Did Anderson Silva Call Dana White and Ask for Jon Jones Following UFC 159?

April 28, 2013
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Anderson Silva vs Jon JonesTo the mixed martial arts fans across the globe that have been watching, waiting and wondering about the possibility some combination of a Georges St-Pierre/Anderson Silva/Jon Jones superfight, the picture has become a bit clearer.

Well, sort of… if you read between the not so blurry lines.

At the UFC 159 post-fight press conference at the Prudential Center in Newark, N.J., on Saturday night, a battered and bruised Chael Sonnen sounded off on a potential superfight between his recent conqueror, Jon Jones, and his former nemesis, Anderson Silva.

“If you’re gonna go fight a guy, go fight a guy. It drives me crazy, man. People are out talking about Anderson and Jon – these guys, right now, should be begging (Dana White) to fight each other,” proclaimed a heated Sonnen.

“But it’s not gonna go that way.  You got these two guys, and they’re great, but they’re a couple of chickens. They should be calling each other out.

“They should be grabbing the mic and saying, ‘Hey, I want to fight that guy! I don’t want the debate. I want this figured out. Dana, give me a date. I want this figured out. Give me the fight.’

“But it won’t happen that way.  Dana’s gonna have to call these guys, and they’re gonna have to dangle a carrot.  And then they’re gonna want to negotiate.  We’re in the fight business, if you don’t want to fight, then don’t raise your hand.”

And that’s when UFC president Dana White dropped a bomb.

“It actually did happen tonight. Anderson called and he wants the fight tonight.”

Wait, what?

“It did happen.  Anderson called and he wants the fight, and I’m not going to tell you which one it is, but I’m going to get to work on it as soon as possible.”

In typical Dana White fashion, he left out whom “The Spider” asked for, but any astute MMA fan could deduce that it may be more than just common coincidence that Silva was calling his boss on a night when the consensus rival “GOAT” was fighting in the main event.

Earlier this week, UFC welterweight kingpin Georges St-Pierre all but nixed any possibility of a superfight – at least in the near term – leaving the door wide open for discussion of a Jones vs. Silva super showdown.

Jones and Silva are often referenced as the two greatest fighters ever.  Silva has built an enduring legacy with his matrix-esque fighting style and undefeated reign as the UFC middleweight champion. Jones, meanwhile, is the UFC’s youngest champion in company history. He has a terrifying blend of new-breed skills that has left a litany of past champions laying in his wake.

It’s easy to make a substantial argument for either fighter as the mythical pound-for-pound greatest.

But should Anderson Silva defeat Chris Weidman at UFC 162 in July, it’s also easy to see a superfight between Silva and Jones coming together rather quickly. And there is little question that Silva vs. Jones would be the biggest fight in mixed martial arts’ 20-year history.

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  • gabe q

    sonnen is right, these two guys should be begging to fight one another. the two best in their weight classes. let’s see what every one wants to see the super fight. Dana make it happen

  • Hopefully we’ll see Jones vs Silva would be epic. I think that Jones’s wrestling would give him the advantage but it would be an awesome spectacle.

    • Daniel Winge Stride

      i am a big silva fan but jon would smash silva round 1 or 2 finish;)

    • serber

      Silva did good against Bonnar (on roids also) but Jones is another animal, Sonnen took Silva down pretty easy just as easy Jones did with Sonnen but hey who knows.
      Im Swedish so i want so see Gus vs Silva for titelfight elimination 😀

  • CurtisBallard

    I’m sorry, Jones has never been in the mix for GOAT. Maybe light heavyweight, but not P4P. And he just tied Tito’s record. He has some time to go.

    • Its only a matter of time. Especially if he gets the Silva fight, cause Silva has nothing for him

      • Anthony Lopez

        Maybe that’s why Silva blasted through Bonnar and Belfort much more impressively than Jones did. Chael might have given Silva more of a test than he did Jones, but that was soley based on wrestling skills

      • Milosc

        The last person to actually scare Anderson was Belfort, which drove him to perform at peak capability

        I sense a single-move checkmate in this fight, as well

        • Yeah that was pretty cool to watch. Yet, I felt slightly robbed. It all was over so quickly!

    • Florian Jin

      Co-sign that. Brilliant
      . The greatest fighters are Fedor and Spider. GSP is in the top 10.

      • Sir_Roy

        GSP only top 10 GOAT? Gimme a break. At the very least, GSP is top 5. Most put him top 3. Silva, GSP, then Jones.

