Diaz Camp Cites Quebec Commission Irregularities, Suggests GSP Should Fight at 170 or Vacate Belt

March 26, 2013

Georges St-Pierre UFC 129Even when it’s all over, it’s not all over. At least that’s the case with the UFC 158 main event between welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre and Nick Diaz.

The Diaz camp is accusing the Quebec commission of irregularities in how it handled the UFC 158 weigh-ins and drug tests, and is filing an official complaint.

A video posted to BJPenn.com shows UFC Senior Vice President of Business and Legal Affairs and Assistant General Counsel Michael Mersh explaining to the Diaz camp, just prior to weigh-ins, that St-Pierre and Diaz have an hour allowance, if needed, to make weight if either one of them misses the mark, something that was not available to the rest of the fight card.

Mersh went on to explain that the Quebec commission, the Régie des Alcools, des Courses et des Jeux, does not count decimals when weighing the fighters, so that for their bout, either fighter could weigh up to 170.9 pounds, but it would be recorded as 170 pounds, thus making weight.

This is counter to most other commissions in North America.

Quebec commission representative Joyce Tremblay confirmed such in an email to MMAFighting, but also declared that none of the fighters was in violation of the weights set for in their contract.

“I wish to inform you that, during UFC 158, no contestants exceeded the weight determined in their contracts,” said Tremblay. “Currently, the Régie does take into consideration the maximum weight determined by contract when it carries out the weight-ins before a bout. However, our regulation on combat sports does not take decimals into account. Their consideration is a question of interpretation likely to be debated between the two parties under contract.”

Jonathan Tweedale, a representative of the Diaz camp, on Tuesday issued a statement about the situation to MMAWeekly.com, accusing the commission of not operating within the contractually agreed upon parameters of the fight.

“The Quebec Commission’s statement is a disappointing admission that the March 16 event was not conducted under the rules applicable to a UFC title fight – or under the rules the fighters contractually agreed to, upon which rules Mr. Diaz was entitled to rely under his bout agreement,” wrote Tweedale.

“The contracted weight for this fight was 170 pounds. 170.9 is not 170, anywhere in the world, for a title fight,” he continued. “There is no question what ‘170 pounds’ means, in the bout agreement, as a matter of contractual interpretation.

“The Quebec Commission deliberately relaxed the rule in this case and, by its own admission, allowed their home-town fighter to ‘make weight’ even if he weighed more than the contracted weight.”

Tweedale goes on to point out that the proposed one-hour of added time flaunts the commission’s own rules, citing section 77 of the commission’s regulations that does not allow time for a contestant to increase or decrease weight, and pointed out the “Quebec Commission’s failure to supervise fighters’ provision of samples in connection with testing for Prohibited Substances and Prohibited Methods.”

Tweedale and Diaz’s camp fell short of accusing St-Pierre of missing weight, instead targeting the Quebec commission’s application or lack thereof of its own regulations and procedures and how it may have affected the legality of the fight.

He did note that an official complaint would be filed immediately and declared that St-Pierre should either agree to fight Diaz at 170 pounds or vacate the belt.

“In the circumstances,” wrote Tweedale, “Mr. St-Pierre remains legally and ethically obligated to fight Mr. Diaz at 170 pounds or else vacate the belt in favor of those prepared to fight at welterweight.”

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  1. Take your loss like a man and move along to the end of the line.

    • As a huge fan of Diaz I have to agree with your statement. A loss is a loss and it’s time to move on

      • I wouldnt admit I was a diaz fan. The guy is a talented fighter but is just a constant cry baby!

    • He’s not a man. He’s proven it on multiple occasions now.

    • I agree with you 100%. I am soon to be an ex Nick Diaz fan.

    • Cry me a river, this guy is a real piece if work. He should go away the sport has evolved past him and with class which he will never portray.

  2. What?

  3. Thats messed up. So Georges could have been 170.9 and they dont record it? They just say its 170 even? Did both fighters agree to this when they signed the contract? If not then I can see why Diaz would be pissed he weighed in at 169 and Georges was 170 and seen as hey disregard the decimals we have no way to know if Georges made 170 even as per his contract. Even if they dont take decimals into account they should still announce exactly what the fighters weighed.

