Didn’t Like One Fight on Fox? Dana White Says Too Bad

November 14, 2011
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For weeks, UFC President Dana White has said that the first ever main event for their debut on Fox could go ’10 seconds or 25 minutes’.

It took Junior dos Santos only 64 seconds to put away UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez on Saturday night to cap off the promotion’s network television debut.

Following the event, White says that while the fight was fast, it wasn’t unexpected.

“Well, I said at the first press conference this thing can go 30 seconds or this thing can go 25 minutes. We’ll see. Either way it’s going to be a great fight and it was. That’s what happens when you put two heavyweights in there who bang. Anything can happen,” White stated.

The biggest concern for White and the UFC staff heading into Saturday night was pulling off a show of this magnitude with no production issues along the way. It was the first time the UFC had worked with Fox, and also the first time in a very long time the promotion was dealing with a new television partner.

As far as that part of the night goes, White says mission accomplished.

“Listen, what I was worried about was getting this show off flawless without a hitch and it happened tonight. When you blend two productions together, we had Fox Sports and the UFC, going through the production and trying to work out all the kinks and make this thing smooth and seemless, that’s what I was worried about,” said White.

“As soon as those fights start, what happens, happens. There’s nothing you can do about that, we can’t control the fights.”

Prior to Saturday night ever happening, everyone continuously hounded White about the set up for the debut show on Fox.

Slated for a one hour special event, UFC officials had planned all along to go with one marquee fight and they focused on the heavyweight title fight between dos Santos and Velasquez.

The co-main event fight between Benson Henderson and Clay Guida went down prior to the headline contest, and the two lightweights ended up putting on an instant classic. A three round war that will likely garner some votes for ‘Fight of the Year’ when 2011 is over.

Because of that fact, critics in all forms from media to fans took to social networking platforms like Twitter, saying that the Henderson vs. Guida fight should have been shown on air as well.

“For anybody to bitch about this fight and they didn’t get to see that fight, shut up. You should have bought tickets then if you wanted to see all the fights, and you don’t like to watch it on Facebook. Seriously, shut up,” White said with conviction.

“I don’t even want to hear it.”

Plans going forward are for the UFC on Fox shows to generally peak at about 90 minutes with 2 to 3 fights in the broadcast, but as of last week Fox executives were still mulling over final decisions in regards to future shows.

The UFC on Fox show Saturday night was simply a bonus card that the promotion and network decided to do to kick off their new partnership. The actual deal picks up in Jan 2012.

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  • Doesn’t it just figure. . .Dana White gets the deal with FOX and is searching for new fans and blows the old fans off for wanting more!


  • MikeMc1983

    Not sure the exact reason, but Dana seemed quite pissed off after the fight was over. On the post fight review show, and press conference. I don’t think he was too happy about something. It was kind of funny seeing him all pissy, but not voicing why.

    • simonramsey

      Dana is pissed, because he was counting on Cain winning, because he assumed all 35,000,000 illegal mexicans residing in the USA would buy Cain’s fights??? hahahahaha… So stupid. Those guys are too busy selling dope & raking leaves to watch UFC…

      • you’re an idiot

      • CancinoGBJJ

        Simonramsey is a complete ignorant idiot!

      • wonggfan

        I see this.

        I thought that too. Not the illegal mexican part but that Dana wants to keep the belt in the States.

        With Cain, he could have tapped the Mexico market. Brazilians will watch MMA no matter what. I heard mediocre fighters like Damien Maia are superstars down there…at least…according to Chael Sonnen.

        The way he gave Cain and Carwin title shots before JDS (who had to face more top 10 opponents than either Cain or Carwin), just always seemed odd to me. Maybe JDS isn’t as marketable as Cain? Bald? Doesn’t speak english? Not good looking? Because with good looking fighters like Lyoto, Shogun, or GSP, he can tap the female market.

        Anyway, I dunno. Maybe he realized that he is a clown.

    • victoriapeal

      I’ll tell you exactly why: Huge production, network tv deal and the hyper-hyped fight is over in 64 seconds. That’s the reason he was griping about Cain not trying for more takedowns (1 attempt stuffed) and why he lied about JDS’ cardio. He was also angry with himself and Fox for stupidly banking on 1 fight instead of wisely having Guida-Henderson on as well (especially since it became FOTN). Dana thinks he knows more than he does and hates to have his mistakes exposed so openly and with such obviousness.

