Did Demian Maia Out-Fitch Jon Fitch? (UFC 156 Post Video)

February 3, 2013
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Demian Maia UFC 156 PostDemian Maia always tries to submit his opponents, and he wanted to do the same to Jon Fitch at UFC 156 on Saturday night in Las Vegas.

But in the end, Maia had to settle for a dominating performance that included out-Fitching Jon Fitch.

Check out what Demian Maia had to say at the UFC 156 post-fight press conference…

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  • Jenny

    Yup he out bored us with a lame let me nut hug your back fight. Before you internet warriors start talking to me about great technique ..shut it! I want fights not 15 minutes of smothering back mounts. Stand up and battle!

    • stevemcz11

      So go watch boxing or K-1

      • GoNoles

        haha thats what im saying, im more of a striker type of guy myself but i enjoy a bad ass grappling match and i thought the fitch maia fight was pretty good.

    • We all have our own opinions on how we like our fights but the one thing we should all agree in is that it sucked to see Jon Fitch lose in that fashion. I was hoping for a real intense grappling match but Maia is just on another level. Hats off to Fitch for not getting submitted though.

      • Advance*

        I hate to say it but I loved seeing Fitch lose in that fashion. He’s done the same thing to so many fighters so at least now he knows how it feels to be smothered without even having a chance to fight

        • Yea I’m sure a lot of people liked seeing him get a taste of his own medicine. Now I like Maia a lot but he was nowhere near as active as Jon Fitch in his fights.

          • adam1848

            I thought Maia was just as active, just with a different approach. FItch takes people down and grinds with G&P…Maia takes people down and works submissions constantly. Same idea, different methods. But yes, hats off to Fitch for having one of the best BJJ practitioners in MMA on his back and fighting off the rear naked for 10+ minutes. I like Fitch and took no pleasure in seeing him lose, but I thought it was a brilliant performance by Maia…just wish he had been able to sink in the choke and put a stamp on that fight.

          • I’m thinking Tyron Woodley vs Fitch now.It would be a perfect win for either guy to keep them high up in such a deep division.

      • MuayThaiFood

        Well, I think you’re wrong. I agree with Advance. I thought it was poetic the way Maia won this fight. He played Fitch’s game and handled him. Fitch had nothing for Maia. The guy is a monster at 170. Given a couple of more rounds and I’m pretty sure Maia would have finished him. He had him mounted at the end and Fitch was worn down.

        • What do you think of Maia vs GSP? Just not going to happen? Who do you want next for Maia? Big win for him. I still can’t believe how he beat down Rick Story.

          • adam1848

            Assuming GSP beats Diaz (safe assumption), I’d like to see Maia fight Nick. If somehow Diaz wins that fight, I’d like to see Maia fight the loser of Condit v MacDonald or Kampmann. Maia has been one of my favorite fighters since the Ed Herman fight (still one of my favorite subs / tkos of all time) but the WW division is stacked and he needs to put in his dues before being given a title shot. Two more wins over top 10 guys and then I think he deserves a shot. But to answer your original question…Maia v GSP…I see GSP doing pretty much what Anderson did…minus the shameful taunting.

          • Maia vs Martin Kampmann would be awesome.

          • Lfavelino

            He’s got a target painted in his back now. People will call Him out. If gsp’s Evil baby get’s through condit I guess he’ll ask for demian

          • I want to see him go against a top level striker in that division now like Martin K.

          • its hard to pick maias next fight all the guys that were on top have lost and the rest are already in fights. Only other fight that kinda makes sense is maia vs marquardt. Give maia the chance to redeem himself from thier first fight

          • I hear you friend. I can’t think of many fights except for Maia vs Kampann. So many interested fights to come.

          • Scotty_O

            Give Maia the winner of Condit vs Macdonald. Condit needs at least a couple fights before he can be in contention again even if he beats MacDonald. And if MacDonals wins I doubt he’d accept a tittle shot anyway.

    • Lfavelino

      You had a fight, sweetheart, I kid you not.

    • Orville

      Well that why its called MIXED martial arts!

    • doesnt matter that maia grappled the whole time fitch would have done the same thing. the difference is maia was trying to finish and fitch does just enough not to get stood up

    • Scotty_O

      Just because there’s a female division in the Ufc now Jenny doesn’t mean your opinion actually matters. Now please leave the conversations to the men and go make someone a sandwich.

  • adam1848

    I loved this fight. Brilliant performance by Maia to neutralize a dangerous veteran. In my opinion, this is what Mixed Martial Arts is all about.