Did We See Anderson Silva Fight for the Last Time on Saturday?

February 2, 2015
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Throughout his fifteen-year mixed martial arts career, former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva has dazzled fans with spectacular finishes. Nine years after making his UFC debut, we may have seen the greatest fighter of all time fight for the last time.

Silva won sixteen consecutive fights inside the octagon, a record that set the bar high for future generations of fighters. He holds the record for most consecutive title defenses with ten, the most finishes in title fights, the most consecutive title defenses and the most finishes in the promotion’s history.

Anderson Silva vs Nick Diaz UFC 183 kickHis resume is filled with record-setting and record-breaking accomplishments, but the legendary Anderson Silva’s win over Nick Diaz in the UFC 183 main event on Saturday may have been his final victory as a professional fighter — his swan song.

“I go back to my family now,” Silva said immediately following the fight about what his future holds. “My kids, Kalyl says that, ‘no more. Please stop. Stop dad.’ And I go back to my home and take my kids. And I don’t know, maybe I’m back. I don’t know.”

Silva clarified and expanded on his in-octagon comments during the event’s post-fight press conference.

“I need to talk to my family. I love my job. This is me. I love to fight, but I need to talk to my family because this is more important in my life now,” said Silva when asked if the win over Diaz was his last fight.

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During the UFC 183 Post Show on Fox Sports 1 Silva was asked point-blank if Saturday was his last fight. “I don’t know. Maybe. I don’t know. I’ll talk to my family first,” he said.

If the Silva’s fighting career did end at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas on Saturday, the Brazilian is okay with that.

“Yeah. Absolutely,” Silva answered when questioned if he’s content with his legacy if he never competed again. “But I go talk to my family. I need to talk to my family because I love my job. I love the UFC.”

Silva thanked God, the fans in attendance, his family and his ‘real’ friends after the fight. And it sure felt like a farewell.

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  • dandogood

    Weidman has Silva’s number and Silva knows that. Silva should go out on the Diaz win and retire.

    • Guest

      anyone can have fluke wins over silva, especially if silva purposely had his hands down. and checking a leg kick doesnt result a win the proper way. weidman is a joke.

      • Sir_Roy

        Odd how you knock Austin for defaming Silva, then you go off on how Weidman is a joke. Chris is no joke. He’s the middleweight champion. Silva is a legend. One doesn’t have to lose his luster for the other to shine bud.

  • cheflacsto

    Weidman is the only one to beat him and he is always injured, not sure he should retire. I am not convinced that Weidman has his number anyway. Chris won and you can’t take that away, but he caught Anderson, and in the second fight caught him, dropped him and didn’t finish him. In fact Chris is the one who got up bloodied at the end of round 1 in the second fight. Not saying Chris would lose but I would like to see a focused Anderson fight him one ,more time.

    • Austin, TX

      Chris cleaned his clock in both the second and the first fights. Ko’d him in the 1st. Silva got manhandled to the ground and almost ko’d in the 2nd fight. Then an offensive check to a kick broke Silva’s leg. What fights did you watch? Complete destruction in both fights. He was focused in both fights trust me….. thats how he fights and beats opponents. Watch his last 10 fights. He’s always mocking and playing with his opponents. It didn’t work with Weidman because he met his match.

      Silva is the most misunderstood and overrated fighter ever. The taunting is not him clowning around its a tactic to defeat people. He has said so himself many times. People just don’t want to hear it because people like to believe in the supernatural. Trust me, he was focused against Weidman. Both times. It’s how he beats people. Just like Diaz. It was funny seeing Diaz taunt Silva the way Silva use to taunt other people.

      Silva was never the goat. No one is. It’s subjective.

      Silva hasn’t earned a rematch yet. Beating a non top 10 guy who went up in weight to fight him is not earning your way back to a title shot.

      But if he does he will get ko’d again by Weidman. And the balloon will deflate even more around him.

      • Guest

        Why so much hate? Did Silva rape you? Is that why you hate him so much?

        • Thomas Jefferson

          That’s why i hate him, He touched me in my sensitive areas.

  • Darin

    Anderson did not look good against Diaz. Not Anderson-Silva-good. He was extremely tentative, fighting scared. He missed more strikes in this one fight than I think he’s missed in all his other UFC fights combined. The old Silva would have turned Diaz into a bloody, stumbling mess in the first or second round.

    But, I thought Silva just signed a 15 fight deal with the UFC? Lol.

    • Jeff

      Or maybe youre underestimating Nick.

    • shane

      Can you blame him for being a little timid? The last time he was in the ring, he had an horrible accident. Which was a little over a year ago I would’ve been a little scared too. Lol. But I agree, if pre-broken leg Silva would’ve been in the ring with Diaz, it would’ve been over very quickly.

      • Guest

        i dunno if it would’ve been over quickly. this was a high profile fight and its not exactly easy to finish nick diaz.

  • mmafanguy

    The only fight that I would like to see is a fight with GSP only if both of them really want to fight. Silva look nervous and insecure in that fight. Anderson took more shot than he should have and if he try to fight the best in his division it will probably just hurt his legacy like Fedor.

  • Groinstrike

    Hats off to Nick Diaz. He did way better than expected. As for Silva not looking great. Well it’s no suprise. To really stay great you have to be active. After his first loss to Weidman he took time off, then got his leg horribly broken requiring more time off. He has not been active at all. Training is not active, fighting is active. If he fights another couple fights in the next 6 months his timing will be much better.

    • Guest

      nick did way better than expected? he showboated for five rounds and didnt do any significant.

      • solo

        and he still thought he won the fight, all five rounds. can you believe that??????!!!!!