    • bonkerstheclownmcpickle

      Dana White is a fight fan and the fighter he wanted to see win lost. I think he did believe that Cain Velasquez had greater potential as a huge PPV drawing Heavyweight champion. It may also have been that he realizes that 64 seconds of fighting in a one hour block of time has a tendency to underwhelm first-time viewers.

      End of the day, who knows why Dana White was so pissy. That’s just who he is sometimes.

  • nikitanaples

    Bob Arum:1 Dana White:0 ….LOL.. The UFC debut was a fiasco and so were White’s post fight comments about Cain. Showed alot of class dou*****.

    • Mario


      I think you have that the other way around?

      Did you watch the boxing fight? LOL 🙂

      I personally saw nothing wrong with last night’s FOX show. It wasn’t GREAT, but it sure as hell wasn’t no fiasco..

      Dana always speaks his mind. That’s nothing new.

      • wonggfan

        Super Mario the Dana White nuthugger agrees with his god Dana.

  • nikitanaples

    You’r right, It wasn’t great? It totally sucked. How do you gamble on a one-fight heavyweight bout for “making history”. That was stupid. White blew this..period. Oh he speaks his mind allright, and because he speaks his mind, you can tell he knew he blew it becuase he was all pissy with his poist figth comments knocking Cain for not shooting.To make matters worse for White, the Pacquaio fight was a war!

  • I tried watching the earlier fights online, but it kept crashing and I gave up. Too many people were streaming at the same time! I can’t afford tickets to see a live show as I am part of the over-taxed under appreciated shrinking middle/working class, but I would have paid to see it on television as a pay per view. We didn’t have that option. Well, at least I got to see Bellator!!!!

  • I love Dana White and how he’s so opinionated, but telling fans to “shut up” and “buy a ticket if you want to see the whole show” shows how big his ego is. It’s Dana’s way or no way, and his opinion is gospel. I live in Newfoundland, Canada, so I can’t afford a UFC ticket, a plane ticket to Vegas, and a hotel. Streaming the other fights was near impossible, because it kept crashing. Why is Dana so pissed at the fans? We pay money to see PPVs, and other go to live events, and that’s how he treats fans? I heard the boxing fight was one amazing fight, so maybe that’s why he’s so upset. Also, there was controversy in the boxing fight, which made headlines, and the UFC never. Arum was up to his old tricks with the media, and that stole the show from the UFC. It’s not the fans fault, Dana. Not all of us can afford the live show. Asshole!

    • MrAdidas

      LOL – “asshole” hah funny! Small world Matt I’m from Labrador. I went to Vegas for UFC 100 & it cost me roughly $4000-$5000 in total. It was well worth it but it’s not something I can do every year, as much as I would love to.

      Dana/UFC did fuck up the FOX debut by ONLY having one fight for a television broadcast debut & to have such a HUGE fight (Guida Vs. Henderson) & not air it = PATHETIC!!!

  • webs24

    what an asshole, talk about no appreciation for the people that pay your bills

    boy am i glad that Rogers sportsnet here in canada showed the guida Henderson fight, and some others, and was basically aired as a typical ufc event, not the crap fox showed

    because the fox feed was a useless one hour sunday football style pre fight discussion, followed by clips we already saw on the ufc primetime special

    I know now not to tune into a fox special until at least 40 mins into it

  • mmaxpert

    You all need to go change your tampons. You whine and complain when you could have watched 9 fights on facebook and then watched the main event and been happy just like me. I have been watching UFC since UFC 56. I used to buy the pay-per-views all the time, but they changed the price from $39.99 to $44.99. I rarely buy UFC events now, I just find out the results on here and then watch it when they replay the fights on Spike. I am a true MMA fan and have found out how to be happy, you all should do the same.

    • solo103

      I think a true fan would rather pay for all the fights than see just one for free. Quit being cheap and get a couple buddy’s to throw down. 5 people + 10$ a piece = Full Fight card . That’s not to expensive even in this bad economy! What is expensive is white’s solution to say “buy a ticket” 300$ for 1 ticket plus airfare and hotel coud equal well over a thousand easily! You do the math

      • Michaelchimique

        actually you quoted him wrong. dana white said buy a ticket if you want to see all the fights and don’t want to watch it on facebook. all the fucking fights were FREE on facebook and fox.com yet people are still bitching because they don’t want to go online to watch the fights.