    • I may be mistaken but I believe that title fights are regulated to within a half a pound, so technically, at 170.5 he would have still been fine but at 170.9, depending on the contract, could raise an issue

      • You are mistaken if you are 170.5 then you must lose the .5 and make 170 exactly. Have a look at Nate vs Bendo weigh ins. Nate was 155.5 and had to lose the .5. All UFC title fights are he same like that

        • Ok, thanks for the clarification. I knew that the .9 was an issue though.

          • I agree. Whether .5 or .9 we may never know. Do they record these weigh ins? Maybe some kind of recording device? or does the guy just yell the weight and thats the end of it?

        • All technicalities aside. Who would want to watch nick Diaz have his ass handed to him again!? Like one pound would make a difference. Nicks done in mma. Good riddance. This guy is almost as crazy as his wannabe Fan’s.

      • Championship rules maintain the fighter must be the exact weight. Nate came in high for his fight with bendo and he was mad criticized for it

        • Well I guess that makes all the people calling Diaz a moron look like fools. If GSP did indeed not make weight, there should be consequences

          • This somehow changes Nick Diaz’s intelligence?

          • No it doesn;t it makes you look like the idiot, just like Diaz and his camp. The Quebec Commission have ALWAYS done weigh ins this way, if I’m not mistaken, I read an article that they checked previous weigh-ins in past UFC’s in Mtl & they were no diff than UFC 158. Therefore, it’s Diaz & his camps fault for NOT knowing the “rules” for the weigh-ins. Again, I read that the MMA site did check past UFC’s, I’m not sure if it was MMAweekly, bleacher report, low kick etc.
            If that report is correct & the Quebec commission did/does not include decimals, then yet again the Diaz camp did NOT know the rules. Just like when Diaz & his camp didn’t know he had to attend the press conferences to promote the fight. Which caused him his fight vs. GSP, the 1st time.
            Now if this was the 1st time the Quebec commission did not take decimals into consideration, then I could understand Diaz’s complaint, to a point. Did .9lbs make a diff? NO! But rules are rules & if UFC 158 was the 1st time they didn’t take decimals into consideration, then that’s something the UFC should look into, but if it’s not, like the report I read stated, then Diaz should just STFU & retire & leave MMA b/c EVERYONE is sick & tired of this guy crying & making excuses.
            *** Were all the fighters at UFC 158 weighed in the same?!? Meaning, did one guy weigh in at 170.5lbs, & they officially stated that he was 170lbs?

          • If it is regular practice for them to not take decimals into account then that is fine and I hope it is regular practice. But from what I understand from the video is that the rest of the card wouldn’t have this exception and if they use both rules then they should contact the fighters as soon as possible and tell them if the decimals are going to be recorded. I can understand why Diaz and his camp didn’t try to get in contact with them to ask about whether or not Canada records decimal points during weigh ins. Also if it is regular practice for the Canadian commission then why was Diaz told that this is off the record?

        • Nate was not ‘mad criticized’ for it l

          • To have your name, credibility and professionalism called into question because your last name is diaz and you come in .5lbs over… I’d call that criticized

          • Lol yeah I would call that criticized to if it happened, but it didn’t douche bag. Name one source.

    • In all his fights, in all his title defenses outside of Montreal, when has Georges, the consummate professional and perfectionist NOT made weight.

      Knowing GSP’s behavioral patterns and stringent regimen, and we are all familiar with such at this point, he probably weighs in at 170.000

      • Ya pobably

        • ^^probably

      • Yeah but take into account that GSP was sick and injured during this fight, so it may have effected his weight cut. It does seen weird that for no apparent reason the ufc VP randomly gives them an extra hour and points out the no decimal count to diaz. Still didn’t affect the fight and diaz is being a little bitch about it tho. But entirely possible that GSP failed to make the weight this time.

  4. OMG…Nick Diaz is such a little complaining bitch. Lets analyze this…Diaz is saying that under the Canadian commission rules GSP may have weighed in at close to 171 pounds. Even if he did…this is 1 pound!!!! As if that one pound would have made the difference? GSP should fight him again or vacate his belt because of 1 pound? This just makes me not like Diaz even more for such an absurd complaint. Fighters often have fights at 155 of 145 and weigh in at 156 or 146 and its allowed. I guess they should give up their belts too…jeez

    • Started with “OMG” and ended with “jeez”, you should be banned from all fight forums everywhere, and absolutely never allowed to criticize someone as accomplished and dedicated as Diaz…prissy bitch.

      • You’re an idiot. Obviously.