        • taylor2008

          The pot was talking.

    • Lucas Freire

      lol. WTF Diaz did? All I saw was him showboating while doing nothing. This fight was like a cat toying with a rat.

  • Austin, TX

    GSP looked better against. Diaz. That fight last night only proved how overrated Silva is and was. Never the GOAT. There’s no such thing. Just Dana promoting his company and enticing causal fans to tune in. Him and his employee Joe Rogan….

    A win for Diaz. Hats off Nick Diaz…

    • Guest

      You fool, any athlete who is coming back from a career threatening injury typically do not perform as good as they did in the past. This doesn’t of course
      mean Silva is overrated just getting old and having some ring rust.

      • Austin, TX

        yawn. Silva was always overrated. He fought cans and second tier fighters and over the hill fighters his entire career. And it wasn’t an “injury” like he stubbed his toe. It was on offensive leg kick check practiced by Weidman specifically to discourage leg kicks.

        Weidman smoked Silva twice. An unheralded fighter out of nowhere.

        • mmalive

          You are A JACK A$$. You are AS DUMB as they come. Weidman smoked Silva twice? What the hell were you smoking or sniffing? Your BRAIN CELLS have been DESTROYED due to all the ILLEGAL: SNIFFING and SMOKING. You are QUICKLY becoming MR. RETARD BOY!!!

          Weidman got lucky in first fight due to Silva clowning around and not taking fight seriously.

          The second fight with Silva was a freak accident that could have happened to anyone.

          • hamal

            That’s being delusional. Weidman got lucky in first first fight? You do know that Silva was loosing that fight. Same with the second fight, he was loosing that fight before he broke his leg. I love Silva, but come on. Give credit where credit is due -> to Weidman.

          • taylor2008

            Weidman didnt get lucky the first fight and he almost KO’d Silva again in the second before he broke his leg on Weidmans knee. Weidman clearly won both fights. Silva was having a hard time in both fights.

          • TheCerealKiller

            I still think all these guest accounts are one guy trolling us.

          • snapdad

            you are an idiot

          • mmalive

            snapdad, your the IDIOT that seems to use your lips on hard PR*CKS.

            Trying to be a WANNA BE mma fan.

        • sam

          lol if your going to say Silva fought nobodies, then please tell me who Weidman has fought that makes him legit???..because if your going to say Silva fought “cans” then I can say Weidman hasn’t fought anyone worth a damn

        • sam

          I didn’t expect you to respond to my comment either

    • mmalive

      You are a WANNA BE MMA FAN LOSER. Basically a CLOWN DUMMY with VERY LITTLE brain cells. Where did you get your MMA knowledge? From some TRASH DUMP? Any type of injury makes anyone real defensive. Unless an IDIOT like YOU that needs to be schooled on MMA.

      Back to Anderson Silva. This was good tuneup fight to see if he still has it. Even after the horrific leg break. Anderson should fight for title. Win or lose. Then just retire. Age creeps up real fast in any type of combat sport especially MMA. No matter how good you are.

      • Austin, TX

        yawn…the truth hurts…

      • taylor2008

        Why should they give Silva a title shot after he lost 2 fights to Weidman? HE KO’d Silva in the first one then almost got KO’d in the second on his feet. Lucky he regained his composure and came back….just to break his leg on a check.
        HE also fought a true 170 fighter in a super fight and did not KO him. He needs to fight a middle or 2 before getting a shot.

        • snapdad

          I guess coming off 2 back to back losses and then beating a guy coming off 2 back to back losses warrants a title shot.

      • snapdad

        you can remove your lips from Anderson’s ass at any time

        • mmalive

          You can remove your lips from around my D*CK now JACK A$$

          • snapdad

            I see a lot of legit comments on here, and all you can do is come back with these moronic statements. everytime you post you make yourself look dumber and dumber. go back and look at some of your posts, and you will see how much of an idiot you are. and both of your responses to me had something to do with a d**k in my mouth. sounds like to me you have a fetish with dudes blowing you, queer.

          • mmalive

            snapdad the JACK A$$ PR*CK SUCKER. The TRUTH about you having a D*CK in your mouth hurts correct? Come on man. You being GAY ( I do not mean happy EITHER) is NOTHING to be ashamed about.

            The IDIOT is you CLOWN. Make STUPID comments and you will be SCHOOLED by yours truly.

            Read your STUPID A$$ comment above and you will see you got SCHOOLED DUMMY!!!

    • taylor2008

      You have to remember that Silva just came back from a leg that snapped in half. He definitely had that in the back of his head. Just think if your leg snapped after throwing a leg kick. You would be apprehensive too. You wouldnt be as aggresive as you would usually be.
      I give Diaz his due for holding his own but Silva is a 40 year old fighter that came back from a major injury.

  • Scooby

    So, is he going back to his family?

  • mmalive

    You CLOWN. Your posts stating that Silva fought ” cans” So Vitor was a can? Far from that fool.

    Stop doing those ILLEGAL drugs man. Your brain cells are FRIED.

    Silva had he not been F*CKING around would have DEFEATED Weidman.

    BTW, Chris Weidman is a likeable fighter, Very humble. And the ” All American “

    • Austin, TX

      The truth hurts. He’s fought second tier fighters and over the hill fighters his entire career. He has 1 or 2 notables on his list of “title defenses”.

      SiIlva wasn’t screwing around , its how he fights. He said so himself. He said “it just didn’t work this time.” It came out of his own mouth.

      He got ko’d twice in a row. He’s not the greatest of all time. Not by a long shot. Lots of MMA fighters agree.

      It’s funny how you have to resort to personal attacks to make yourself feel better. 🙂