        • wonggfan

          You actually “quote” Gayna Dyke?

  • afk

    Reading you trolls bitch because of something like that is HILARIOUS. DID YOUR MOMS TAKE YOUR CANDY AWAY WHEN YOU WERE KIDS?

    He’s right. SHUT UP. You got a free fight on TV and a ton of awesome fights on facebook if you felt like watching them. Nobody made you watch it, and nobody said that you couldn’t if you DID want to.

    Everybody here complaining is an ignorant retard who literally has no fucking idea what they’re talking about. He’s blowing off his old fans for new ones? How about he’s saying the same god damn thing he’s said for the last 10 years.

    If any of you were real MMA fans, you wouldn’t nit pick this whole fucking thing to death like a bunch of fat, pathetic vultures sitting in front of your monitor.

    Too poor to see the match live in person? Big fucking deal, so am I. Upset the title fight didn’t last 24 minutes and end with some amazing come-from-behind finish like Silva/Sonnen? BIG FUCKING WHOOP. THAT’s the sport and that’s what you fucking mongols claim to appreciate so much. Clearly, though, you’re just a bunch of overgrown junk monkies taking a break from your third internet porn session to bitch about super athletes that are not only better human beings than you, but will have more respect and financial success than you could ever dream of.

    LOSERS. So fucking tired of you losers complaining about free shit. What a bunch of fucking pathetic assholes. No wonder North America is a social shit hole, look at the fucking useless bags of life that live here.

    • solo103

      Your a idiot . know one is pissed the fight only lasted a 1.04 sec that’s MMA there pissed that with 59 min of talk and commercials and 1 min of fighting they could have aired the Clay vs Henderson fight easily and why are you so damn angry do you suck on Dana whites dick at night. Dana was pissed after the fight he knew it failed and that’s why he went in to defense mode and bashed the fans and Cain so hard who do you think got him and MMA to a point were he could do a deal with FOX , THE FANS!!Get off the roids man

      • afk

        “your a idiot. know one is pissed”

        LOL. Enough said you invalid.

        • wonggfan

          People on this site need to work on their writing.

    • Why dont you shut your mouth before someone shuts it for you jerky! Pretty sure these spots are on here for people to express opinions and read different opinions. For instance: My opinion is that you are a foul-mouthed D-bag. Dana White is a big cry baby. He shoots his big mouth off and then crys when people critisize him. Boo hoo Dana. If you cant understand why people were upset about 6 months of hype, 35 minutes of blah blah and then 75 seconds of a fight then you are a bigger idiot then I thought. Your opinion is not the only one that matters tough guy.

      • victorybell

        Good one Ryanb, great reply to.. am laughing my ass-off

  • simonramsey

    I’m glad Cain proved me to be correct last night. He’d better stick to raking leaves!

    • natpaukar7

      Simon Ramsey? are you kidding man? Cain got caught but was looking good up until that point throwing nice leg kicks, went for a take down…do you think Brock is any better? Cain wrecked Brock’s life when they fought so will Dos Santos if Lesnar gets past Overeem which I don’t think he will but quite possible….

      Cain is at least equal to JDS and unfortunately we didn’t get to see a true showcase of either fighters full skill set last night.

      taking nothing away from JDS because he is great and did what he does best…and will absolutely demolish either lesnar or overeem

      • I would love to see JDS & Lesnar.

        • wonggfan

          You want Lesnar to get hurt?

  • solo103

    Dana shows his lack of class once again. “If you don’t like seeing one fight then buy tickets” what? How about tickets are expensive as hell not to mention 80% of the people that would buy tickets don’t live in the state its held then you have to buy a airline ticket and hotel and that can cost thousands! Don’t blow off the fans that have spent billions with you over the years that gave you the opportunity to be so successful that you would be in a position to do a deal with FOX in the first place! 59 minutes of talk and commercials and 1.04 minutes of fighting was hard to watch and a failure. Yes the Dos Santos fight was good Im not bashing that, that’s just what can happen in a fight like that and it does not bother me but at least go ahead and show the Clay and Henderson fight instead of talking for 59 MIN!! You could tell he was pissed off by the way he bashed Cain! This is just what happens when someone finally monopolizes a business the quality of the event goes down

  • fucking good card,i watched all the fights, n thy where shit hot,buzzing with it,ppl want 2 stop talking shit about shit u cant control,if u love mma/ufc like i do stop talking shit n sort ya heads out,nuf sed,

    • Aw man, you mean I could have watched everything on my computer? I need to get better informed. One fight was not enough for me.