      • Kegan…your obviously very analytical. 🙂 I will give Diaz his props when he deserves it. I will give you this…if it were a street fight between GSP and Nick Diaz I would go with Nick Diaz. In this case…it should be obvious to everyone…even you…that arguing over one pound and talking about rematches and taking away belts over one pound is absolutely ridiculous and could only have come from the mind of a bunch of stoned idiots that obviously surround the Diaz camp.

        • GSP has much more fighting skill than Diaz, sure GPS has lost some of the “killer instinct” or fights “smarter” than the avg fighter, but if they were to fight in the streets, I guarantee you GSP would own Diaz and about anyone else/99% of the population. GSP wouldn’t have to worry about the millions at stake or his legacy as a WW champ etc. You don’t think GSP would absolutely destroy Diaz, based on skill, strength & speed alone, in a street fight?!? Yeah, yeah Diaz is a bad ass, but it’s the quiet guy I do not want to fight, especially in a street fight & especially a guy with the talent GSP has. IMO

          • Exactly, in a street fight I would bet more money on gsp then I would in a cage fight. Why would Diaz has an edge in a street fight? Because he claims to be a bad ass? Being a douche bag with zero communication skills doesn’t make u a bad ass street fighter

          • There is an old saying in boxing.

            “If you go for the finish you will lose the decision ”

            Idon’t think Gsp has lost any of his killer instinct, He conservse energy in five round fights, he has only finished three tittle fights but is 15-0 in three round fights and has finished 12 of the 15 opponents !

      • “someone as accomplished and dedicated as Diaz”

        Exactly what has Diaz accomplished beside showing the world he is an Over rated cry baby with never ending excuses.

        Diaz was the champ of a ww div. full of nobodies for a minor league Organization. And most of the nobodies he beat were winning thier fights until they started to gas

        Diaz is the biggest loser in MMA….prissy bitch.

  5. i remember when Nate diaz had his title fight, he was at 150.5 ..and they made him lose it ..why would GSP get special treatment..

    • nate vs ben was in seattle, whereas gsp vs nick was in quebec and the athletic commission apparently has different rules. same way vitor is able to get licensed for trt exemption in brazil. ufc doesn’t have control over these things.

      • And now they’re going to pay for it!

        • no, i’m pretty sure it’s all legal. just because we hadn’t heard about it prior doesn’t mean that it wasn’t already taking place.

          • Exactly, all they have to do is check past UFC’s in Quebec, which was apparently already done & they concluded that they’ve always done what they’ve done at UFC 158. Again, I’m not 100% certain that was confirmed or proven yet.
            It’s really that easy!

  6. No where in the article does it state that Gsp weighed in at 170.9 it just points out that he COULD have which goes the same for Nick also I mean cmon who is most likely to weigh over? a 6’2″ fighter or a 5’9″ fighter who has been welterweight his entire career? NIck could have weighed in at 170.3 and no one would know but him and yet no one cares about that its just the fact that Gsp could have weighed over… NIck lost fair and square no matter how “exciting” the fight was thats his fault for thinking turtling up equals winning the fight

    • Nick was 169

      • I think it should be 170.0. If you are at 170.1, you need to lose a tenth of a pound. Diaz cut to 169.x, and if he had known he only needed to cut to 170.9, he had around 1.7 lbs extra room. That little bit could have helped him.

        • No offense dude, but “helped him” to what? Learn how to wrestle? He spent most of the first couple rounds on the floor, curled in a ball.

        • If you hoenstly think .9 of a pound would have made that much of a difference, then you really are a Diaz fan!
          FYI: It’s up to Diaz & his camp to know the rules of the commission in the country they are figthing in. Just like when fighters fight in Brazil, Germany or Japan!!!

      • No, Diaz was anywhere between 169 and 169.9. Didn’t you read the article?

  7. Nick Diaz could be 50 pounds over with a machine gun and he’d still lose.

    • LOL. Yeah, and he’d file a complaint against the gun manufacturer.

  8. Diaz’s camp is just making idiots of themselves

  9. LOL! F*** Diaz and his camp. Full of L O S E R S & CRYBABIES!!!! Completely lost the fight and now playing games to try and score more $$$. Grow up and earn the fight!

  10. I now hate Diaz! He got his ass handed to him in every aspect of that fight. He lost to Condit and he lost a lot worse to GSP. I’m tired of this pot heads excuses. I would not pay to see a rematch, even if it was $5.