        Can make a good argument to see Fedor in place of Jones in top 3 atm do to Jones still being early in his career.

        As things stand, Fedor is top 5 GOAT – and considering the level of competition he’s faced overall in comparison to the aforementioned, and considering his losses at the end of his career, that’s being fairly generous. One must also look at which point in their respective careers he’s faced said competition.

        Anyway, Fedor’s status could improve pending how the above three finish out their respective careers.

  • Wiley

    Why waste time and a potential loss to Weidman. They should fight each other in July. Broken toe takes two weeks to heal. Get it done!!! Otherwise these will be just titty-dancing like Pacquiao and Mayweather did.

    • Supaman

      lol… how does one do a titty-dance?

      • John Bunch

        You can look, but you can’t touch. They talked a lot…but they never fought. It was actually an excellent simile.

    • GSP could move up and fight Weidman instead. Or Sonnen at 85

      • Florian Jin

        No need for that as far as GSP is concerned. GSP is champion and Weidman is a contender in a whole another category. But Sonnen is a good pick ’cause he lost his 2 last fights.

        • Sir_Roy

          No way does GSP move up. If he does, it’s for Silva only or he would just be negating everything he’s been saying the past months. Even then, at best, a Silva fight would be at a catch weight.

    • Sir_Roy

      Did you see how badly Jones broke said toe? There’s video footage, but it ain’t for the squeamish. A badly broken toe can take significantly longer than just two weeks. Especially considering the intensity implicit in MMA training camps. Needs to let the appendage heal properly.

  • ufc

    silva will terminate boney

    • maybe in nintendo but not in the octagon

      • Maddawgmar

        You sir, with your assumption, are just plain ignorant. Silva has the stand up to destroy any person in this world. With his BJJ he is also a nightmare on the ground. To say he doesn’t have a chance is ignorant.

        • Cptmats

          100% Agreed
          No way in hell bones can stand with Silva and putting him on his back isn’t the best Idea either !

          • urdooomb

            all of a sudden Silva is now a BJJ master who submits guys left and right from his back. Just lol.

            FYI, Chael Sonnen lost a lot of his fights via submission.

          • Cptmats

            “FYI, Chael Sonnen lost a lot of his fights via submission.”

            What about Henderson ? Only other guy to sub. him was Big Nog, Silva’s BJJ coach ! And Lutter ?Only other guy to sub him was Matt Lindland who is Prob the most accomplished wrestler in the History of MMA !

            Silva doesn’t sub many Opponents because he doesn’t have to ! But his BJJ is among the best in the UFC !

            And FYI i don’t need any FYI’s from you, Its pretty clear who the Noob is here !

          • Putting Silva on his back sure is better than standing with him. There are only a handful of MMA fighters who could stand with silva for any appreciable length of time, (and most of them are bigger): cigano, hunt, werdum, DC, big country, Mousasi, Vitor (yes I know he got caught last time, but he has enough power and speed to stand with Silva), Condit at 170, Hendricks, Uriah Hall, Fedor (uh, maybe 5 years ago!!), Nick at 170, Lawler, Lyoto, and maybe gustaf and Cain.

      • Florian Jin

        Silva-Jones is a very good 50-50! They are world-class monsters. Who gives a damn about Spidey having a better BJJ or Boney having a better wrestling? This fight is the GOAT vs the Future!

  • roger

    why silva needs fight a champion in a weight is not yours? He has nothing more to prove.(but money is good) Let Jones get puny and fight with 185lb. its fair

    • PhranktheTank

      So GSP has to go up to fight silva and JBJ has to go down to fight silva? Bullsh$t

      • Toney

        I would hate to see a Silva vs Jones fight, it does Silva no justice. Not only does he have to move up to a weight class, but he’s 38!! Jones is only 25. The physical abilities aspect of this fight at this point of Silva’s career is giving him a strong disadvantage

        • PhranktheTank

          It’s the fight game, aside from weidman, there’s no-one left for silva to fight at 185. If he wins that fight, he should either retire on top, or start doing super fights. What else is there for him?

          • Blahafox

            Bisping and belfort. I think that these could still need to see if there skill set poses a problem for silva. Belfort was a quick knockout for Silva, but I think that he could still pose a major problem for Silva he didn’t have the opportunity to show his skills.