      • lol i watched thm all on facebook apart frm the big 1 HW,n tht woz on UFC.COM n i didnt pay nowt,so HAPPY DAYS,,

  • bdono554

    One fight on TV huge mistake! Dana may be a crazy asshole at times but one thing he does is fix things! So next time a great fight like Benson vs Clay will be shown to the masses. For everyone who kept losing a connection the site didn’t crash you just need to get a faster internet connection you know the new fangled fancy ones that don’t make all the noise because my connection is by no means ultra fast and I had no problems. And another thing How about Benson Henderson!?!?!? After his lose he’s looked like an animal just dominating everyone.

    • bdono554

      Oh yea and if you wanted to see more fights on regular tv you coulda just watched that shit show that Bellator put on! Full of Pudgy light HW and UFC washouts.

  • HaYn

    The UFC has an opportunity to now reach tons of new fans via the Fox agreement. The problem is they have a spokesperson who is clearly in over his head. By telling your fans “tough shit” in an overly upset, immature way and add to the fact that he publicly trashed the current Heavyweight Champ is about the biggest mistake Dana has made so far. It’s time for the UFC to wake up and bring in someone that knows how to handle themselves and be a positive figure for the UFC with their new limelight. No more tough guy mafia speeches pissing on fans and fighters. If the UFC were a publicly traded company, I’d be short their stock right now as they’re about to go through some serious growing pains by having an inexperienced “public head” and a complete over-saturation of the sport while poorly promoting their fights and fighters. They can do a lot better than this.

  • eneyman86

    Dana and the UFC sold out. FOX production was garbage.. I liked the extra touch of football music. All that was missing was commentary by Terry Bradshaw and Dan Marino or whoever the fuck does that

  • victorybell

    Geee Dana, put your fuckin EGO aside and LISTEN to your FANS it’s not ALL about YOU. If anyone should SHUT-UP it’s you. Try listening for once.
    MMA/UFC fan

  • I was pretty disappointed when no more bouts were shown after I calmed down from watching Cain get hammered in 64 seconds. Then I read this article. Now in the future, FOX executives, let’s have 90 minutes or more of some good fights. Ok, no more complaining. Shutting up now.

  • Jacob

    People do know the Fox deal doesn’t officially take place until January right??? This is why there was only one fight because this was a TEASER.

  • johnbartholamule

    Man I had a feeling it was going to be like this…..UFC is going to SUCK now plain and simple…..you get jack for free in this world and the UFC is no exception…FOX will KILL the UFC with commercials and god knows what else….I have also noticed the quality of fights going down hill at a steady pace…..I have been watching since UFC1 and I can tell you UFC is changing bigtime and so far it does not seem for the better to me……Im a sad MMA fan these days thats for sure…Dana can say “Shut Up” all he wants, Ill shut up alright…..I dont have to watch the UFC, it is a choice I make…or not

  • the1uhate

    Damn I always try to figure out why my white friends always complain about the smallest sh1t. It’s as if you were born to hate on everything . Sure its you all have opinions but no one cares about you voicing negative stuff all the time. Try once living life not worrying about the next person all the time. Seriously take that step forward my friends you will live life a lot happier than you were yesterday. It’s not really hard to do just focus on yourself and leave all the negative stuff in your heads

  • MikeMc1983

    I can remember when you couldn’t see undercard fights at all. There were obviously more than one fight on the main card, but if you wanted to see the undercard you had to buy them of UFC.com. The whole Facebook option was just extra stuff the UFC gave for free. (to promo the ppv)

    I don’t know if you guys saw the press conference where Dana made these comments. It was him responding, and telling people to shut up about what they give “for free.”
    I’ve watched every event the UFC has ever had. There’s a lot of us that like watching every fight. We need to understand that there’s a bunch of people who are not that way. I wouldn’t be surprised if the buys got cut into a third if they always just showed the main event for free on fox. I believe I read somewhere else on this site that for future cards on fox they plan on putting 2 or 3 fights on air. Though that is more, there will be us fans that still would like the whole card. Fox seems to be treating it more like boxing where they think people only care about the bigger names. We’re all in a “hardcore mma” bubble. They might not be wrong. But it seems like the rest of us will get less product.