    • I’m sick of diaz and his bull s*** excuses too, but f***** right I’d pay $5 to watch a rematch. I would never pay 60.00 again tho, it was a little boring. I think tho that the hype surrounding the fight i.e. “I’m gonna put the worse beating seen in the ufc on nick diaz” etc is what made this fight so boring for me. I thought for sure he was gonna at least try for a finish

    • I would pay 5 dollars to see them fight again. I wouldn’t pay 60.00 again tho. The fight was boring. GSP did his thing but I think the hype behind the fight ended up hurting the outcome. All the hype like gsp’s dark side and him saying he was gonna put the worst beating on diaz ever seen in the ufc only made the fight disappointing when it ended up being a regular 5 round gsp. Complete domination but I just expected gsp to at least go for a finish that’s all

      • Well,everybody was also expecting Diaz to try anything.

        But that’s not what happened. He was playing strategy games with the great strategist of MMA. He wasn’t trying to submit GSP all the time while taking some punishment,he wasn’t going for the kill while standing…He tried to lure GSP on the ground,he did NOTHING standing.

        • Yeah I know, I’m aware that he turtled on the ground and taunted him standing. I never claimed diaz did s*** no need to get all butt hurt I was not hating on GSP just staying my impression of the fight. I am a big fan of His but I’m not a groupie either. The difference is I don’t make excuses when he performs less then perfect like he usually does. He gassed in the third which I’ve never seen from him and basically didn’t do much beyond point scoring to just get through the fight

          • I’m not butthurt,what I meant is that as much as GSP was burocratical,Nick Diaz didn’t do anything to bring up some fight.

  11. True definition of a sore loser!

  12. lol, omg. give it up, diaz, you moron.

  13. But Georges didn’t weight in naked did he? What if they take into account the weight of whatever he wore. Either way this is a very clever attempt to get a high paying grudge match. People say how Nick is stupid but I think the guy plays mind games is an intelligent fighter in and out of the cage. Most of us are pissed that he’s trying to get a fight and some of us are angry that GSP didn’t weight 170 but either way it’s a nasty but smart tactic used by the Diaz and his Attorney. Man, can you imagine the anger GSP would have if he does have to fight again and the aggressiveness Diaz would bring in this rematch. This is kind of cool in a way.

    • All I know is if they make a rematch Dana will take another $50 out of my pocket, lol

    • The only one who’s getting another big payday here is Nick Diaz’s attorney.Even though there are fools who would pay to see the rematch it’s not going to happen over this.

      • Well I guess we’ll see how good of an attorney he is. I doubt he will get it but if he does this guy is going to become very popular in representing fighters. Would you be down for Hendricks vs Diaz? I know Hendricks had to be aggravated with Nick at the post fight conference. I would have loved to see him say he’ll hold off on fighting GSP and fight Nick to shut him up lol.

        • Well, anytime an attorney is doing anything he’s making money so that’s not in question. If Hendricks does what he did to Condit then no, I wouldn’t want to see them fight. I’m afraid that’s what would happen in this matchup.

        • It almost seems like Diaz was planning on complaining about something in case of a loss, as if it were a planned post loss strategy. Remember how he insinuated that it was strange that some how gsp had foreknowledge of his game plan? Almost like the Diaz camp saying” let’s find something to complain about if we lose, and have our lawyer ready to go”

          • Yea I hear you on that. From the start with the situation with the hand wraps. I still don’t understand what that was all about. I don’t know anyone from Ceaser Gracies camp personally so I can’t really say much but I do think all of this is a little bit crazy. I honestly would love for GSP to come out and say forget you and your lawyer you got your rematch. Or maybe GSP ask Dana to book Nick for Hendricks.

    • No. Just NO! I don’t respect your limp wrist reply to this article. If you want to argue the weight difference of taking a good crap, you are really stretching to find Diaz another fight in the UFC. He was out classed on multiple levels. Another minor league fighter trying to win at the major league.