          • Lucas Freire

            I agree with Belfort’s chance to put up a match.
            But Bisping? Seriously? His striking game may be enough to be always on the top of the division,but not enough to make him stand a chance against Anderson.

          • Blahafox

            True but he has that will to push the pace of the fight which has proven difficult for Silva. The fighters that go after Silva have done better than those that have back pedaled.

          • Lucas Freire

            The guys that pushed the pace throwing him on the fence and trying to get takedowns,these have achieved something. The ones that tried to go standing against him got knocked easily,like Leben,Grifin,Irvin,Franklin,Marquardt…If a fight between them happened I’d really like to see Bisping trying to takedown Anderson,he has some hidden wrestling skills,that by now I think he showed only against Sonnen…

          • Supaman

            sorry but Bisping’s wrestling is nowhere near good enough to take down Andy. Bisping would get CRUSHED.

            Vitor may have a puncher’s chance, as he’s an elite striker as well, but Andy is just better. I love Vitor and actually thought he had a great shot the first time they fought but I don’t think it’s meant to be. They’ve sparred before several times in Brazil and word is that Andy always got better of him anyway.

          • MuayThaiFood

            Easy paychecks to pad his retirement account?

      • Roger

        each figher in his weight class. No one has an obligation to fight in another class. To silva, in 2 times, was just for funny and course, save events.

        • PhranktheTank

          If everyone should fight in their weight class, why do you suggest jones moves down to a class he’s never competed in?

          • roger

            I just wanted to say that this fight is not worth it to anderson. agree!?

          • Blahafox

            I think that there should be no pressure for these guys to fight any one outside of their weight class. The only pressure they should have is to fight the number 1 contender in their own class. I would however not protest a fight between Jones and Silva in either weight class.

          • bajafox

            Great post mini me

    • Anthony Lopez

      Jones is a heavyweight fighting at LHW. To try and have him fight at middleweight would be ridiculous

      • Victor Loose

        Silva also walks around at 220 lbs so whats the difference?


    Now that i would spend thousands to go see

  • Darin

    I want to see this fight too, but I’ll be pissed if Dana cancels the Weidman fight to make it happen.

  • mcoope3

    It’s Bisping, Silva saw how dangerous Bisping is tonight and called for the fight.

    • urdooomb


  • Chuck

    I think what happen as to Anderson calling is he seen how fast and easy Jon did away with Sonnen and wants to prove he is better than Jon. What better way to do it than apply an butt whooping!

  • MOA

    I truly believe, as Jones has eluded and Silva being his idol, he has no mental advantage which he’s exhibited in each fight.

    Jones is very mentally strong but I fear with Silva being his idol, he will stand, be mesmerized, and get BOMBED on.

    • you are so delusional

    • Sir_Roy

      Jones won’t be “mesmerized”. I think Jones is just being respectful. When the cage doors close, it’s a different world altogether. Especially when your “idol” is trying to take your head off.

      • Dont mind him he’s a dumbass. Jones called shogun his idol and look what happened, Jones said it was an honor to fight rampage and looked what happened

    • DrewNusser

      I could see that. My money would still be on Jones, but it only takes a one second lapse of focus against Silva and it’s nighty-night.

  • MMA Fan

    Silva and Jones are just 2 inches different in height. People need to stop saying how unfair it would be for Silva to fight Jones. He’s fought Sonnen, Belfort, why can’t he fight Jones?

  • Deadz28

    He probably called to get Bisbing.

    • urdooomb

      typical of silva

      • ofcourse silva’s looking for big names and meager bodies for his casual fans

  • 09Shan

    Jones has risen above and dominated everyone in a division that is alot more stacked than the Middleweight division Jones absolutely is in the running for P4P he just dominated a guy who silva struggled. Anyone who honestly believes GSP is no.2 needs to watch any of his last few fights he has won quite decisively yes but compare them to the the level of guys that jones and silva have beaten and the way they have beaten them in my opinion the true superfight is Jones and Silva.

    • Anthony Lopez

      He may have dominated an opponent that Silva did not, but in the case of their other two common opponents Silva dominated much more impressively than Jones did. That means nothing

    • Sir_Roy

      With regards the way they have beaten their respective competition then yes, on that I can agree … GSP does not finish. Both Silva and Jones do. But please, let’s not compare the level of competition in either the MW or even LHW divisions (certainly not the MW) to the level of competition “skill-wise” in the WW division. Seriously.