  • sb

    Ladies ladies cmon!! First of all tone the language down. Seriously can’t you communicate without F this and F that? It shows a lack of intelligence when you can’t. But I digress.

    Look its a biz and as a few people just said its a teaser. Its clear that Dana’s is a little out of his league which is why he looked like he did a couple of lines before the event. Notice his fingers keep tapping with an overwhelming sense of nervousness.

    Yes, it would have been nice to have had a few rounds showcasing more of the fundamentals of the sport but the two competitors were in front of millions saying to themselves, “I must win!!” In Juniors case he held his composer and did just that. Cain let the pressure get to him and froze, which is why he didn’t shoot and got caught.

    Lastly, the ratings show that there was a healthy dose of curiosity and I believe that will translate into a healthy Hendo vs Rua buy and bring some news fans to the sport. Imagine if there was an elbow brought down on someone’s head causing a massive cut spewing blood all over the mat. As exciting as that would have been to us MMA hardcore fans I bet it would have turned off a healthy amount for new viewers. Time will tell.

    Oh yea and go Fuck yourselves!

  • ericy

    I was more upset of trying to watch it on Facebook in the middle of the Bendo/Guida fight, it was buffering several times. I would have been much happier paying for the fight on TV than to ever want to go through the constant buffering of FB fights again. Should never put a major fight like that ever on Facebook, just move it to another PPV.. since I buy them at least 10 times a year.

  • bonkerstheclownmcpickle

    UFC on Fox shows promise. But Mr White seems to have mistaken his critics for people who are just whining about not being able to see this fight or that fight. Well … lower level picture quality notwithstanding, I put the entire Facebook/Foxsports card on my bigscreen and thoroughly enjoy most of the fights. I didn’t miss a thing. THAT ISN’T THE POINT!

    This is the trouble with DW, he gets his mind set and then he’s just blinded by his own ego. In my case, the facts are simple.
    1.) I love MMA and think the UFC is far and away the best product in the sport.
    2.) I want to see this thing grow.

    I cringe to think about new viewers tuning in and seeing “bla, bla, bla” and commercials for 50 minutes or more, while walk-ins, the actual fight and the immediate post-fight stuff was 10 minutes tops. And it did nothing to help the brand when Dana White was spouting off and ranting about “Cain should have done this” and “Cain should have done that.” It’s fine if he wants to do that, as long as he throws in a thing or two about how great JDS is — otherwise he just comes across as a extremely biased in favor of the fighter who lost.

    Long term, this was not a big deal. It just could have been better. It’ll get there.

  • soboc1

    I watched every fight for free. No buffering at all on Facebook. Very grateful for what I got for free. I have a feeling if people would have paid to watch, they would still be complaining about the quick ending in the dos Santos/Velasquez fight. It could have been worse, like Dennis Hallman in a speedo.

  • ColinCampbell77

    Dana can attempt to spin it all he wants. He needs to go back and look at the tape of himself on fox. He was so noticably nervous, he made Brock look like a pro commentator.
    I know he can do better than that. He needs to get that figured out or someone needs to take his place.

  • ColinCampbell77

    DANA!!! Yah I am saying it. One fight was not enough and I hope you will change that for the future. I finally got my family to sit down and watch a UFC event and with all the hype it was over in a minute. To much build up and not enough fight. They were not impressed! I was not either.

  • KBEsq

    I usually agree with most of what White says, but his comments at the post fight press conference were insulting. Telling people to shut up and buy tickets if they want to see the other fights? First, he’s literally telling fans to shut up for wanting to see more of the product that the UFC is selling. He’s upset because he views the UFC on Fox as some kind of sacrificial lamb that made no money, and which was therefore a gift to the fans. That perspective, however, assumes that it matters how the UFC makes profits to the fans. We don’t care if you do it through PPV or ads on Fox, and it should make no difference that this fight was a transition fight in which the UFC did not make money. The bottom line is he told the fans to shut up for wanting to see more UFC.

    Also, his recommendation to shut up and buy tickets. That’s not even realistic to 99% of fans who don’t live in California, let alone Southern California. Everyone was saying how big of a mistake it was to put all the eggs in one basket, and that totally came to fruition. The JDS/Velasquez fight may have been great to MMA fans who understand exactly how talented JDS is for doing what he did. However, it was an embarrassment to potential fans watching for the first time.