  14. Not defending Diaz trying to get a rematch on a technicality, but for people who say 1 pound means nothing do not understand cutting weight for a fight. These fighters are not fighting at 170 they are weighing in at 170. GSP along with virtually every other fighter in any combat sport come fight night are easily ten often fifteen pounds over their weigh in weight. So that .9 of a pound is actually enormous when it comes to making weight. Their is always a straw that breaks the camels back. And every fighter gets to a point no more weight can be cut. If GSP spent the two ours prior in a sauna on a spinning bike, which is very common, even with an hour grace a fighter can get to a point where he can not dehydrate any more. So ignoring the decimal is actually unfair because it allows a fighter to stop cutting weight earlier than need be. Remember cutting .9 of a pound after cutting nearly fifteen pounds can possibly take two hours if you think that does not effect a fighter you do not understand the weight cutting aspect of the sport.

    • exactly.

    • “Since when has the Diaz camp ever cared about “contractual obligations”, with their repeated no-shows of contractual press commitments?”
      Just to check,if they noticed it during the weigh-in why didn’t they complain before the fight happened?

    • 0.9 don’t mean s*** a day before the fight !

  15. St Pierre has fought the same guy twice 4 times…Koscheck,hughes,Serra, and Penn. Now Diaz makes 5. Big time head games coming this time!lol

    • Only, GSP had reason to fight those blokes twice. Serra & Hughes were redemption, Penn’s first fight with GSP was close enough to warrant the rematch (plus Penn was the dominant lightweight champion at the time and at the top of his game), while Koscheck fought GSP outside of title fight contention the first time around and as the #1 contender deserved his shot at the title.

      There is absolutely NO reason to want to watch a Diaz vs GSP 2. GSP’s fight with Diaz was boring, Nick was useless and seeing Nick turtle again on the ground and stutter on his feet a second time even more useless.

      Diaz, please go away.

  16. If a two men fight and are separated by one pound obviously that is not a weight advantage but when one person saves their body the stress of cutting that final pound, which can literally be hours of dehydration on a bike in a sauna, avoiding that stress can be a great advantage.

    • I agree, but lighting up a blunt before a fight could do the same thing. I find it interesting that someone who’s known to be dirty is accusing someone else with no evidence.

  17. I wouldn’t be surprised if Diaz comes back dirty on his drug test and they try to claim it’s retaliation over this claim. Of course, Diaz fans would fall for it.

  18. I don’t think that this has fuck-all to do with the way that Nick was manhandled.

  19. What does it matter? In any other commission you get a pound buffer. So weighing 171 still makes weight. Now if he weighed 171.9 and they said he made weight that is different.

    • Title fights must be exactly in the weight limit. There is no buffer. Except Bruce.

  20. F***, Diaz is a joke.

  21. The UFC Senior Vice President of business and legal affairs Michael Mersh is either in a lot of trouble with UFC brass, or it’s a smoke screen to get Diaz a rematch. Who knows what goes on behind closed doors.

  22. nazi gsp

  23. Wow… Nick Diaz looks for any excuse

  24. I dont disagree with his camp having a problem with this issue, but they should have said something the night of the weigh-in, not nearly 2 weeks later. All it looks like now is whining or a desperate attempt to get another big payday.

    • They mentioned it long before this article was written.

  25. Besides diaz crying like a bitch…where does it say that GSP was over? He wasnt 171 lbs so diaz needs to shut up. Its getting old!

  26. Nick Diaz lost the fight that is a fact but what is with this bull shit around the weigh in and lack of testing. I smell GSP ass kissing in OCANADA. I saw the video in question, very weird indeed. I would at least force these questions to be answered. Nick Diaz knows he lost but these questions should not left unanswered. I remember Nate was forced to loose .6lbs in his last title fight and he came in sick as a dog before the fight but he had to make weight or no fight for title. I have lost all faith in the rules of MMA, they are bent to meet the needs of whom ever they want.

    • You’re post makes little sense. It’s Quebec’s weigh in policy … so why piss and moan at the “rules of MMA”? These rules also applied to every nationality fighting under that card. So, how does it represent Canada favoring only GSP (or only the Canadian fighters) in any way, shape or form?

      All fighters are aware of weigh-in rules at each respective fight location. You think they kick their asses cutting weight, and are NOT somehow aware what they’re walking into regulation wise in each respective location? I wouldn’t be surprised if Diaz cut to 169lbs instead of a clean 170lbs purposefully, with the intention to monopolize afterward.

      • Your statement makes little sense. I guess you didn’t watch the vid or read the article. These rules did not apply to every nationality fighting on that card.Diaz and Gsp were told they would have an hour allowance if needed to make weight if either of them missed the mark. Something that was not available to the rest of the fight card. Read comment from Joe D.