      Let’s get one thing straight right off; the welterweight division is by far the most stacked division in the UFC. Diaz, Condit, Ellenberger, Hendricks, heck even folks like Fitch and Koscheck in their prime (back when GSP fought them) and to an extent Shields (who beat Henderson considered a top 10 in MW and LHW pending which division he’s fighting in at the time.)

      GSP has definitely fought the tougher competition on a whole.

    • People that try to compare by common opponent have never participated in a combat sport in their life. Match ups are everything. And FYI Silva did just fine with him the second time around the first time He had broken ribs and Sonnen tested positive for like 3 different steroids.

  • $27054044

    sorry..both of them have a long way to go to approach Fedor as GOAT…maybe they get UFC GOAT….but not MMA GOAT….nope

    • Sir_Roy

      Mad respect for Fedor. But Fedor ain’t the GOAT. At one time, it could have been debated. Now? Not even close. Modern top level competition chased him to retirement.

      • Florian Jin

        His mma record speaks for its self. We all the products of our era, so it’d be unfair to blame Fedor to be the best of the 2000’s. That makes him the GOAT…until there’s somebody else more dominating than him (well maybe Anderson Silva).

        • Sir_Roy

          Sorry, but Fedor hails from the same “era” as the real GOAT – Anderson Silva. He’s 36 years old – younger than Anderson (38). In fact, Anderson started fighting before Fedor (in 1997) and has only lost three times (one of his very first fights via decision, and one was a fluke flying scissor heel hook – and no, I don’t count the loss via illegal upkick to Okami).

          Anderson was able to keep up and excel against modern day competition. Fedor was not. Thus, Anderson Silva is more deserving of GOAT status IMHO.

          • $27054044

            then why hasn’t he matched Fedor’s streak of 30 wins? oh yeah, because he kept getting his ass beat in Pride…

          • Sir_Roy

            That response is dumb on oh so many levels.

          • Guest

            isnt only dumb for ball lickers like you who can’t admit the truth. Its not real hard to look up his Pride record moron, but i guess you’re waiting for more great matches against Maia. Leites or Cote huh?

          • Sir_Roy

            “Isn’t” or “it’s” perhaps? And you’re calling me a moron …

            Did my comment hurt your poor little feelings? Take a deep breath through the nose, and release slowly. Feel better?

            Cherry picking a few lackluster fights to prove a nonexistent point goes nowhere. And I’d pick Cote and Maia (who just trounced the former #2 welterweight out of the UFC) over 90% of the cans Fedor beat any day of the year.

            Look up his Pride record? C’mon man, take your own advice. That 30 fight win streak is filled with a lot of cans. Certainly more so than Silva’s shopping list of who’s who.

            Fedor’s a great, great fighter, and when it was his time, he was without doubt the GOAT. But his time has passed … as too will Silva’s. Whether it has now or not remains to be seen.

          • $27054044

            its only dumb for Silva ball lickers
            like you who can’t admit the truth. Its not real hard to look up his
            Pride record moron, but i guess you’re waiting for more great matches
            against Maia. Leites, Cote or retired tv announcers huh? Maybe Silva can do his monkey dance against Kenny Florian or Bas Rutten and get Little Roy all hard for you…..

  • Denny Swain

    Silva wants mighty mouse to fight, but mighty mouse has to fight at silvas weight. Typical of silva

    • Ialesana

      You mean like jones last 2 opponents were middleweights that had to move up to fight him? Another clueless idiot

      • Denny Swain


      • mma

        I could not have said it better Sir

  • Denny Swain

    Silva wont get past weidman

    • mma

      And you won’t get past being a moron

  • Denny Swain

    If silva wanted jones then dana would told everyone immediately. So its not jbj. Free publicity, by letting everyone assume and guess.

  • Cuntlick

    Dana has given us false hope for the past 3 yrs. GSP vs Silva, Silva vs JBJ. I’m sick of him talking crap. Just make the fight or say it ain’t happening

  • Tom

    Realistically they could both beat eachother. It’s like a Real Madrid V Barcelona scenario when both are so talented that it’s just about who turns up on the night.

  • Eduardo Portela

    Jones rivals Anderson on being the GOAT? You have got to be joking! If Jones dies today, he wont even make it to TOP 5! He still has got a lot to do and prove before people can even consider that! Lame journalism here!

  • Anthony

    Jon jones to me would be the last true step in silvas throne of goat. If he went on to take out gsp after that….damn