  • RonnieV

    Let’s face it, Fox & UFC took a gamble with this fight. They promoted the heck out of it, and used it as a showcase for the sport. If you had to pick any two heavyweights to go past the first round, it would be these two guys. If they fought again, it would probably go three or four rounds (who knows?). Unfortunately, for the UFC, this fight ended sooner than expected. Which is why they should have had at least one undercard (probably FOX’s decision). I personally would rather PPV than sit through another FOX production. The quick knock-out at least didn’t keep us away from the Stanford/Oregon game very long. Or compete with the Pac/Marquez fight.

    • MikeMc1983

      I’m not going to be like some others on this site, and talk crap. However this fight on fox wasn’t expected to be long. The even money line was on the fight ending before the 2nd round came to a close. You could actually get really good odds per round it went longer. I’m not going to fact check myself here, but I believe that both Cain & Dos Santos had won the majority of their fights in the first round.

      If the UFC wanted to be of a fight lasting longer you simply wouldn’t put any heavyweight’s in there. Statisticly the higher the weight class, the higher rate of a fight being finished. It was obvious the bendo/guida fight had a better chance of being a “war” simply because they don’t have the same ability to finish. I may be wrong, but I just don’t think the UFC expected a long fight. Hell, dos santos was +900 to win by decision. I believe he was +165 to win in the second. I think it was -115 / +115 to end in the 2nd each way.

  • jacobschmidt

    Planned all along to go with one fight? Uh no. They originally said they were going to do two and then switched to one because it was a championship affair.

    And this is why i get my MMA news on Bleacherreport -_-

  • soboc1

    Maybe Danas just frustrated cause the whole card was free and people are still ungrateful? Remember the days when you could only watch UFC on PPV? Now we have TUF Finales, Fight for the Troops, prelims on Facebook and Spike, UFC on Versus, all for free and people are still ungrateful.

  • Yet again Dana shows that he’s a prick. The reason why this format sucks for the die hards is that the online stream sucks. Period. Choppy, overwhelmed stream. The technology isn’t consistent enough.

    It’s a stupid move, and a dick response by him. Without the fans, he has nothing. We ARE still the customers. Even the NFL listens to it’s constituency. It’s an arrogant businessman that tells his costumers to “Shut up”. Imagine if any retailer operated like that.

    And this idea that “He’s giving us fights for Free out of the kindness of his heart” is total idiocy. Yeah, sure he gives 2 shits about us. He’s trying to make a dollar. Trust me, this is not charity, the UFC banks on this deal with Fox both monetarily and exposure-wise.

    So Dana, YOU shut up and quit your whining when you face criticism. It comes with the territory of being a public figure.

  • Im_Just_Sayin

    Well we all know that you only get one chance to make a first impression. If I was someone who had heard of MMA or the UFC but had never seen a fight so I watched the free fight on FOX, I would certainly not be inclined to pay $50 for the next PPV. Which is why there should have been more the one fight on FOX simply because we all know that fights can end just as it did on Saturday. So I have no problem with with the fight. As for the fights on Facebook I always have issues with them streaming slowly and I have a great laptop and a really good connection rate, so I don’t like watching them on there.

    But the reason I am commenting is that I take offense to Dana saying buy a ticket. I have bought 90% of the PPV for the last 10 yrs. which I believe earns me the right to say when I dislike something even if it was free. I have always felt that it was a good idea that they put some free fights out there to get new poeple interested in the sport as well as to say thanks to all the people like me who pay to watch the fights on a regular basis.

    So if Dana thinks that my buying PPV is not good enough to have an oppinion then I will just watch the replays on Spike and VS or go somewhere that has the PPV to watch they fighters I do like on PPV. But I have spent my last dollar on the UFC directly.

    Thanks DANA!!!

  • Astro Zombie

    I can’t wait to see the the next show on fox. I honestly liked it. I was kinda rooting for Cain so I could watch a rematch with brock but guess I’m going to have to wait a bit longer for that. I can’t find anything about the next fight on fox and was hopeing it was like a weekly thing like that fake ass scripted wwe and impact wrestling. Those shows suck but people keep watching it but if UFC did that weekly. They could make a tourney out of it and each week have another match to see who’s going to move closer to the finals and that should put them up for a title shot. Although everyone was upset it was all talk for a hour and a 64 sec fight. Atleast I got to get some background story on some of the best fighters and see how they grew up and what not. Pleeeeaase let it be weekly