        • I believe all fighters outside of a title fight have an additional hour allotted to “make weight” should they come in a little heavy. Is this not so? So, applying this to all fighters seems somewhat redundant given standard regulations. That, and they have a one pound variance outside of a title fight as well. We’ve seen many fighters come in one pound over on many a card and not be penalized. Or is this not UFC regulated either … but more related to location?

          The comment from Joe D is paraphrasing the Diaz camps gripe, more than stating anything of worth.

          In any case, I’m not even specifically referring to the “hour” to make weight. I’m referring to the assumption that Canada was somehow favoring GSP over Diaz here because he’s Canadian. The comment from the Quebec commission was made before weigh-ins and given to both GSP and Diaz. Don’t see the favoritism there.

  27. Diaz will never beat GSP, he just knows a rematch would be another huge payday and is trying to make it happen.

  28. Since when has the Diaz camp ever cared about “contractual obligations”, with their repeated no-shows of contractual press commitments?

    • Exactly. Only care about rules when it could benefit them. And if diaz really had an issue with this weight thing he would have contested it immediately not a week after the loss. He wanted to be recognized in the pound for pound category he said at the press conference, well he is now, he’s the p4p douche bag king

  29. Dana white needs to to sit Nick Diaz down and explain to him that he needs to put an end to his whining and bitching because he will never ever give him a fight against GSP for the welterweight title ever again because he simply lacks the talent to beat the champion and nobody wants to see GSP beat him for another 5 rounds.

  30. So they fight again…does Diaz think the result is going to be any different a second time around? Whats he going to say next…he was also offended by GSP’s rising sun gi because he used to be a bus boy at Bennihanna…so he deserves another title shot?

    • LMAO – I actually LOL’d after I read your comment! “Bennihanna” …… BAHAHAHAHA!!!

  31. hahahaha Diaz camp is the biggest joke in all MMA. keep bringing, we can always use a good laugh.

  32. GSP did tire out in the third round. If GSP had to cut an extra pound of muscle mass at the weigh ins, within hours, he would have been in worse shape during the fight.
    I am not saying Diaz would have won, but Diaz would have had an easier fight.

    • Why do you assume we was overweight?? Point to ONE title fight where GSP was closer to 171 than 170. Right then … stands far, far more to reason Georges the consummate professional and perfectionist weighed in spot on.

  33. GSP (and co.) should not be allowed to cheat just because GSP would have won the fight anyway if he had not cheated.

  34. I knew things were going to get weird in Canada once the government decided to get rid of pennies and just round off instead.

  35. Waaaa??????

    • “Mr. St-Pierre remains legally and ethically obligated to fight Mr. Diaz at 170 pounds or else vacate the belt in favor of those prepared to fight at welterweight.”

  36. Diaz just accept the whooping that gsp put on your bitter beer face. I wouldn’t mind seeing gsp thoroughly dominate you again, but you are very limited in your fighting. You taunt a lot while fighting, which to me, means fight isnt going your way. Instead of cussing during fight you should shoot or punch. Gsp grinding you out and pounding you will be a repeat if you fight again. Gsp is better all around fighter who was gracious to you after fight and called you greatest boxer when he clearly outboxed you! Accept it!

  37. Gawd almighty…………. Nick – you’re just as bad as BJ Penn whining after he got his ass beat by GSP. Why dont you go smoke another bowl and retire from fighting………….. the UFC will be much classier with you NOT in it!!!

  38. GSP beats the hell out of Diaz at 160lbs. Diaz is a bottom feeder and should be cut by Dana.

  39. Must be a special kind of Canadian math where they don’t count numbers as real numbers. Good thing the fight wasn’t held in the US because it sounds like GSP wouldn’t have made weight.

    He clearly won the fight, but he also signed a contract to fight at a certain weight, which he didn’t.

    • Bullcrap. What in GSP’s multiple title fights in multiple locations throughout the US tells you it’s more likely he didn’t make weight than the inverse?

      He’s always made weight to perfection. In fact, he’s a perfectionist. Far more likely his weight was just fine bud based on his professional track record. If you want to assume otherwise, then you’re really only making an arse out of yourself … kinda like Diaz.

  40. This is just stupidity and a waste of space. As a fight fan, Diaz is really starting to bemuse. It’s not even mildly entertaining anymore. I want him to go away. Everything about Diaz is ‘uncomfortable’ and a disservice to the sport at this point.

