight. That motherfucker has brought has brought me so much joy in the art of his fights. I will always root for him, and he will never never let fans like me down. Cuz he comes not only to fight, but he comes for war…every single time. With that being said, whatever internal politics are involved within these camps, hopefully everyone inside and out understands that there’s much f’n more to a story than what we are always presented with.

    Diego, I always root for you brother, you represent our people amazingly. And Ima get u on IG man.


  • Baller31

    Sanchez got his ass beat by Gomi, who outlanded him in every single round,(worst decision ever) and has not earned the chance to fight Melendez.

    • Oswald Cobblepott

      Oswald Cobblepott • 5 minutes ago −
      Diego got whooped by GSP by in the parking lot at Jackson’s. he tried to bully/punk GSP and he took a kick to the head for it! Of course he’s goin for Johnny.

  • Kris-tyahn

    The same Diego who got DESTROYED by BJ Penn? I’m pretty sure BJ “retired” Diego to WW after getting head kicked and losing a couple pints of blood! Diego would get killed vs. GSP or Rory!

    We all know the reason Diego left Jackson in the first place, he was BUTT hurt bc GSP wa the man and getting all the attention, so Diego took his ball and went home, too bad it didnt last long, after a losing streak he went begging Jackson to take him back.

    Poor Diego, won’t get to retire undefeated like he claimed yrs ago… Bahahaha idiot! Also, GSP doesn’t go to Jackson anymore, like he used to, I believe he flys Jackson to Tristar, just like when he flew in those Muay Thai world champs from Tailand. GSP doesn’t need to go anywhere like before, he just gets people to go to him. What’s better than training at ur own gym and home town?!? Nothing! Diego’s mad Jackson and company didn’t want to lick his nuts, bc they knew he was not even close to GSP!! Hummm a world Champion or a guy who’s been gifted decisions he should have lost! I think Diego won 3 or 4 fights where he actually lost! OUCH!!! Funny how Diego talks snack now that he’s back at LW… Bahahaha I’m sure that’s just a coincidence!!!

  • tyrone

    Jealousy rearing its ugly head

  • BarrysHypocrisy

    It’s because Sanchez knows he’ll never be half the fighter that GSP or MacDonald is.

    Either one of these guys would straight up murder Sanchez and he knows it.

  • Oswald Cobblepott

    Diego got whooped by GSP by in the parking lot at Jackson’s. he tried to punk GSP and he took a kick to the head for it! Of course he’s goin for Johnny.

  • drkdisciple

    Gsp and Rory would rag doll this loud mouth. I am sure they both lost plenty of sleep after reading the nightmare’s comments.

  • Supaman

    who cares who he wants to win. this is like schoolyard girl gossip… “ohh, he doesn’t like him, anymore…. oh, he likes the other guy now… oh they’re not friends anymore…” who gives a crap?

    Sanchez isn’t even relevant to this discussion, b/c whether any of those guys wins or loses, Sanchez isn’t even high enough on the ladder to face them anyway. Not to mention he’s not even in that weight class anymore.

  • Mark McDowall

    A few years ago I thought Sanchez had potential…then he started that whole being an angry and zen at the same time. Then he took some time off because he had a drinking problem. He will never be the same after the beating he took from BJ Penn. He looked like he had no business being in that fight…

    I think this is a huge opportunity for Sanchez if he can beat Melendez. And horrible for Melendez if he doesn’t put Sanchez away. Melendez is supposed to be a title contender, and Sanchez isn’t even ranked in the top 10 anywhere, so Melendez beating him on points is almost as bad as him loosing…he neads to KO/Sub Sanchez otherwise Melendez will be like the rest of the Ceaser Gracie boys…just another hype machine with nothing to back it up!

  • ronbo

    When Sanchez first started i was a huge fan. But he thinks hes better then his talent and has tried to fight dudes who woke his ass up to reality. Now i could give a f. Matter fact the only time i think of him is when i hear the word Dirty!!!

  • 801diego

    nightmare? lol dude its the dream lol….nightmare got scratched like five fights ago