Did Wanderlei Silva’s Past Finally Catch Up to Him? Chael Sonnen Weighs In

May 29, 2014
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(Video courtesy of MMAWeekly.com partner MMAHeat)

The MMA world was turned on its head on Wednesday when it came to light that Wanderlei Silva would not be fighting Chael Sonnen at UFC 175 on July 5 after all. The move came after months of build-up, but never surprised Sonnen, who has said all along that Silva would find a way to get out of the bout.

After failing to apply for a license to fight in Nevada, Silva is out, and the UFC’s No. 1 middleweight contender, Vitor Belfort, is in. Belfort has submitted his application for a license and passed his required medicals, but still faces the final hurdle of going before the Nevada State Athletic Commission for a comprehensive review because he has passed the age of 35.

Sonnen, however, believes that Belfort will get cleared and the two will meet in the Octagon on July 5. How do we know that? Because Karyn Bryant from MMAWeekly.com video partner MMAHeat caught up with Chael Sonnen and Kenny Florian for an exclusive chat on the set of UFC Tonight to talk about the situation, where Sonnen said as much, and added that it is widely believed that this was just a matter of Silva’s past catching up with him.

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  • HpPavilion22

    I dont get it.. Silva was brave enuff to get in the cage with RAMpage Jackson and Chuck Liddell in thier prime 2 guys that can really kick ass big time, but he runs and hides from Chael Sonnen… oh well …

    • J316

      I would say Liddell was far from his prime during the Sliva fight.

      • Pjh2375

        The first time they fought in Pride, Chuck was just entering his prime. Wandi beat him while he was at his best!

        • kachuks

          Chuck and Wanderlei never fought in Pride if that’s what you mean. Lidell was taken out of the tournament by Rampage before he could fight Wand.

          • J316

            That’s correct, then Wand went on to beat Rampage.

          • fsunoles10

            mma math doesnt work bud, chuck would have been a bad match up for wandy even with all the steriods in his prime. a counter striker who had a good wrestling background is a terrible match up for wandy.

          • J316

            I agree..

        • Edward

          Pride didn’t care about Wanderlei’s (or anybody’s)anabolic frolic.

          • Huh

            Do you even follow the sport? Silva beat Jackson in both of those pride fights. Silva did not lose to Jackson until he came over to the UFC. It was Jackson’s first fight right after losing the UFC title to Griffin.

        • Larry

          They only fought in 2007. Chuck won a unanimous decision.

        • Robert Parks

          Your thinking of Quinton Rampage Jackson you jack ass! I cannot believe 4 idiots agreed with you,It’s called Fact Checking you retards!People like you are the reason why guy’s like George Bush gets away with the WTC and Obama get’s away with running arms to places like Libya,Syria and funding Al-Qaeda and Hilary Clinton gets away with Conspiracy,Murder and so many more fu(%ed up issues!Chuck Liddell entered a Pride Middleweight Grand Prix Tournament at 205 lbs in 2003 and He first defeated Alistair
          Overeem,he then loss by TKO to Quinton Rampage Jackson,who would then move on to lose in the championship fight to Wanderlei Silva! Dana White’s intention was to send his best guy to Pride (Japan) to,in his opinion,Dominate and defeat the Pride fighters,set up a fight between the two perceived best 205 lbers in Chuck Liddell vs Wanderlei Silva and win their tournament to be able to say that he had the premier fighters and that the UFC was better than Pride! In my Opinion,it is the most significant victory for Pride over UFC at the time,because,well,because it was an actual Victory over the UFC!

    • john

      Considering they already “fought” and Chael put him on his ass in about 3 seconds, maybe he thought twice about it.

    • Gary Fredericks

      He was’nt running from Chael Sonnen. Wanderlei Silva was running from
      the guy with the pee cup that the NSAC sent to randomly test him for PED’s. I wonder why he would run like that? LOL

  • wopd

    Wanderlei is far from what he once was. I think he knew that going into the Chael fight. And I think he’s scared of losing to a guy that talks shit about his home country. He needs to retire.

    • james j

      WOPD , you are very correct. The days of the roided up Axe murderer are done.

    • Jon Doe

      This is the MOST ignorant comment I have read as of late in the world of MMA.
      Wanderlei opponents:
      Brian Stann (Top 10 MW)
      Rich Franklin (Former Champion)
      Cung Le (Martial arts legend)
      Chris Leben (Dangerous, heavy hands)
      Michael Bisping (Top 10 MW)
      Quinton Jackson (Former Champion)
      Chuck Liddell (Former Champion)
      Mirko Filipovic (Former Champion)
      Kazuyuki Fujita (260lbs at the time)
      Vitor Belfort (Former Champion)
      Ricardo Arona (Top 10 LHW)
      Hidehiko Yoshida (Judo Champion)
      Mark Hunt (275lbs K-1 Champion)
      Tito Ortiz (Former Champion)
      Kazushi Sakuraba (mma legend)
      Yet.. he is afraid of Chael? Really? How many of these guys could Chael take? In their primes? hmm..?

      • Larry

        He lossed to 8 of those guys.

        • Jon Doe

          It’s amazing how trolls will completely miss the point and then counter with the most obvious counter argument.
          Ok, here we go, real slow and numbered.
          1. The point is not whether he “lost” but to address the ignorance the OP made in his comment.
          2. Wanderlei’s fight resume clearly indicates that he is NOT afraid of any fighter.
          3. Is Chael any more or less dangerous than any other of Wanderlei’s past opponent?
          4. If wand would go toe to toe with a 275lbs K-1 champion, 220lbs Mirko, Tito when he was champion, Chuck in his prime etc. Why in the world would he be afraid of Chael? A man that was manhandled by Rashad, Jones, Lost to Bisping imo, tapped out how many times?
          5. The point is.. if Wand is not afraid of these people why would he be afraid of Chael.
          Got it? Make an excuse, I’ll wait..

          • Mihael Hajdin

            When he fought Mirko he was heavier than him by 4 lbs.. and as much as I agree with the list wandy is a shell of his pride days, his prime is way behind him..

          • Jon Doe

            So..? He lost a step, he’s old, it happens. Wanderlei is a Brazilian soldier, a fighter, a former champion. He took on all challengers small to very large, fought back to back, injured or not in the brutal legendary PrideTournaments. Win or lose he always brought it, 100% against anybody, never wall and stall, lay and prey, never fought to “just win”. A man that has publicly stated over and again he fights for the Fans, he fights for his passion of Martial Arts and now he is suddenly a coward? Show some gratitude you ungrateful trolls. Men like Wanderlei built mma.

          • jeremy

            if he wasnt afraid then he would have made should he past the test like he always has. he needed a way out and this was it. and a total bitch movie. and the pride fights dont count, most of those guys were juiced .. they dident test over there. rampage has said that for years. what you said was ignorant

          • Jon Doe

            try again, put some thought and effort this time. give me something to respond to.

  • Alex Marquez

    Vitor wins by KO

    • G. Jon Melodiousness

      Vitor EASILY wins by KO. I used to like Chael when he fought instead of talked. It sucks about Wanderlei, but Chael is completely f*cked now!

  • fsunoles10

    my boy ken flo hit a perfect analogy when explaining sonnens approach, he goes big game hunting. hah

    • FatViking

      Big MONEY hunting is what Chael is after.

      • Titan_Saint

        I don’t see anything wrong with that.