  41. Diaz u need to grow up dude 5 rounds and ubdid jack s*** wat happened to all the s*** u talked just let it go u suck now u sucked back then ur just a punching bag gsp walked through u like he was fighting rhonda rousey ur an embarassment to the sport u think gsp is juat gonna hand the belt over to u get a life there is only one person who will embarass gsp and that is silva aka the spider hes gonna walk through gsp i dont think it will even be a good fight just a mockery of the welter weight champ and p.s u dont deserve a rematch u want another chance at gsp be hendrix cause one punch from that guy and ull sound more retarded than u all ready do

  42. It’s the boy who cried wolf tickets complaining again. The only place he isn’t making a statement is inside the octagon. What a flat one sided beat down, pretty sure .9 lbs wouldn’t have made much of a difference. No class! He doesn’t win with class, so why would we expect him too loose with class. Over hyped fight, lets just be done with it already. Hendricks vs GSP, Condit vs Jake E, and Let Rory put Diaz out to pasture!

  43. honest gripe, but pretty petty……… I’d rather see Nick fight Andy, anyway

  44. Nick has something to complain about after every single one of his losses. Just accept that you got beat, controlled and dominated. It is ok to lose to a better fighter

  45. Wow, the more we get to know dick niaz, the more we learn how much of a duesche bag he is. I’m baffled as to why anyone would want to see Diaz fight ever again. Granted, St Pierre isn’t very exciting to watch either, but at least he wins his fights. Nick has turned into more of a talker than anything else. Let us wish him away, please.

  46. Wow… with over 100 comments on another Nick Diaz article looks like he owns you guys!lol When it comes to mma, nobody draws more attention than Diaz…All Gsp could muster was 1 big elbow and some jabs in 25 minutes. Diaz backs up his talk and walked away from than fight without a scratch.lol

    • He walked away without the belt, sucka. Without a scratch? Diaz nuthuggers live in fantasyland… “lol”

  47. 1st of all, i’m tired of all the gsp whiners that think he is invincible. I didn’t see the fight, but i did see the post fight conference, and there’s no question that gsp had the hell beat out of him by diaz. Given the fact that diaz took 1/2 the fight to even engage (reading the round by round write ups), that he hadn’t fought in more than a year, and that all gsp was able to do to diaz throughout the fight was sit on his back and do nothing, I’d guess that it would be a pretty good bet that if they did fight again, gsp would not survive the 5 rounds awake. Diaz looked basically unmarked at all, while gsp face looked like it had been through a meat grinder. He’s lucky he fought diaz when he did; but i’m quite confident, gsp would have no shot against him in a rematch.

    I don’t think i’ve ever seen gsp’s face beaten so badly in a fight; and this was only little more than 2 rounds of diaz actually fighting him? He GSP would have no shot against diaz in a rematch.

    as for the issue; rules are rules; you cannot bend them just to suit those you favor. I saw that fight between cote and the guy he was fighting that same night; cote got the hell beat out of him by that other guy, and they gave that decision to cote? That was the last fight i watched that night, and if the ufc doesn’t do something about biased officiating, i won’t be watching any more ufc fights. I quit watching boxing matches a long time ago for the same reason.

    • Why in the hell are you making such stupid comments if you haven’t even seen the fight? Why come off as an ignorant troll instead of not posting at all and not informing people of your stupidity?

      • She’s not making stupid comments…She’s right on the mark…your little baby daddy!

    • Lol. Watch the fight before commenting. (Though it was admittedly a little dull).

      GSP bruises extremely easy. Depends on the thickness of your skin. Some folks bruise at nothing. GSP’s been quoted many a time stating how easily he swells and bruises. A few punches and he looks like he’s been hit by a truck.

  48. Nick is a bitch he has been getting his as kick and can take it.move on make he would winn some fights if he hot off the weed.his last fight you could see now slow he was . Stupid stupid shower!!!

  49. Out of the 24 fighters @UFC 158 only 6 were screened for testing!?!! And declined to name those who were tested.

    What a joke.

    Pretty shady if you ask me.

  50. Where does it say that GSP weighed in at 170.9? Also it seems as though the rules were explained to both camps before the fight. They both had the same amount of time. Diaz got bitch made by GSP, and I guess he just decided he was just going to stay a bitch.

  51. 9 ounces is a pathetic excuse for a loss with exception of 8 ozs-1